August 2005
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Editorial License:  
Return To Flight...Almost by Ernest Lilley

Columns:    US Books - Paul Haggerty
UK Books - John Berlyne
Media Watch - Drew Bittner
Zines and Short Fiction - Sam Tomaino
DamnAlien DVDs - The DamnAliens
Feature Review /Interview:  
Paths Not Taken by Simon R. Green
Simon Green interview by Drew Bittner

InterAction, 63 Worldcon 4-8 August, Glasgow

 Awards:   2004 Hugo Award Winners (pend)
2005 World Fantasy Award Nominees

 UK Book Reviews:   
 UK The Brightonomicon (Gollancz SF S.) by Robert Rankin
 UK Edenborn by Nick Sagan 
 UK The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks
 UK The Warrior-prophet (Prince of Nothing S.) by R.Scott Bakker
UK Vellum: The Book of All Hours: 1 by Hal Duncan

Navigating the Golden Compass by Glenn Yeffeth
Reflections from Earth Orbit by Captain Winston E. Scott

Book Reviews:  

Blood and Memory: The Quickening Book Two by Fiona McIntosh
The Dark Crusade by Walter H. Hunt
Daughter of Ancients (The Bridge of D'Arnath, Book 4) by Carol Berg
Dexta by C.J. Ryan
Dragonmaster : Book One of the Storm of Wings Trilogy by Chris Bunch
Effendi by Jon Courtenay Grimwood
First Warning : Acorna's Children by Anne McCaffrey
Melusine by Sarah Monette
Old Twentieth by Joe Haldeman
Singer of Souls by Adam Stemple
Storyteller by Kate Wilhelm