April 2004
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Editor:Ernest Lilley
Managing Editor: Sharon Archer

Associate  Editor, UK:
John Berlyne
Edward Carmien
Steven Sawicki

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Editorial License: Editorial - Everyone Comes to Washington to Change the World

US Books -
Ernest Lilley looks at books received over here.
UK Books - John Berlyne  - UK books will be back next month in a retrospective format.
Ivory and Ivy by Edward Carmien -
Zines and Short Fiction - Steven Sawicki -
DamnAlien DVDs - Those Damn Aliens -  
Tomorrow and Beyond
(previews of galleys received)

Essay: Fantastic Detectives & the Detective Yarn: Romantic Literature - Ed Carmien, our reviewer of things academic and referential, shares his thoughts on the place of Romantic Literature in the context of today's writing.

Lunacon 2004 - Hugo winning Author, Illustrator, and Essayist Alexis Gilliland joins us this month with a report on the last Lunacon to be held at the venerable "Escher" Hilton.

Media: Hellboy (Sony Pictures) "There ARE things that go bump in the night Agent Myers. We're the ones who bump back."
Ron Perlman stars as a Demon rescued from the Nazis and turned to good by a secret organization that fights evil. No, really. And it's a lot of fun, besides. Drew Bittner reviews the latest comic to make it to the movies.

NonFiction: Exploring the Matrix: Visions of the Cyber Present by Karen Haber
Interstellar Travel and Multi-Generation Space Ships by Yoji Kondo (ed) Frederick Bruhweiler (ed) John Moore (ed) Charles Sheffield (ed) John Moore (ed)

Feature Interview: Thomas Harlan Interview with Ernest Lilley / Feature Review: Wasteland of Flint  and House of Reeds

Book Reviews:

Consequences by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Devlin's Justice by Patricia Bray
Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow
Jigsaw Men by Gary Greenwood UK
Labyrinth Key by Howard Hendrix
The Lion of Senet by Jennifer Fallon
Medalon - Book One of the Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon
Nightingale's Lament by Simon R. Green
Robinson Crusoe 1.000,000 A.D. by Terry Sunbord
The Secret by Ava Hoffman
The Swords of Night and Day by David Gemmell
Taking Time by Lynn Abbey

The Year of Our War by Steph Swainston UK
The Zenith Angle by Bruce Sterling