November 2003
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SF Magazine/Short Fiction Review - November 2003  by Steven Sawicki                  
To have your magazine or short fiction work mentioned here send a copy to Steve Sawicki, 2824 Furbeck Rd., Altamont, NY  12009.  Everything received will be considered.  Items not sent will not.                Publications Index

[Artemis Magazine issue #8 cover]The Winter 2003 issue of Artemis has finally been released after being delayed by circumstances. The issue contains some intriguing non-fiction about our efforts to replace the shuttle and return to space. Arthur Smith contributes an article on “The International Space Development Conference, San Josse, CA, 23-25 May 2003”, Bud Sparhawk has a science piece called “Cold Trophies” while Catherine Haluska Shaffer provides “Solid State Biology.” Perhaps the most fascinating articles concern the X-Prize. Matthew Brewer details “The Race For The X-Prize” which covers the main competitors. The article is followed by additional X-Prize competitors. James Seidle gives us “Enduring Freedom and Museums On The Moon.” The fiction for this issue includes “Up And Down In Tycho” by Robert J. Santa, “The Pirates Of Capella” by John C. Bunnell, “Quantum Pen” by Lawrence M. Schoen, “The Glass Ceiling” by Jerry Oltion, “Jigsaw-Bubblegum” by Cat Darensbourg and “A matter of Pespective” by Edward M. Lerner. Columns include “The Day It Hailed Columbia” by Spider Robinson, “The Mystery Of The Woman In The Moon” by Daniel M. Kimmel, and “The Farthest Notion: Shepard’s Balls” by Allen M. Steele. There’s also an excellent editorial about Space Activism, a news notes section and information about the Artemis Project. The cover includes photos of Columbia and one of the X-Prize entries. Book Reviews can be found online.

Current IssueThe December issue of Asimov’s contains a Christmas novella by Connie Willis entitled “Just Like The Ones We Used To Know.” It’s about weather, snow to be most exact, plus global warming and there’s a bit of mysticism thrown in just for fun. “Way Out On The Regolith” by John Alfred Taylor is a short story that I found to be okay although not terribly grabbing. Michael Bateman’s “Mortal Engines is about the discovery of an alien spaceship in a snowstorm and more importantly the discovery of an alien in that ship. It all leads to an interesting twisting of the doctor’s ‘do no harm’ oath. “The Chop Line” by Stephen Baxter is a novelette set in his Xeelee universe. It’s a story of time travel, combat and the confusion that arises when you mix the two. “Tycho And The Star Gazer” by Liz Willams is an interesting short story about Tycho and Keplar, a moose and the strange relationship they share with an Angel. “Curator” by Charles Stross is a novella that just defies description. It’s strange. That’s the best I can do. Poetry for this issue includes “The Man Who Lives In The Attic” and “Old Robots Calculate Their Options” by Bruce Boston and “When The Aliens Ask Of Breakfast” by Amy Miller. There’s also an editorial by Robert Silverberg, an article about Slipstream fiction on the Net by James Patrick Kelly and “The SF Convention Calendar” by Erwin S. Strauss. The cover is by Michael Koelsch for the Willis Novella.

Polyphony Volume 3Polyphony 3 is an annual anthology (at least I think it’s annual) that attempts to publish short fiction that sits on the boundary lines between genres. This volume contains twenty-one short stories. Easily the best story in this anthology is “A Short history Of The Roostervill Poetry Massacre “ by Jesse Walker which is a funny tale about vampires, lawyers and a militia that manages to work out the strange relationship between the two. The remaining twenty stories are from established as well as new authors and the list contains Bruce Holland Rogers, Jack Dann, Michael Bishop, Chris Clarke, Don Webb, Barth Anderson, Kit Read, Lori Ann White, Barry Malzberg, Sally Carteret, Vandana Singh, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Kathy Oltien, Celia Marsh, Heather Shaw, Robert Freeman Wexler, Leon J. West, Alan DeNiro, Jeffrey Ford and Ray Vukcevich. I’d consider this a must have anthology and it’s possible that it will take the place of Damon Kinght’s Orbit as the place to go for cutting edge genre fiction.

The Bachelor MachineGreen Candy Press recently sent me The Bachelor Machine by M. Christian. Now, M. Christian is a name that’s been floating around the edges of the small press for a while. The reason it’s not a better-known name is that Christian has chosen to specialize in erotic fiction. Finally, someone has decided to gather up some of these tales and publish them. There are all kinds of different erotic here, 19 tales in all, so if that’s not your thing then this is not for you. If, however, you’ve wondered what eroticism might add to the genres then you owe yourself to try this anthology out. The writing is excellent.

