May 2004
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Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
Ace / Penguin Putnam HCVR: ISBN 0441011675 PubDate: 05/04/04
Review by Nicky Lynch

304 pgs. List price $ 19.95
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Charlaine Harris continues her delightful “Southern Vampire” series with Dead To The World, the fourth book in the series.

Once again telepathic Sookie Stackhouse is involved in an adventure with the undead. However this time her vampire boyfriend, Bill, is an ex and in South America. Just when Sookie thought she would have a quiet, if not lonely, New Year without being involved in a supernatural mystery, she sees Eric, the manager of Shreveport’s premier vampire bar, running along the road to her house. When she stops to pick Eric up Sookie discovers that he has amnesia. While they haven’t always been on the best of terms, she can’t leave him there and takes him home.

Sookie soon learns that Eric is considered missing and some witches looking for him may not have his best interest at heart. Meanwhile, Sookie’s brother Jason disappears. Is his disappearance related to the coven looking for Eric or to the werewolf from a small nearby town he has been dating? Sookie is again plunged into a supernatural mystery, this time teamed with handsome werewolf Alcide.

Charlaine Harris has a fun series going with Sookie Stackhouse and Louisiana town of Bon Temps. This series is very close to the series of vampire books that Laurell K. Hamilton and Tanya Huff (who seems to have moved away from her vampire series) have written. While both authors’ heroines have gotten more depressed and the stories more violent as their series progressed, Harris has kept more of a light touch and sense-of-wonder in her stories. Unlike other heroines, Sookie is more centered in her life and not dragged into the darkness of her situation. And this is one of the big pluses of the series for this reader.

If you’ve been following this series, Dead To The World is another fun read. If not, and you find this sort of thing've now got four books you can sink your teeth into!

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