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Editor: Ernest Lilley
Managing Editor: Sharon Archer

Associate  Editor:
Drew Bittner
Associate  Editor, UK: John Berlyne
Copy Editor: Gayle Surrette
Edward Carmien
Steven Sawicki
Sam Tomaino

Editorial License: Editorial License: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today by Ernest Lilley - It was twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play, they've been going in and out of style...
US Books Received
by Ernest Lilley
UK Books - November 2004 by John Berlyne
Ivory and Ivy November 2004 by Edward Carmien - Our academic authority comes down from his ivory tower to promote the vox populi.
Zines and Short Fiction by Sam Tomaino - Sam looks at the big three plus a piece on
Damn Aliens DVD Review (as told to) Steven Sawicki - alien views on current events and DVDs, both of which should confuse us as much as the aliens.
Feature Reviews:
Orphanage by Robert Buettner / Interview: Robert Buettner Interview by Ernest Lilley - After I read Orphanage I had a number of questions about war, Heinlein, and Robert Buttner. He graciously fielded our initial response and agreed to go a few more rounds to share his thoughts.

Aurora Awards 2004 by Charles Mohapel
SFWA Annual Editors and Authors Reception by Ernest Lilley
World Fantasy Convention 2004 by Colleen Cahill

Media: Earthsea by Robert Lieberman (dir) - LeGuin's fantasy masterwork comes to life in a Sci-Fi Channel mini series this December. Shawn Ashmore ("Iceman" X Men 2) plays Ged, the young wizard from Gont.
Fast Forward November 2004 - Episode #172 - Susanna Clarke, author of the novel Jonathan strange & Mr Norrell, interviewed on November episode of fast forward: contemporary SF.
Gaming: Halo 2 by Bungie Software - If you're a gamer, you already know that Halo 2, released 11/09/04 at 12:01 am is breaking records for initial sales and reports are coming in of geek workers kept home with "Halo Flu". Dan Spisak joins us after spending the last four days killing Covenant Scum trying to take over the Earth.
: H.G. Wells: Traversing Time by W. Warren Wagar - As Edward Carmien points out; Wells, we hardly knew ye. This excellent and very readable work sheds much needed light on Wells and his time.
New Moon Rising: The Making Of America's New Space Vision And The Remaking Of NASA by Frank Sietzen Jr., Keith L. Cowing - Could George W. Bush's vision for the return to the moon and the exploration of Mars be more than just a bait and switch to take attention away from shutting down the shuttle and the International Space Station?

Book Reviews:

20th Anniversary: Neuromancer by William Gibson - Ern rambles on a bit about Gibson's seminal story.

Days Of Infamy by Harry Turtledove
Dreams of the Compass Rose by Vera Nazarian
Dune: The Battle of Corrin by Brian Herbert
In the Night Room by Peter Straub
Industrial Magic : Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
UKIroncrown Moon by Julian May
Life by Gwyneth A. Jones
Neurolink by M. M. Buckner
Polaris by Jack McDevitt
UKQuake by Andy Remic
Shadowmarchby Tad Williams
Shadows in the Darkness (Changeling) by Elaine Cunningham
Star Wars: Jedi Trial : A Clone Wars Novel by David Sherman
UKSunshine by Robin McKinley 
The Family Trade by Charles Stross
The Last Guardian of Everness by John C. Wright
Wither's Legacy by John Passarella