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  • Editorial Matters - October 2017 by Gayle Surrette

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  • Worldcon 75 - 9-13 August 2017 - Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland by Judy Newton

  • US Book Reviews:
  • The Book of Swords edited by Gardner Dozois
  • Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers by Joe R. Lansdale
  • The Dinosaur Princess (The Dinosaur Lords) by Victor Milán
  • The Mongrel Mage (Saga of Recluce) by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
  • Raven Stratagem (Machineries of Empire, #2) by Yoon Ha Lee
  • The Sea Peoples (The Change) by S.M. Stirling
  • The Seven (Vagrant Trilogy) by Peter Newman
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference by Christopher L. Bennett

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