August 2003
2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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This month I traded in the web for a board, and was unplugged for days on end while the biggest issue of SFRevu struggled towards completion.

Editorial License: SFRevu: New! Improved!
by Ernest Lilley - Editor/SFRevu

Just to make things interesting, I've been on vacation for the last few weeks in Hawaii, and I spent a considerable amount of that time totally unplugged wandering around the big island and visiting active lava flows and trying my hand at the other kind of surfing. I discovered that I'm much better with a computer than a board. On the way home August 14th, I had dinner with Larry Niven, whom we'd just interviewed for this issue, and we watched the news about the East Coast blackout, wondering if we'd get out of LA that night. We did, and finally arrived home exhausted but happy to have gone. But I'm not actually here to talk about my summer vacation, I'm here to talk about the tremendous issue the SFRevu Crew has put together, and of the wonderful things yet to come.

New: Columns! Two areas I've been wanting to provide coverage of are short fiction and reference/academic SF. This month starts what I hope will be regular columns for both, with Steven Sawicki, who has been doing our DVD column up till now reviewing the SF Magazine Scene for short fiction, and Edmund Carmien, our resident academic, taking on a column he calls Ivory and Ivy. Stay tuned to see how they both develop. By the way, we're not dropping the DVD column, in which Steve has given gloves off reviews of the latest video disks, but turning it over to a new correspondent(s) who are trying to make sense of us through our media offerings, check out the DamnAlien's DVD column to see how they're doing.

New: Critical Essays! I'm hoping to run a series of critical essays on SF literature, and I'm starting at the top with Editor David Hartwell's scatologically titled: Space Opera: From Shit to Shinola. I heard David give a talk at Readercon last month on the subject and he agreed to let us publish it. I'm hoping to get Michael Swanwick to let us run his Users's Guide to the Postmodern's next month, and beyond that I'm looking for essays from authors and editors that we can use. Yes, there is an honorarium...and yes, it's more honor than aurum.

Then we've got an interview with Larry Niven to go with his new collection of essays and short stories: Scatterbrain, which describes the thought processes of the creator of Known Space and certainly one of my favorite authors. We've also got an interview and review feature for Rosemary Kirstein with Laurie J. Marks and her new novel in the Steerswoman Saga: The Lost Steersman, out after a ten year hiatus (the The Steerswoman's Road, Omnibus is also reviewed for anyone who missed the beginning of the story.)

New: More Reviews! First off, we've got both the Year's Best SF and Fantasy to review as well as a book on Spanish Speaking SF and more full reviews than we've ever had before. By my rough count I think we've got twelve US reviews (depending on how you count Rob Sawyer) and five from the UK. I just hope the crew doesn't wear itself out, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Especially as long as authors like Charles M. Stross (Singularity Sky) and Robert Rankin (The Witches of Chiswick UK) keep putting out books.

Next month we hope to bring you photo coverage of the 2003 Worldcon to be held in Toronto at the end of this month, and we've got some terrific books and interviews lined up as well.


Ernest Lilley  - Editor - SFRevu

2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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