September 2003
2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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Editorial License - Looking for the first leaf of autumn
by Ernest Lilley

September marks the end of summer, and though it's passing leaves me with a poigniant sense of nostalgia, mostly for the remebered summer days and nights of other years, I find my self watching the trees for the first colored leaf amid the green with a sense of anticipation. The fall, you see, is the final quarter of the year, and the last chance to take out those things that I'd hoped to get to this year, and actually get them done. I like deadlines. I need a certain amount of stress to motivate me. I thrive on the eleventh hour.

So, bearing that in mind, what goals did I have for SFRevu for the year and how far along have we gotten?

First off, there was the Hugo for Best Fanzine, which we didn't quite win. We did come in 9th out of 93 in the nominations, and I'm not at all unhappy about that. If we just keep up the good work (and this year's content has been very good) and keep letting folks know we're here, maybe we'll be on the ballot in 2004.

We changed web hosts this year, from Valueweb, one of the bigger outfits, to a fledgling startup run by members of fandom. I made the change  get more room as well as affordable mailing list services so that we could grow and manage our mailings better, and while we've achieved the first, the second is still lagging behind.

For the last few issues we've been running critical essays by SF notables, including last month's piece on the renovation of Space Opera last month by David Hartwell, and this month's reprint of one Michael Swanwick's "A User's Guide to Postmoderns", originally published in the 80's at during the heyday of cyberpunk. We'll keep looking for good essays to run in the upcoming months.

Besides that we'll keep focusing on reviews and interviews for the rest of the year, and  itself that's a pretty big job but certainly one we enjoy. I've got an address change coming up in December, so I'm sure a lot of the administrative effort here will be to convince the publishers to top sending books to the old place and start sending them to the new...but I can't start that until there actually is a new place. I do know that it will be in DC, close enough to the Pentagons my SO can take the metro to work.

Every year I wish we could put out an annual print version with the best of our web content, and though there's just enough time left for us to do this year's, life, moving, and day jobs will probably interfere...but with any luck, there's always next year.

For now, I'm going to get this issue online and go take a walk. I haven't seen it yet, but the first leaf of autumn is out there somewhere.

2003 Ernest Lilley / SFRevu
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