February 2004
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Editor:Ernest Lilley
Managing Editor: Sharon Archer

Associate  Editor, UK:
John Berlyne
Edward Carmien
Steven Sawicki

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Editorial License: Editorial - It Was 40 Years Ago Today. Sgt. Pepper Brought the Band to Play! JFK's real legacy, how the Beatles saved America, and their message to the future.

US Books -
Ernest Lilley looks at books received over here.
UK Books - John Berlyne  - On vacation this month.
Ivory and Ivy by Edward Carmien - Accosted by minions of a sinister mastermind, our reviewer of tomes Academic and Referential returns to his labors with a will, knowing that if he doesn't, he'll need one.
Zines and Short Fiction - Steven Sawicki -
DamnAlien DVDs - Those Damn Aliens - from the looks of things, the aliens developed TV narcolepsy watching election returns, and tried to drown their sorrows in SFTV DVDs. 
Things To Come (previews of galleys received)

Media: Astroboy In the 60s American kids were introduced to anime by a little boy robot known in Japan as "The Mighty Atom" but to a generation raised on moon shots he was "Astro Boy". He's back, and like anyone who grew up in the 60s, he's got issues.

Feature Review/
Interview: Gene Wolfe / The Knight

With The Knight, Wolfe makes his writing more accessible to new readers. Sharon Archer talks with SF's master of the literary novel.

Book Reviews:

Alphabet Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip
Burden of Proof by John G. Henry
Crawlers by John Shirley
Gridlinked by Neal Asher(New US Edition)
Halo - First Strike by Eric Nylund
Kris Longknife - Mutineer by Mike Shepherd
Market Forces by Richard Morgan UK
Seduced By Moonlight by Laura K. Hamilton
Tales of the Grand Tour by Ben Bova
White Devils by Paul McAuley UK


The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy by Darin Park and Tom Dullemond
Single Stage to Orbit by Andrew J. Burica

Sometimes The Magic Works by Terry Brooks