March 2004
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Acorna's Triumph by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Avon/Eos HCVR: ISBN 0380979004 PubDate: 03/01/04
Review by Karey Herriman

320 pgs. List price $24.95
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Acorna, the unicorn girl, was found by humans in a spaceship life pod half a dozen books ago and raised far from her race’s homeworld. Once she is grown she goes searching for her people and finds that they are under attack by an evil bug like enemy called Khleevi. Though the enemy has been defeated, the planet is left in ecological crisis and along the way she’s managed to lose the love of her life. This is the final installment in Acorn’s saga, so readers can expect a lot of cleaning up of loose ends. At the same time, I didn’t feel that foggy and lost feeling that you often get when picking up a book in the middle of a series. This story is well thought out and leaves no one behind.

Part of this story is about Acrona, and her search through time for Aari, her life mate. When he does show up, on his own with a mysterious friend named Grimalkin, he is changed and she does not feel the same towards him as she had before he disappeared. One of the themes in Acorna’s Triumph is about how you will recognize your true love anywhere and in any time, but you must be strong and follow what your heart tells you. Acorna’s heart tells her that something is terribly wrong with Aari but she can’t put her finger on it.

Meanwhile on the Moon of Opportunity, or MOO as it is known on Acorna’s homeworld Vhiliinyar, trouble is being planned. A major jewel theft is about to take place endangering the further recovery and reclamation on Acorna’s home world. The Linyaarian’s (Acorna’s People) are working to Terraform and reclaim their planet after the damage that the Khleevi caused when they attacked the planet before Acorna and Aari found a way to defeat them. The Khleevi have caused the planet to become a total waste land with none of the beauty of their planet left.

The Linyaarian’s are using a Time Travel Device left to them by an earlier race, to bring back the flora and fauna of the planet before it was destroyed. Many good things come from the Time Travel Device but not everything that comes through time is a good thing. When you add to this mix a sinister master criminal, outer space travel and lots of fun you get more than your bang for the buck!

I would recommend this as great read for anyone that is interested in time travel and fantasy. Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Scarborough have not only hit a home run but cleared the bases with this novel.

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