March 2004
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SF Magazine/Short Fiction Review - by Steven Sawicki                  
To have your magazine or short fiction work mentioned here send a copy to Steve Sawicki, 2824 Furbeck Rd., Altamont, NY  12009.  Everything received will be considered.  Items not sent will not.                       Publications Index

In this Column: Abyss & Apex, AlienQ, Another Realm, Camp Horror, Chiaroscuro, Fortean Bureau, Gothic Net, Marsdust, Quantum Muses, Strange Horizons, Would That It Where

This month I take a look at websites that contain short fiction and more. All of the listed sites were active and had been updated within 60 days. All were free to visit and read as well, at least at this time. Almost all of the sites archive their features as well so there’s plenty to dive into. The usual caveats must be made about web material. Just as it is likely to appear one day it is just as likely to be gone. Sites change at the whim of their providers and web designers. What works on my computer with my browser and settings may not work at all on yours.

For February, Ellen Datlow over at Scifi.Com has put together the following offerings. New fiction includes “Five Guys Named Moe” by Sean Klein, which is an alternate history story where McCarthy is President and something strange is happening in Cuba, “Articles of a Personal Nature” by Deborah Coates is about a woman who disappears one day and doesn’t reappear until seven years later, “Inappropriate Behavior” by Pat Murphy which is the best of the fiction this month is about a young girl who’s involved in an experimental program which hooks her up to a mechanical robot. The girl, via the bot, discovers a castaway on the island she uses as a base and the story revolves around how the girl struggles to communicate with the adults in the real world. The final piece of new fiction is ”Zora and the Zombie” by Andy Duncan. Classic offerings for the month include, “Ballenger's People” by Kris Neville and “Twilla” by Tom Reamy. All stories are archived so you don’t have to rush over to read them. New fiction comes out on Wednesdays. I also understand that they’re working on better way to print out stories for those of us who don’t find the monitor something enthralling to cozy up to.

Contents for Strange Horizons for the past 30 days include the following for fiction “For Now It's Eight O'Clock” by Alex Irvine which is the story about a child stealing sprite that terrorizes a community until one father finally turns the tables, “Genderbending at the Madhattered” by Kameron Hurley is an odd little story about growing up at first neuter and then with the ability to change gender and all the problems that can cause. It’s written in a jazzy, post modern style that adds to the flavor but detracts from the comprehension. “Doctor Mighty and the Case of Ennui” by Paul Melko is a really fun story about sub par superheroes and the world in which they operate. Melko does an excellent job of keeping a balance between the absurd and the comic, The final story is “A Season in Silence” by Jennifer de Guzman. Articles include “Science Fiction's Secret Father: Time to Celebrate the Seusscentennial” by Greg Beatty, “The Charismatic Killer” by Fran Wolber, and “Myths of Origin” by Cheryl Morgan. Poetry includes “tropical dream” by Karen R. Porter, “Jewels #1” by Dawn Stanton, “Death and the Magus” by Jack Heazlitt and “A Ghost Story” by Duane Ackerson. And there are reviews by Michael Costaris, Thomas G. Bates, Karen Burnham, and Jeremy Smith as well as an editorial by Susan Marie Groppi. There’s also an interview with Joe Haldeman by Donald Mead and an art gallery featuring the work of Arthur Davis Broughton.

Speculative Fiction for the new MillenniumContents for Anotherrealm include fiction from C. N. Pitts “Porcelain God”, Bret Funk “Chronolog - Day 6” , Tim Bean “Eighteen Chances”, Leigh Dragoon “Image” and Kate Riedel with “Brother’s Keeper.” There’s flash fiction “Of Dreams and Hope” by Ankur P., “Choose a Side” by David Gallinger, “Life Provides the Irony” by C. N. Pitts and “Some People Say” by Ryan T. Kitchel.

ABYSS & APEXRight now on Abyss & Apex you’ll find “U U B US” by Greg Beatty, “My Kingdom” by Hannah Wolf Bowen and “Those Boiled Bones” by Jay Lake.

