June 2004
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I2: Ivory and Ivy: June 2004 - A survey of Scholarly works in Fantasy &Science Fiction
by Edward Carmien
(©2004 Edward Carmien) 


The month is lighter than some, with three books of note. Another biography of Ray Bradbury is has been published, this one by Kent State University Press. Ray Bradbury: The Life Of Fiction, by Jonathan R. Eller, is available in hardcover this month. It joins other recent work about this important author who manages to be thought of as both literary and as a science fiction author in an era that generally marginalizes the latter.

By including in its title a reference to a popular Star Trek plot device The Holodeck In The Garden: Science And Technology In Contemporary American Fiction certainly reaches for a genre awareness. With no text available for review I recommend caution: find a copy and flip through some pages before committing to the idea it contains material relevant to the world of science fiction.

Finally, The British Film Institute Companion To Science Fiction contains thousands of entries tracing the contemporary roots of science fiction in literature, television, and film. This weighty and expensive tome should be considered by libraries, as it will serve well as a reference (television material in particular is difficult to research). It will probably not be appealing to the common science fiction fan—at $80, it is steeply priced. However, readers with a budget to burn or a particular interest in the visual media of science fiction might consider picking up a copy.

Look in this space next month for mention of the Science Fiction Research Association conference, June 3-6. Until next month, farewell.

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I2 keeps an eye on books and trends in the academic niche. The scope, as you see above, is broad—from science fiction and fantasy to detective fiction, I2 covers it all. (If you listen carefully you can hear as many as three different squeals of outrage at this linking of content areas. Do what I do: wear earplugs and enjoy it all anyway.) If you feel there is material that should be brought to the attention of this column, contact I2 care of SFRevu.

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