December 2003
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SF Magazine/Short Fiction Review - December 2003  by Steven Sawicki                  
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In this Column: Analog 12/03, Black Satellite #5, Path of the Just, Issue 36 of The 3rd Alternative,  The House of the Temple by Brian Lumley, Trunk Stories #1, Infinity Plus website, Fantastic Metropolis website

The December issue of Analog starts off with a Stanley Schmidt editorial then proceeds with a novella “Lucky Luke” by P. J. Plauger. This is followed by the science article “If a Tree Falls or The Secret History of Global Environmental Catastrophe” by Catherine H. Shaffer. Charles Harness’ short story “Faces” comes next. “Visions of Gingerbread” by Bruce Holland Rogers, a short holiday tale sandwiches the special feature by Geoffrey A. Landis titled “The Reason We’re Here” and John G. Cramer’s Alternate View column “A Mission To The Earth’s Core.” The other side of the story sandwich consists of “Windingweed” by Kyle Kirkland and the conclusion of Edward M. Lerner’s serial “Moonstruck.” Tom Easton provides the book review column and the magazine closes with the Brass Tacks letter column and Anthony Lewis’s Upcoming Events column. The cover is by David A. Hardy. 

Black Satellite #5 has arrived with fiction from James R. Cain “Toward Infinity” an SF horror piece set in space, Bill Wilson, “Wrong Turn”, Tom Olbert “Immortal Beloved”, Lee Clark Zumpe “Prowlers”, and Tim Curran’s “Charnel World.” Brian Lingard provides the editorial and there’s a poem, “The Shaman of Guadot” by Kendall Evans. The cover is by Allen Koszowski.

Path of the Just is a brand new anthology of superhero fiction based on the Silver Age Sentinels role playing game. The anthology contains fifteen stories based primarily on characters from the game set. Dennis O’Neil provides the introduction with stories by Matthew McFarland, Brett Barkely, Steven Grant, J. Allen Thomas, Erica Schippers, Robin D. Laws, Daniel Ksenych, Ed Greenwood, Steven Harper, Jim C. Hines, Lucien Soulban, John Ostrander, Jon Hansen, Bradley J. Kayl and Alexander Marsh Freed. You need not have played the Silver Age Sentinels game to enjoy the stories here although familiarity may lend some additional enjoyment. On the other hand you may find yourself disagreeing with how one of these writers put your superhero to description so it’s a toss up.

Issue 36 of The 3rd Alternative has arrived with an interesting editorial about genre definitions by Justina Robson. This is followed by Lucius Shepard’s story “The Part Sweeper.” Other fiction includes “The Automatic Circus” by David Ira Cleary, “Miko” by Karen Fishler, “Grief Inc.” By Andrew Humphrey, and “Phantom Limb” by Martin Simpson. There’s also Allen Ashley’s The Dodo Has Landed column, an interview with Trevor Hoyle, Christopher Fowler’s Electric Darkness column, John Paul Catton’s column titled “Japan’s Dark Lanterns” and Jaspre Bark’s film column which covers the films of Sam Raimi. If you only purchase one British magazine it had better be this one. If you’re not purchasing one British magazine you definitely should. Definitely keeping the spirit of New Wave alive.

The House of the Temple by Brian Lumley contains two reprinted short stories along with introductions by Lumley. The first and title story is a Lovecraft-like effort reprinted from the magazine Kadath while the second, “Swamped” is reprinted from the sorely missed Etchings and Odysseys. This book is produced in two hardcover editions. There’s a signed edition limited to 300 copies and a signed lettered which is limited to 52 (I don’t know where they get the extra letters from.) Alan Clark illustrates the jacket and there are 6 interior illustrations by Allen Koszowski.

Trunk Stories #1 just arrived and it’s a quirky little magazine full of eclectic fun. The editor calls it “A magazine of fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews that offers the reader some of the eccentric wonder of the 18th century cabinet of curiosities.” This issue includes Kristen Kaschock’s story “Any Other Name”, Mark Bothum’s very funny “A Girl And Her Dog”, Brett Alexander Savory’s “Landscape”, James Morris’ “Caryatid Torpor”, and Erik T. Johnson’s “A Few Leaves.” Nonfiction includes Veronica Schanoes’ “Magic, Misery, and Youth Review: Evenfall #3 and William Smith’s Da Video Dustbin. Poetry for this issue comes from John Grey. Definitely worth checking out. New and unusually fresh.

