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January 2003
2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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January 2003 UK Releases by John Berlyne

Here's a list of what's coming out in the UK this month in Science Fiction and Fantasy. If we missed something or you have a title coming out in the future, email us at

2003 kicks off with a treat for fantasy readers. Those of you awaiting the next installment of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time soap opera can let that held breath out as Crossroads of Twilight has finally arrived! This is an unbelievable book ten!!! in this best-selling saga and is published here in the UK by Orbit priced at 17.99. (Tor has simultaneously published the US release.) I haven't got round to this series yet (so many books, so little time!) and I'm not sure it makes sense to jump in with book ten. But if you're a fan of this series already, my opinion won't make one iota of difference to you buying the book, so ... enjoy! (I'm waiting for the next George R.R. Martin to get my fantasy fix....only a few more months!)  [Note: See SFRevu's Feature Interview with Robert Jordan and our Review of this latest release in this month's issue.] 

Some fantasy mass market releases too from Orbit this month - the excellent Wanderers and Islanders by Steve Cockayne and the slightly less wonderful Wizard's Funeral are both issued at 6.99 and Kate Elliot's fifth book in her Crown of Stars series, The Gathering Storm (a title used previously by  no less a personage than Winston Churchill!),  is published in both hard cover (priced 17.99) and trade paperback (priced at 11.99). Finally, Orbit release another novel based on the Superman series Smallville. Hauntings by Nancy Holder is a paperback original priced at 5.99.

Orbit's parent company Little Brown (whose own parent company is the massive Time Warner) publish A Song For Nero by Thomas Holt - aka Tom Holt, comic fantasy writer. This is the fourth novel from this writer wearing his "historical" hat and is a smart hard cover priced at 16.99.

HarperCollins feed us a diet of fantasy too this January with their release of the huge new novel by Katherine Kerr entitled Snare. This is issued in trade paperback at 12.99 - a hard cover edition may also be available. The Voyager mass market releases are the concluding titles in two really excellent fantasy trilogies. Witch's Honour by Jan Siegel brings to a close a charming series I enjoyed hugely, the first two novels being Prospero's Children and The Dragon Charmer. This latest book is priced at 6.99, as is Child of the Prophecy by Australian writer Juliet Marillier. Look out for her new novel Wolfskin due from Tor UK in a couple of months time. In preparation for the aforementioned new George R.R. Martin  novel A Feast for Crows (due in April) , Voyager reissue both A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. Both have new covers and are priced at 7.99. Not to be missed!

My top tip for this month's (and perhaps even this year's!) debut novel is released by Macmillan this month. The Meq is a charming fantasy written by new US writer and country singer Steve Cash. A tale of immortal children, this is a superbly written work and comes with my highest recommendation. Released in trade paperback, The Meq is priced at 10.99.

For Alternative history fans, Hodder Headline's New English Library imprint publish the mass market edition of Harry Turtledove's American Empire: The Centre Cannot Hold. Priced at 7.99.

The final batch of January books comes from Gollancz. Continuing their superb Science Fiction Masterworks series, Richard Matherson's classic, The Shrinking Man becomes title number 51. A trade paperback, this edition is priced at 6.99. More punchy and bizarre science fiction from Steve Aylett is released in the form of The Velocity Gospel : Book Two of the Accomplice Series.  This a mass market paperback priced at 6.99. The Way of the Rose, the third and final book is Valery Leith's Everien trilogy is also released in mass market form and also priced at 6.99.

The final Gollancz release is by Alastair Reynolds. Two novellas Diamond Dogs  and Turquoise Days are published together in one smart looking hard cover edition. Both these works have been released only as limited editions - the shocking and hard hitting Diamond Dogs by PS Publishing and the more pastoral Turquoise Days in the US by  Golden Gryphon. If you missed them last time round, I definitely recommend both stories. Diamond Dogs / Turquoise Days: Tales from the Revelation Space Universe is a small format hard cover priced at 6.99.

More next month.

John Berlyne - UK Associate Editor - -

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