Right now at Camp Horror you can find the following stories; Anthony Ferguson “Wish Upon a Fallen Star” is a fun story about a deal with the devil that goes exactly according to plan, Charles Laing “Maggie's Doll” is a creepy short-short about a very demanding doll and the dad who gives in to her, Greg Lamberson “Daddy's Teeth” is a truly creepy story about childbirth and a proud father who expects his son to be just like him, regardless of what mom wants. There’s also Kate Highfield’s “The Note”, M.K. Bowes “Cross Roads”, Richard D. Moore “PROD”, Stephanie Simpson-Woods “The ‘Brights’" and William Campbell “Mama”. The following articles and columns are also online; Rick Mohr “Welcome Campers”, Adrienne Jones “Souls for Hire”, Anthony Cain “Cain's Crypt of Cruelty”, AP Fuchs “Keep -vs- Sweep”, D. Harlan Wilson “Minimalist Meditation”, Dylan J. Morgan “Showing -vs- Telling”, Greg Lamberson “Slimeguy: Barnabas and Me”, John Weaver “Authors Need Name Visibility”, Keith Gouveia “Gouveia's Grinding Stone”, K.K. “Stay of Execution”, M.K. Bowes “Japanese Hentai”, Nancy Jackson “Reasons to Review”, Neal Bailey “Bohemian Truth”, Richard D. Moore “It Just Seems To Me...”, Walter Anderson “For Those Not Living In The States”, and William Lengeman “Where Have All The Scary Movies Gone?” There’s also an interview with Stephanie-Simpson-Woods by Diana Bennett, some comics and reviews by Stephanie Simpson-Woods and R. M. Thompson.

Chiaroscuro at this moment has Fiction by: Tim Akers, Jay Lake, Edo Mor, Eric Pape, and Tom Piccirilli and Poetry by: Mark Featherstone, John Grey, Pam McNew, Kurt Newton, Tom Piccirilli, William P. Simmons, and Christina Sng. There’s also a column by David Niall Wilson, book reviews by William D. Gagliani, Louie Maistros, Ray Wallace and David Niall Wilson and film reviews by Phillip Brugalette.

Gothic Net’s contents right now include an eclectic mix of reviews and posted fiction by various writers. Gothic Net allows you to read and comment on posted stories and they’ve got a fairly active community. A definite for Gothic fans.

Marsdust fiction includes “Smooth Talking” by Tobias S. Buckell which is about cutting down trees and the implications if one of those trees happens to contain a dryad, “Apparent Horizon” by Laura Anne Gilman, “Bigdom” by John Trey is a story about bioengineered people and what happens to them when they outlive their usefulness. It’s captivating and emotional. The Final story is “Riverrun Alley“ by Michael J. Jasper. There are also comics and a ton of other features including art, interviews, and reviews of fashion, games, books, music and a whole lot more.

Alien Q has the following fiction this month "The Wanderer" by Steven A. Arts and articles by Ander Grey. There’s also an Ask the Alien column and letters. The site is being redesigned at the moment.

Fortean BureauFortean Bureau contains the following fiction: “The Yeti's Hand” by Daniel Braum, “Seven Minutes in Heaven” by Marissa K. Lingen, “Chart 0052834912-31” by S. Evans, and “Aliens Enter the Conversation” by Greg Beatty.

Would That It Were, the self proclaimed Internet Premiere Magazine of Historical SF contains the following at this time. Stories as follows: “The Death-Wave Apparatus” by H.F. Gibbard, “Etheric Forces” by Gil C. Schmidt, “Tesla’s Time” by Hal Fulton, “The Hands Of The Masters” by Jeffrey Turner, “A Day To Remember” by Robert A. Boyd and “The Yapopo” by Stephanie de Koning. There’s also a book and music review section. Articles for this time period include: “Androids and Other Undead: The Vampire as a Product of the Enlightenment” by Lavie Tidhar, “The Factual Fiction of Paul Guinan's Hysterical Hoax” by John Dooley, “The Story of H: Richard Rogers' Musical Fixation” by Howard Hamilton, Reviewed by Greg Beatty, “The Motionless Movement” by Phillip Weber and “Science Fiction Art” by Jeff Miller.

Quantum Muse -  science fiction and fantasy stories and artQuantum Muses for this period contain the following fiction; “Aces and Eights” by G.C. Dillon, “Legends Begin With A Word” by Jeffrey Turner, “The Ghost of Love” by Michael Graves, “The King's Foresters: Chapter XII” by Michael Gallant, “Endgene” by Marissa K. Lingen, and “The System is Never Wrong” by Jon Hartless. Art for this period is from Renee LeCompte. There are also a number of other pieces to the website which will make it an amusing place to visit.

To have your magazine or short fiction work mentioned here send a copy to Steve Sawicki, 2824 Furbeck Rd., Altamont, NY 12009. Everything received will be considered. Everything not sent will not be considered.


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