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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 01/2006  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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Damn Aliens by Damn Aliens ( / ) - We have been paying more attention to your politics and have just realized that you actually seem to use it to make major decisions as a species. We had to check this twice because we could not believe it. Sure, you are not a very advanced species but even the slur-mold of Altair IV uses Geosocipsychometrics. Why do not you? At first we thought your politics merely some complicated form of street theater and we kept waiting for the tiny car from which all the clowns would tumble. But it never happened, not counting your congress of course. We simply can not understand why you use this system instead of the one that everyone knows really works. It is just basic math you know. Perhaps this explains why you have stopped producing anything original. Klaarg is still convinced that your politics is merely a cover for something far more sinister. But then, he sees robots everywhere. The rest of us have come to the sad and somewhat terrifying conclusion that you all actually believe it is the best way to run a planet. We will keep looking on the chance we are wrong although the odds of that being the case are slimmer than a Omegan nano wurm.  Netflix / IMDB

Red Dwarf - Series 7 by (BBC Warner 10 January, 2006 / $44.98) - We looked and we looked and we looked but we could not find a single litte person in this entire series. This disturbs us, although not as much as having to look through the entire series did. Is this simply another case of blatant mis-labeling? Or did the Director of Photography forget there were little people in the stories and neglect to angle the camera properly? We have watched previous episodes of this television series and we did not really enjoy them then. We thought perhaps that, with experience, there would be some improvement. No, there is not. You still slog out the same tired jokes, racial innuendos and xenophobic plotting as in the past. And you evidently forgot to include the little people, regardless of their color. If it had not been such a slow month for discs we would most likely not have watched at all. Next time we will know better.  Netflix / IMDB

Alien Nation - The Complete Series by (20th Century Fox 03 January, 2006 / $49.98) - This is the complete series although it is missing the movies so we again wonder about your labeling vagaries. We don't know these aliens and we doubt, to be honest, that any alien would adopt your city names as they are really not all that exciting to begin with so being called Detroit holds no special feeling for aliens. We liked the idea, that you humans are forced to face your bigotry and race problems through the intervention of extraterrestrial visitations but we also hold this out as a cautionary tale. No good seems to come from these visits as the aliens quickly become drug addicts, losers and hookers. It is nice that you feel the bottom of your economy will have vacancies for the newest arrivals but it's not very realistic. Other than that there is some minor interest here as you put forth a few intriguing concepts dealing with interspecies relations.  Netflix / IMDB

Dune (Extended Edition) by (Mca Home Video 31 January, 2006 / $27.98) - Well, you've done it again, managed to take a single thing and overproduce it. This is the extended edition which, if we remember correctly, is not the original edited by the studio version, nor is it the edited for television version but the version edited by the producers after those two had pretty much flopped. Yes, we know that Dune is a complex story and we could forgive the length if the director actually attempted any of the complexity but, really, how much time do we really need to spend watching sand blow across the screen. And the voice over? What were you thinking? Okay, once maybe, at the beginning, but we got really tired looked at McLaughlin's expressionless face while listening to his thoughts. We liked the worms and the fremen and the witches and the spice aliens but the Harkonens, the mentats and the emperor we could do without. Who knew it would take so long to get from one end of a desert to the other?  Netflix / IMDB

The Time Tunnel Vol. 1 (1966-67) by (20th Century Fox 24 January, 2006 / $39.98) - Nothing you make ever appears to work correctly. Not that submarine, not those starships and certainly not this time tunnel. And what is your fascination with time travel since you never seem to be able to go back and actually fix anything? Stick with rereading old newspapers. It is just as effective and much less dangerous. We liked the tunnel and we enjoyed the idea and we really liked the spiffy costumes but we kept wondering when they would get around to thinking about going forward. Time does move in both directions you know. Oh, wait, you still run your world using politics so you probably don't know that. This is volume one and we can't wait for volume two since we think they try to go back to those two space men who got trapped with cave men on that other show.  Netflix / IMDB

Corpse Bride (Widescreen Edition) by (Warner Home Video 31 January, 2006 / $28.98) - We believe Klaarg attended this wedding, or at least sent a gift. Sometimes a director gets stuck with an idea and makes that idea over and over and over. Other times a director gets stuck with a format and does the same. While we love cartoons and animation, we do get tired of not seeing something fresh (alien pun). We liked the animation and we thought the writing was okay although it's always hard to tell since so many fingers get put into the pot. We did think the idea of a human falling into another realm and then learning about life was a bit tired, although serviceable enough to keep even Klaarg awake after a hard day tinkering with the warp drives. We understand that the sequel, Corpse Divorcee, is already under production.  Netflix / IMDB

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