October 2003
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SF Magazine/Short Fiction Review - October 2003 
by Steven Sawicki                   
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To have your magazine or short fiction work mentioned here send a copy to Steve Sawicki, 2824 Furbeck Rd., Altamont, NY  12009.  Everything received will be considered.  Items not sent will not.

The January issue of F&SF contains Novellas from Michael Shea “The Growlimb”, Charles Coleman Finlay, “The Seal Hunter,” and “Serostatus” by Peyton Cooke.  The cover, by Cory and Catska Ench is for the short story “Nimitseahpah” by Nancy Etchemendy.  Other short stories in the issue come from Sheila Finch “Confessional”, George Tucker, “Welcome to Justice”, and Garth Nix “Heart’s Desire.”   Charles de Lint and K. J. Killheffer provide book reviews this month.  Kathi Maio provides the film reviews and Gregory Benford “A Scientists Notebook.”  Bud Webster closes the issue with the Curiosities column.

Issue #20 of Absolute Magnitude contains a hard science fiction story, “Monster Slayer” from Ben Bova, a military cyberpunk offering, “Almost Human” from Jamie Wild, a short story, “This Sporting Life” by Chris Bunch, “Deadbeat” by John W. Randal, and “The Last Crow” from Bronwyn Elko.  Non-fiction features include Book Reviews by Mike Jones, Joe Lazarro and John Deakins, Allen M. Steele’s “Primary Ignition” column and Robert A. Metzger’s “What If? #36” which deals with our being alone in the universe.  Cover art (as well as some interior work) is by Tim Mullins.  (Note most DNA Publications have been on a very reduced publication schedule, barely producing one issue a year each.)

Mark McLaughlin sent me his latest book, The Spiderweb Tree (well, not really a book but more like a chapbook in booklet) to amuse me.  I was.  Greatly.  The book contains 11 poems with decidedly twisted content.  McLaughlin is a Bram Stoker award winner and also editor of the long running magazine The Urbanite.  The Spiderweb Tree is truly great stuff and perfect for the Halloween season.  It’s actually perfect for any season but you have to be kind of twisted inside or like really twisted things.  Let me give you a brief sample because description simply does not do this justice.  This is a short fragment from a poem called “Ashley”.

A clump of webs as big as a man
Fell out of the tree, got up and
Shook itself into dapper shape.  He
Stared at Ashley with silver eyes.
“My child,” he said, “those rags
will never do.  The Wolf
is throwing a ball tonight.
You’ll want to look your best.”
“A wolf?  He’ll eat me whole!”
Ashley cried.,  “I’m looking
For a prince.
The man with silver eyes
Shrugged.  “Wolf, Prince.
You think too much.  It’s just
a dance.”

.All of these poetic stories, or are they story poems, are funny, biting, witty and poignant.  Definitely a must have.

The 9th issue of Mythic Delirium contains Walter John Watkins “Star Soul Meets Death Part I” and “Star.Soul Meets Death: Part II” along with Ian Watson’s “Entertaining Hope” and Bruce Boston’s continuation of his curse series with “Curse of the Harpy’s Husband.”  Laurel Winter gives us “Pharmacist to the Stars” while David C. Kopaska-Merkel weighs in with “The Mad Scientist Has All the Time in the World.”  Mario Milosevic contributes “While Considering the Possibility of Using the Columbia River Gorge as the Setting for an Epic Fantasy” and Jeremy Gottwig gives us “Warm Thick Beer.”  There’s also “bones in earth” by Joe Haldeman, “Hadrian” by Darrel Schweitzer, “On Chestnut Hill” by Lee Clark Zumpe, “Kaddish for a Dybbuk” by Sonya Taaffe and “Shadow Tales” by Serena Fusek.  Bringing up the end is “Seeing Aphrodite” by Jennifer Finstrom, “Flame War” by Mary Soon Lee, “Beyond a Hundred Years” by Christina Sng and “Letting Go” by Ann K. Schwader.

