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  • Editorial Matters - January 2012 by Gayle Surrette

    US Books - SFRevu Staff
    UK Books - John Berlyne
    Graphic Novels/Manga - SFRevu Staff
    Media Watch - SFRevu Staff
    Zines & Short Fiction - Sam Tomaino
    Blu-ray & DVD Reviews by Charles Mohapel
    News - SFRevu Staff
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    Convention Reports:
  • Arisia 2012 -- January 13 - 16, 2012

  • US Book Reviews:
  • Anomaly by Peter Cawdron
  • Blood and Other Cravings edited by Ellen Datlow
  • Central Park Knight by C.J. Henderson
  • Chasing the Moon by A. Lee Martinez
  • The Daemon Prism: A Novel of the Collegia Magica by Carol Berg
  • The Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy: A Michael Bishop Retrospective by Michael Bishop
  • The Door to Lost Pages by Claude Lalumière
  • Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst
  • Earthbound (A Marsbound Novel) by Joe Haldeman
  • Eye of the Tempest (Jane True) by Nicole Peeler
  • Firebird (Alex Benedict) by Jack McDevitt
  • The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
  • Hidden by Kelley Armstrong
  • Immortal Hope: The Curse of the Templars by Claire Ashgrove
  • In the Lion's Mouth by Michael Flynn
  • The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan
  • The Ninth Circle: A Novel of the U.S.S. Merrimack (#5) by R.M. Meluch
  • Shadows West by Joe R. Lansdale and John L. Lansdale
  • Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews
  • Supervolcano: Eruption (Supervolcano Trilogy) by Harry Turtledove
  • The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff

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