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March 2003
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Canadian Report – March 2003 By Asta Sinusas
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A Telling of Stars by Caitlin Sweet (Penguin Canada, ISBN: 0141007400, C$24.00) trade paperback original The promising debut novel has a young adult feel to it, but the stars will tell. Throne Price by Alison Sinclair and Lynda Williams (Edge, ISBN: 1894063066, ~C$20.00, $13.95) trade paperback original Edge’s third offering is a complex space opera, and delightful as the other books they have published to date. Stolen, Kelly Armstrong (Random House of Canada, ISBN: 0679312420, C$24.95) trade paperback original The US edition is forthcoming from Viking in June, but lucky Canadians get a preview of the local talent whose werewolf series is as fast and exciting as a silver bullet, speeding for the kill. Dust by Arthur Slade (HarperCollins Canada, ISBN: 0006485944, C$7.99) mass market In Depression Era Saskatchewan, the arrival of a rainmaker in town should be cause for celebration, or is it?

Below the 49th parallel:
(works published by Canadians through US publishers)
Actually, all is quiet on the southern front this month. Some people must be sticking close to home.

In Other News

Rob Sawyer (signing his latest book, Humans - SFRevu) Feb 02 ) has been selected as the Writer in Residence for  the Merrill Collection of science fiction at the Toronto Public Library. While there have been other writers-in-residence in the library system, the last person dedicated to science fiction was the late Judith Merrill, whose personal library formed the basis of the collection. She held the post in 1987 and created a writer’s group that included Edo van Belkom and Karl Schroeder, among others. Also of note is the passing of Monica Hughes, a YA author, she “was probably best known for the Isis trilogy, an SF series about settlers from Earth who arrive on another planet.” 

Finally, if you like The Canadian Report, I’d like to mention I’m eligible for an Aurora nomination under the “Fan Writing” category. To see the body of work for 2002, go to 

Until next month, if there’s something I missed mentioning about the Great White North, please email me at

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