April 2005
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Drew Bittner
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Drew Bittner
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Editorial License: We're Living in The Future by Ernest Lilley

Columns:    US Books - Ernest Lilley
UK Books - John Berlyne
Media Watch - Drew Bittner
Zines and Short Fiction - Sam Tomaino
DamnAlien DVDs - The DamnAliens
Feature Review / Interview: Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross / Interview with Ernest Lilley
Lunacon 2005
Awards: 2004 Hugo Award Nominations Announced (Hugo.Org / Interaction)
2005 Philip K. Dick Award Winner Announced (Philadelphia SF Society

Media SF/Fantasy:  
Battlestar Galactica by Michael Rymer (Dir)
Robots by Chris Wedge (Dir)
Sin City by Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller (Dirs)

Steamboy by Katsuhiro Otomo (Dir)

 41 Above the Rest: An Index and Checklist for the Anthologies of Groff Conklin by Bud Webster
Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams by Nick Webb

Reissues of Note:

The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures by Mike Ashley


Book Reviews:
Alternate Generals III by Harry Turtledove
 UK Brass Man by Neal Asher
The Challenge by Susan Kearney
Down Time by Lynn Abbey
Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair
 UK Firecracker by Sean Stewart
The Greenstone Grail by Amanda Hemingway
 UK Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein S.) by Dean Koontz
Saint Vidicon To The Rescue by Christopher Stasheff
The Seven Hills by John Maddox Roberts
Wildwood Road by Christopher Golden