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March 2003
2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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If you haven't received your Hugo Nomination ballot in the mail, get one at the TorCon website:
Hugo PDF

...but you've got to put it in the mail and get it there by 3/31/03

Hugo Recommendation Sites:

Editorial License: March Editorial  - by Ernest Lilley - Editor/SFRevu

Last year at WorldCon we asked a lot of people who they thought would win the Hugos. Though our straw poll results showed pretty much what the actual voting confirmed, the number of people who didn't have any idea of who to vote for really surprised us.

So, we've been nudging folks to consider candidates, to register to be able to nominate, and to get out and vote. Well, the end of March is the end of Nominating season, so if you're eligible and haven't gotten your picks in (you get five in each category, and order doesn't matter) please get it in gear.

Ballots must be received by March 31st to be eligible...and personally, I'd want to give i more than a week in the for voters in the should really mail as early as possible.

The Hugo is Science Fiction's most prestigious award it has magical powers which can change the course of the genre if wielded for good, but like any idol, it's power is directly related to how many worshipers it has and how reverently we bow down before it. More or less, that's the story. If we let the Hugo become unimportant to us, it loses its utility to get people to strive for quality.

Emerald City and NESFA have both put up a lot of great recommendations for the award, while we're holding back to a smaller number...and only ones we've reviewed. After the nominations are finished we'll make sure we've got links to any of the relevant reviews we've done as well

As far as we can tell, TorCon won't be using the optional "extra" catagory this year, which seems like a pity...they could have used it to continue last years "Best SF Website" Catagory. As it is, some web sites should be up for consideration as "Fanzines" and we've noted a few in that category.

SFRevu is, so far as we can tell, a Fanzine according to the rules, and we'd appreciate your consideration for nomination.


Ernest Lilley

Editor, SFRevu


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2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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