HolQued Volume 12, #3. HolQued is the Journal of the Klingon Language Institute. For those of you who did not know, Klingon is actually a language. Well, it’s not really a language since there have never been real Klingons but when Klingon was invented, it was invented so that it met all the requirements of a language. Like Tolkien’s Elvish, this is simply an indication of people with way too much free time on their hands. On the other hand I guess they could be doing worse things. In any case, this quarterly journal discusses things to do with the Klingon language. There’s an editorial, a grammar section, a section on everyday Klingon, a section on emphasizing pronouns, a beginner’s corner and much more..Definitely interesting stuff, even if you don’t speak the language which leaves me with nothing to say but NuqDaq’ oH puchpa”e’


  • Absolute Magnitude, DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs.
  • Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Stanley Schmidt, ed., Box 54625, Boulder, CO, 80323-4625, $3.50/$4.95 single issue US/Canada, $39.97,$47.97 one year (12 issues), Digest, Color Cover, 144 pgs.
  • Artemis, Ian Randal Strock Ed., 4/$15, 8/$24 ($20/$32 Canada; $32/$45 Elsewhere), 1380 East 17th St., Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11230-6011, Quarterly, Full Sized, 50 pgs.,
  • Asimov’s Science Fiction, Gardner Dozois, ed., Box 50433, Boulder, CO 80322-4033, $3.50/$4.95 single issue US/Canada, $39.97,$47.97 one year (12 issues), Digest, Color Cover, 144 pgs.
  • The Bachelor Machine, M. Christian, Green Candy Press, 601 Van Ness Ave., E3-918, San Francisco, CA 94102, $14.95, 210 pgs.,
  • Dark Animus #4, P. O. Box 750, Katoomba, NSW 2780, Australia, $7.70 Australian, $5 US plus $2.50 shipping and fondling, 4/$25 AU or US, Digest Sized, 80 pgs.,
  • Dream People Publications, 5103, 72nd place, Hyattsville, MD, 20784, Digest Sized Chapbook, $5, 44 pgs.
  • Electric Velocipide #5, John Klima, Ed., P. O. Box 421, South Bound Brook, NJ 08880, $3, 3/$5.75, 32 pgs., Black and White Cover, Digest Sized,
  • Fantastic, Edward J. McFadden, ed.,, DNA Publications, P. O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24143-2988, $4.95, 4/$16 ($5.95, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 48 pgs.
  • F&SF, Gordon Van Gelder, Ed., P. O. Box 3447,  Hoboken, NJ, 07030, $3.99 US/$4.99 Can. for one, $44.89/11, ($54.89 outside US), Digest, Color Cover, 162 pgs.
  • Flesh & Blood (Tales Of Fantasy And Dark Horror, Jack Fisher, Ed., 121 Joseph St., Bayville, NJ 08721.  $5 for one, $13 for 3 (make checks payable to Jack Fisher), Digest, Color Cover, 52 pgs.  
  • HolQed, Lawrence M. Schoen, Ed., P. O. Box 634, Flourtown, PA, 19031-0634, $5, 4/$16 ($20 Canada, $25 Overseas), (Make checks payable to KLI), Quarterly, Digest, Black and White cover, 16 pgs.
  • Mythic Delirium, Mike Allen Ed., DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $5, 2/$10, 4/$16, Digest, color cover, 28 pgs.
  • New Genre, Jeff Paris and Adam Golaski, Eds., 25 Cutter Ave., Somerville, MA 02144, $8 for one, $16 for a two issue subscription, 102 pgs.
  • The Nth Degree, Michael D. Pederson Ed., 77 Algrace Blvd., Stafford, VA  22556, Free at conventions or 6/$15, Full sized, color cover, 32 pgs.
  • Oceans Of The Mind, Richard Freeborn, Ed., Trantor Publications, 9838 Old Baymeadows Rd. #283, Jacksonville, FL, 32256,, 4/$9.95, 8/$$16.95, Electronic only distributed in pdf format via email
  • Polyphony #3, Wheatland Press, Deborah Lane & Jay Lake, Eds., P. O. Box 1818, Wilsonville, Or, 97070, $17.95, Trade Paperback, 386 pgs.,
  • The Spiderweb Tree, by Mark McLaughlin, Yellow Bat Press, 1338 West Maumee, Idlewilde Manor #136, Adrian , MI  49221, $3, 34 pgs.  (Make checks payable to Richard Geyer)
  • The Third Alternative, TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, England, 3 pounds 95 (about $7 US), Oversized, Color Cover, 66 pgs., (
  • Weird Tales,  DNA Publications, P. O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24143-2988, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs.

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