Infinity Plus website. Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers edit this online magazine. Recently posted fiction includes Jeff Vandermeer’s “Ghost in the Machine”, Gwyneth Jones’ novel extract “Castles Made of Sand”, Kit Reed’s “Pilots of the Purple Twilight”, and Richard Morgan’s novel extract “Altered Carbon.” Non-fiction recently posted includes Tamar Yellin’s interview with Jeff Vandermeer and tons of book reviews. The site could use some visual spicing up but the content is excellent.

Fantastic Metropolis website. Another online magazine feature fiction and non-fiction. Recently posted work includes short fiction from Ted Chiang, “Division by Zero” which is a reprint, an interview with Chiang done by Rani Graff, an article titled “The Hitch-Hikers Guide to French Science Fiction” by Jean-Claude Dunyach, and “Dreaming of Jerusalem: The Novels of Edward Whittemore” by Anne Sydenham. The editors are L. Timmel Duchamp, Michael Moorcock, Luís Rodrigues, Jeff VanderMeer, Zoran Zivkovic, although I’d like to know what they each do exactly. The site is clean and easy to maneuver in although it’s also a bit staid in presentation.


  • Absolute Magnitude, DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs.
  • Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Stanley Schmidt, ed., Box 54625, Boulder, CO, 80323-4625, $3.50/$4.95 single issue US/Canada, $39.97,$47.97 one year (12 issues), Digest, Color Cover, 144 pgs.
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  • F&SF, Gordon Van Gelder, Ed., P. O. Box 3447,  Hoboken, NJ, 07030, $3.99 US/$4.99 Can. for one, $44.89/11, ($54.89 outside US), Digest, Color Cover, 162 pgs.
  • Flesh & Blood (Tales Of Fantasy And Dark Horror, Jack Fisher, Ed., 121 Joseph St., Bayville, NJ 08721.  $5 for one, $13 for 3 (make checks payable to Jack Fisher), Digest, Color Cover, 52 pgs.  
  • HolQed, Lawrence M. Schoen, Ed., P. O. Box 634, Flourtown, PA, 19031-0634, $5, 4/$16 ($20 Canada, $25 Overseas), (Make checks payable to KLI), Quarterly, Digest, Black and White cover, 16 pgs.
  • Infinity Plus,
  • Mythic Delirium, Mike Allen Ed., DNA Publications, P. O. Box 13511, Roanoke, VA, 24034-3511, $5, 2/$10, 4/$16, Digest, color cover, 28 pgs.
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  • Oceans Of The Mind, Richard Freeborn, Ed., Trantor Publications, 9838 Old Baymeadows Rd. #283, Jacksonville, FL, 32256,, 4/$9.95, 8/$$16.95, Electronic only distributed in pdf format via email
  • Path of the Just, James Lower, ed., Guardians of Order, 176 Speedvale Ave., West, Unit #2, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, N1H 1C3, $14.95, trade paperback, 207 pgs.
  • Polyphony #3, Wheatland Press, Deborah Lane & Jay Lake, Eds., P. O. Box 1818, Wilsonville, Or, 97070, $17.95, Trade Paperback, 386 pgs.,
  • The Spiderweb Tree, by Mark McLaughlin, Yellow Bat Press, 1338 West Maumee, Idlewilde Manor #136, Adrian , MI  49221, $3, 34 pgs.  (Make checks payable to Richard Geyer)
  • The Third Alternative, TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, England, 3 pounds 95 (about $7 US), Oversized, Color Cover, 66 pgs., (
  • Trunk Stories, William Smith, Ed., 470 Prospect Ave., Apt 3D, Brooklyn, NY 11215, $4 (plus $1 shipping), Digest, Black and White cover, 44 pgs.

  • Weird Tales,  DNA Publications, P. O. Box 2988, Radford, VA  24143-2988, $4.95, 4/$16 ($6, 4/$22 Canada, $9, 4/$35 Elsewhere), Full sized, Color Cover, 66 pgs.

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