September 2004
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Thrilling WonderEditorial License: Editorial - Does reading SF prepare us for the future, or does it keep us from living in the present?

US Books Received
- Here's our list of the books that have come in along with a few comments and links for more information.

UK Books by John Berlyne - It's not all blue skies for our man in the UK, as he endures a stormy August and rails against the postal service...fortunately he's got some good books to cheer him up.
Ivory and Ivy by Edward Carmien - Our resident academic finds that everyone's too busy going back to class to actually publish academic texts, so he takes the opportunity to rant a doorstoppers.
DamnAlien DVDs - Those Damn Aliens - good movies may be our only defense against alien's meddling with space probes. Looking at this month's DVD releases we're in big trouble.

Media: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - a techno-retro-tour de force. Terrific Sci-Fantasy courtesy of CGI and fun to watch...but the least interesting part is the story. But the story clearly wasn't the point.

Innocence - Ghost in the Shell II - Fans of the classic SF anime Ghost in the Shell have something to look forward to as the story continues. A hit at Cannes, opening to a limited US run September 17th.

Suspect Zero - Do you miss the X-Files? If so, this spooky serial killer flick may fill the void for you.

Feature Event: WorldCon 2004: Noreascon 4  - Boston's fandom hosts their fourth WorldCon, honoring GOHs Terry Pratchett, William Tenn and as always keeping a Lensman theme alive.

Feature Event: DragonCon 2004 - Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, the mega-fantasy con DragonCon was holding a party for a few thousand of their friends.

Feature Review: Going Postal / Article: Terry Pratchett - Master of Speculative Satire

Interview: Lois McMaster Bujold - We caught up with Lois just after she won this year's Best Novel Hugo at Noreascon for an exclusive interview.

NonFiction: Moonrush: Improving Life On Earth With The Moon's Resources by Dennis Wingo

Classics of SF: The Moon Pool by A. Merritt (edited with an introduction by Michael Levy)

Book Reviews:
A Dragon's Treasure by Elizabeth Lynn
UKAngel Stations by Gary Gibson
Banner of Souls by Liz Williams
Crossroads by Brett Cox
Dragon Precinct by Keith R.A. DeCandido
The Firebird's Vengeance by Sarah Zettel
Flash by L.E. Modessit, Jr.
Girls Who Bite Back by Emily Pohl-Weary
Heroics for Beginners by John Moore
UKHound by George Green
In Lands That Never Were by Gordon Van Gelder (ed)
Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart

Metal Sky by Jay Caselberg
Prince of Christler-Coke by Neal Barrett
Return Engagement : Book One of the Settling Accounts Trilogy by Harry Turtledove
Sliding Scales by Alan Dean Foster
The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2) by Neal Stephenson William
UKThe Dark Tower (The Dark Tower, Book 7) by Stephen King
The First Stone by Mark Anthony
The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard

The Language of Power by Rosemary Kirstein
The Year's Best Science Fiction 21st Annual Edition by Gardner Dozois (ed)
Weapons of Choice : Book One of the Axis of Time Trilogy by John Birmingham