July 2004
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John Berlyne
Edward Carmien
Steven Sawicki

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Editorial License: Editorial - .Ern went to the Mojave to watch SpaceShipOne launch on its 100 km test flight to space. Yes, it was cool. Yes, it was hot. And yes, it really matters.

Event: Victory at the Edge of Space We're taking the liberty of linking to our sister publication's (TechRevu) special SS1 edition for lots more coverage on the flight of Burt Rutan's spaceship.
US Books -
Ernest Lilley
UK Books - John Berlyne
Ivory and Ivy by Edward Carmien
Zines and Short Fiction - Steve Sawicki 
DamnAlien DVDs - Those Damn Aliens  

Media: Spider Man 2 dir by Sam Raimi - Spidey's saga continues with more angst, an awesome new supervillan, supercgi, and of course, Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. Can our favorite web-slinger capture the imagination of moviegoers again or will he get caught in a web of summer releases?

NonFiction: Jules Verne on Film by Thomas C. Renzi

Flag of IndiaFlag of the UKFeature Interview: Epic Retellings From the Edge - Ashok K Banker with Iain Emsley / Review: Demons of Chitrakut by Ashok K. Banker

Book Reviews:
UKBanquet for the Damned by Adam Neville
Daydreams Undertaken by Stephen L. Antczak
Destruction of the Books by Mel Odom
The Dragon's Son by Margaret Weis
UKIn Your Dreams by Tom Holt
Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross
Nebula Awards Showcase 2004 by Vonda N. McIntyre
One King One Soldier by Alexander C. Irvine
UKRecursion by Tony Ballantyne
Redeeming The Lost by Elizabeth Kerner
Ringworld's Children by Larry Niven
Sirius:The Dog Star by Martin H.Greenberg (ed)
Song of Susannah by Stephen King
Take No Prisoners by John Grant
Thinner Than Thou by Kit Reed
The Wanderer by Cherry Wilder and Katya Reimann