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Review Policy: We prefer to review galleys, so keep us in mind when you're making up lists. Galleys will be featured in our THINGS TO COME column and finished titles received will be featured in our US/UK Book columns, often with mini-review. 2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu  


Editorial License: Editorial - July 4th, The Day the Earth Stood Still - Could the president of the United States actually be an alien named Klatu?


Events: ReaderCon 2003 - GOHs:  Hal Clement, Rudy Rucker, and Howard Waldrop

SFMedia: Film:
T3: The Rise of the Machines:
Alex Lightman reviews the third Terminator movie, interviews a cyborg researcher in: Terminator as Inspiration: Thad Starner Interview with Alex Lightman, and and looks at the dark side of robot guardians in his essay:   How Close is Judgment Day?

coverThe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and one not so gentle woman.) Sean Connery heads a cast of unknowns in silver screen steampunk.

Essay: Where The Real Men Are by Laurie J. Marks ( a few words on Women Writing as Men in Science Fiction)


Feature Reviews Interviews 

Ilium / Dan Simmons Interview w Ernest Lilley

Special: The Road To Science Fiction
James Gunn's series reviewed
by Edward Carmien.

James Gunn Interview w Edward Carmien
Volume 1: From Gilgamesh to Wells
Volume 2: From Wells to Heinlein
Volume 3: From Heinlein to Here
Volume 4: From Here to Forever

Book Reviews:  US Reviews / UK Reviews
Berserker's Star by Fred Saberhagen
Gettysburg - A novel of the Civil War
by Newt Gingrich, William Forstchen
The Guin Saga: Book One: The Leopard Mask by K
aoru Kurimoto
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
One Knight Only by Peter David
A Martian Poet in Siberia by Duncan Hunter
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
The White Dragon - In Fire Forged Part 1 by Laura Resnick

UK Book Reviews
The Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings
by G.P. Taylor
Thraxas At War by Martin Scott
Vampyrrhic Rites by Simon Clark
The Well of Lost Plots
by Jasper Fforde