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May 2003
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Long Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff
Daw / Penguin Putnam PPBK: ISBN 0756401364 PubDate: May 2003
Review by EJ McClure

413 pages List price 6.99
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Diana Hansen never expected that her first job after graduation from high school would be saving the world. But the magical Summoning was unmistakable; there was evil afoot, and as a Keeper, it was her job to restore the balance between Light and Darkness.

Armed with boundless self-confidence and assisted by Sam, her own guardian-angel-turned-cat, Diana tracked the trouble back to the Erlking Emporium, a novelty shop in the local mall. As if the pixies on a stick and slithering rubber snakes weren’t enough of a clue, there was a surly troll behind the cash register. Diana really didn’t need a talking mirror to warn her this was Trouble. She knew it was up to her to close down the freak shop before the Otherworld got a foothold in Canada.

Diana’s excitement at getting her first assignment as a full-fledged Keeper was somewhat blunted when her big sister Claire horned in on the case. Pu-lease! But between dodging psycho security guards, hiding from basilisks, being chased by monsters and rescued by mall elves, the girls were soon too busy to bicker, well, more than sisters usually do.

Meanwhile, back at the Elysian Fields Guest House, Claire’s boyfriend Dean found himself playing host to both an Egyptian mummy and the zealous young archeologist determined to put an end to the 3000-year-old curse. Who says house-keeping isn’t a “real” job?

Tanya Huff has concocted a frothy brew of humor, action and magic in Long Hot Summoning, the third in the Keeper’s Chronicles. Wise-cracking cats, mile-a-minute puns and a fast-and-furious plot that plays fast-and-loose with the here-and-now make for a ripping fun read. Teenage girls, those who can remember being teenagers, and cat-lovers: head for the bookstore to snag the first two in the trilogy, and pop this book in your bag as well as you head off on summer vacation.

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