Oceans of the Mind is an electronic publication that is distributed to subscribers in pdf format via email.  I can’t comment on the actual look of the publication because I get what is essentially a galley of each issue.  The issue before me is number IX and it’s theme (each issue of Oceans of the Mind is a themed issue) is mysteries.  “Tribute” by Kenneth Chiacchia leads off this issue followed by a short story, “Brain Spike” from Resa Nelson.  “The Coptic Cross” by Cherith Baldry follows with Terry Bramlett’s “The Murder of Lawanda Smith” next.  “Everyone Needs a Couch” by Suzanne Church, “For We Being Many” by Paul Marlowe and “Demonstration Day” by Ian Creasey round out the issue.

The Nth Degree is a fiction and fandom ‘zine distributed free at conventions. I have the 7th issue in front of me.  Fiction in the issue includes “The Return” by Ruthanna Gordon, “They Were the Wind” by C. J. Henderson, a continuation of the serial “The Annals of Volusius, Part V” (which is not very good) and a time travel story “The Honorable Mayor Willie Brown” by Johhny Eponymous.  There’s a poetry/filk entry from Steven Earl Yoder titled “The Devil Went to the Convention” and features from Ron “Seawolf” McClung “The Gaming Closet”, Michael D. Pederson “Spine Bender” (review column), “Faces of Fandom” by Catherine E. Twohill (Interview with “Filthy” Pierre and a comics section by diverse hands.


Absolute Magnitude, DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs. www.dnapublications.com/absmag/index.htm

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Stanley Schmidt, ed., Box 54625, Boulder, CO, 80323-4625, $3.50/$4.95 single issue US/Canada, $39.97,$47.97 one year (12 issues), Digest, Color Cover, 144 pgs.  www.analogsf.com.

Asimov’s Science Fiction, Gardner Dozois, ed., Box 50433, Boulder, CO 80322-4033, $3.50/$4.95 single issue US/Canada, $39.97,$47.97 one year (12 issues), Digest, Color Cover, 144 pgs.  www.asimovs.com

Dark Animus #4, P. O. Box 750, Katoomba, NSW 2780, Australia, $7.70 Australian, $5 US plus $2.50 shipping and fondling, 4/$25 AU or US, Digest Sized, 80 pgs., www.darkanimus.com.

Dream People Publications, 5103, 72nd place, Hyattsville, MD, 20784, Digest Sized Chapbook, $5, 44 pgs. www.dreampeople.com

Electric Velocipide #5, John Klima, Ed., P. O. Box 421, South Bound Brook, NJ 08880, $3, 3/$5.75, 32 pgs., Black and White Cover, Digest Sized, http://www.electricvelocipede.com

Fantastic, Edward J. McFadden, ed.,, DNA Publications, P. O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24143-2988, $4.95, 4/$16 ($5.95, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 48 pgs.

F&SF, Gordon Van Gelder, Ed., P. O. Box 3447,  Hoboken, NJ, 07030, $3.99 US/$4.99 Can. for one, $44.89/11, ($54.89 outside US), Digest, Color Cover, 162 pgs.  www.fsfmag.com

Flesh & Blood (Tales Of Fantasy And Dark Horror, Jack Fisher, Ed., 121 Joseph St., Bayville, NJ 08721.  $5 for one, $13 for 3 (make checks payable to Jack Fisher), Digest, Color Cover, 52 pgs.  

Mythic Delirium, Mike Allen Ed., DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $5, 2/$10, 4/$16, Digest, color cover, 28 pgs.

New Genre, Jeff Paris and Adam Golaski, Eds., 25 Cutter Ave., Somerville, MA 02144, $8 for one, $16 for a two issue subscription, 102 pgs.

The Nth Degree, Michael D. Pederson Ed., 77 Algrace Blvd., Stafford, VA  22556, Free at conventions or 6/$15, Full sized, color cover, 32 pgs.

Oceans Of The Mind, Richard Freeborn, Ed., Trantor Publications, 9838 Old Baymeadows Rd. #283, Jacksonville, FL, 32256, www.trantorpublications.com, 4/$9.95, 8/$$16.95, Electronic only distributed in pdf format via email

The Spiderweb Tree, by Mark McLaughlin, Yellow Bat Press, 1338 West Maumee, Idlewilde Manor #136, Adrian , MI  49221, $3, 34 pgs.  (Make checks payable to Richard Geyer)

The Third Alternative, TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, England, 3 pounds 95 (about $7 US), Oversized, Color Cover, 66 pgs., (http://www.ttapress.com)

Weird Tales,  DNA Publications, P. O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24143-2988, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs.

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