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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 06/2005  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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Damnaliens DVD by ( / ) - We are back. We did not really leave but we are back anyway. We have been in space, pondering the inevitable. First, we know that you are globe-centric, but you really should try to come to grips that you exist on an oblate spheriod. Second, your maps are all wrong. All of them. This may explain why your MapQuest provides such wrong answers so often. Because you insist on beginning with a wrong premise, everything you then derive from that premise is equally as flawed. This goes a long way to explaining the DVD selections that are currently being offered. We can't tell you exactly what premise you have wrong since we are reverse engineering the theory and it takes time. Even for us, superiorly advanced though we are. We'll let you know once we get there unless it violates one of the many directives concerning you. In the mean time we need to make repairs to that theater that Klaarg saw HGTTG in. What is your fascination with robots anyway? And speaking of fascination, we spend a great deal of time in wonder at the Sci Fi channel's selection of movies. Mansquito? What will they think of next Dragmanfly? Well, at least they've stopped doing prisoners in space, although Battlestar Galactica feels that way at times. Time now for the crunchy snacks and the stack of shiny discs that have come out way.  Netflix / IMDB

Star Trek - Insurrection (Special Collector's Edition) by (Paramount Home Video 07 June, 2005 / $19.99) - We can no longer remember whether this is an even one or an odd one. We think it's an odd one. Yikes, what's going on here? Did someone just have an idea and decide not to actually hire a scriptwriter? The characters run around a lot and do things that often don't make sense and are incredibly dense except when they don't need to be towards the end. They are not so much boldly going as they are blindly stumbling. We expected more. They seem to have forgotten that they were making something for the big screen although since you'll be watching it on the little screen maybe it won't make that much difference. Trekinators will love it. All else will scratch and wonder.  Netflix / IMDB

The Butterfly Effect (Infinifilm Edition) by (New Line Home Entertainment 07 June, 2005 / $19.96) - You people used to make happy movies. Singing in the Rain, Casablanca, Night at the Opera, Papillon, well okay, maybe not that last one, but not anymore. Now, every film you make is so full of angst that the popcorn comes with bitter instead of butter. This film is more of the same. Here you take a great idea, that of a young man who discovers a way to time travel, and turn it into a collection of hideous events. What were you thinking? Sure, there are some interesting moments and you certainly don't want everything to always turn out cheery and time travel does go against the 4th, 9th and 11th laws of thermodynamics but for the right story we're willing to forego those. Well, maybe not the 11th law. We liked the idea and we liked the characters, sort of. We even liked the ending. We just wish we had been driven there by a different route.  Netflix / IMDB

The Outer Limits - The Original Series, Season 1 by (MGM/UA Video 07 June, 2005 / $54.96) - Why are you here reading this? You need to go out and purchase at least one copy of this. We used to watch the Outer Limits on our flight in bound and it is one of the things that made us hopeful that you were a species that would be interesting to study. While our hopes were mostly dashed we have fond memories of many of these episodes. This is great stuff. No, there is nothing wrong with your television; we are just not going to release control until you have purchased at least one copy. Buy them for your friends. Buy them for your dog. Buy them because you can't afford to not own the best damn SF series ever on television. We'll return control when you send us a proof of purchase.  Netflix / IMDB

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