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Blu-ray & DVD Reviews- 08/2009  Next Month / Last Month
by Charles Mohapel
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300: The Complete Experience (Blu-ray Book + Digital Copy and BD-Live) [Blu-ray] by Directed by Zack Snyder (Warner Home Video 29 July 2009 / $39.99) -

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Writing credits (WGA):
Zack Snyder (screenplay) &
Kurt Johnstad (screenplay) and
Michael Gordon (screenplay) (as Michael B. Gordon)

Frank Miller (graphic novel) and
Lynn Varley (graphic novel)

Cast (Cast overview, first billed only):
Gerard Butler ... King Leonidas
Lena Headey ... Queen Gorgo
Dominic West ... Theron
David Wenham ... Dilios
Vincent Regan ... Captain
Michael Fassbender ... Stelios
Tom Wisdom ... Astinos
Andrew Pleavin ... Daxos
Andrew Tiernan ... Ephialtes
Rodrigo Santoro ... Xerxes
Giovani Cimmino ... Pleistarchos (as Giovani Antonio Cimmino)
Stephen McHattie ... Loyalist
Greg Kramer ... Ephor #1
Alex Ivanovici ... Ephor #2
Kelly Craig ... Oracle Girl

Running Time: 117 minutes

Movie Information from

(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen (Episode 138) by Directed by Matthew Robinson (BBC Video / Warner Bros. 28 July 2009 / $24.98) - The Sixth Doctor and Peri encounter the mercenary Lytton, stranded on planet Earth and in the employ of the Cybermen. A plot is being hatched that aims to change the history of Earth in favour of the Cyber-race, and the Doctor finds himself on an alien planet he has visited before as he tries to defeat his enemies and work out who he can trust to help him. (Source: Wikipedia) (see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Doctor Who: The Rescue/The Romans by Directed by Christopher Barry (BBC Video / Warner Bros. 26 July 2009 / $34.98) -

The Rescue (Episode 11):
The Powerful Enemy
Desperate Measures

The Romans (Episode 12):
The Slave Traders
All Roads Lead to Rome

The Rescue:
The Doctor and friends come to the aid of two lone survivors of an attack by the reputedly peaceful Didonians.

The Romans:
The Doctor and companions fall prey to the hazards of ancient Rome which culminate in Nero's Great Fire.

(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Robot Chicken: Star Wars - Episode II by Directed by Seth Green (Warner Home Video 30 July 2009 / $19.98) -

Robot Chicken: Star Wars, Episode II brazenly combines the satirical sensibilities of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's (Stoopid Monkey Productions) Robot Chicken with the unforgettable moments and favorite characters of the Star Wars universe, among them, its creator himself, George Lucas. Transformed into the stop-motion animated characters that are the hallmark of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, and in conjunction with ShadowMachine Films (Alex Bulkley/Corey Campodonico), the Star Wars galaxy takes on an entirely different attitude.

Cast (Credited cast):
Abraham Benrubi ... Darth Vader (voice)
Bob Bergen ... Luke Skywalker (voice)
Ahmed Best ... Jar Jar Binks (voice)
Rachael Leigh Cook ... Mon Mothma / Sally Johnson / Gary's Wife (voice)
Hugh Davidson ... Stormtrooper / Rebel Trooper (voice)
Donald Faison ... Darth Maul / Gary (voice)
Keith Ferguson ... Han Solo / General Veers (voice)
Carrie Fisher ... Princess Leia Organa / Krayt Dragon's Mother (voice)
Seth Green ... Anakin Skywalker / Bob Goldstein / Imperial Officer / Ponda Baba / Robot Chicken Nerd (voice)
Seth MacFarlane ... Emperor Palpatine / Dr. Ball / Figrin D'an (voice)
Breckin Meyer ... Boba Fett / Admiral Ackbar / Various (voice)
Dan Milano ... Imperial Officer / Youngling (voice)
Conan O'Brien ... Zuckuss (voice)
Adrianne Palicki ... Padmé Amidala / Jessica (voice)
Andy Richter ... Dengar / Krayt Dragon (voice)
Amy Smart ... Princess Leia Organa (voice)
Zeb Wells ... (voice)
Billy Dee Williams ... Lando Calrissian / Man (voice)


(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Spaceballs [Blu-ray] by Directed by Mel Brooks (Fox Home Entertainment 25 July 2009 / $29.99) -

When the Dark Helmet (Moranis) attempts to steal all the air from Planet Druidia, a determined Druish Princess (Zuniga), a clueless rogue (Pullman) and a half-man/half-dog creature who is his own best friend (Candy) set out to stop him. But with the forces of darkness closing in, they'll need the help of a wise imp named Yogurt (Brooks) and the mystical power of the "Schwartz" to bring peace and merchandising rights to the entire galaxy.

Cast (Cast overview, first billed only):
Mel Brooks ... President Skroob/Yogurt
John Candy ... Barf
Rick Moranis ... Dark Helmet
Bill Pullman ... Lone Starr
Daphne Zuniga ... Princess Vespa
Dick Van Patten ... King Roland
George Wyner ... Colonel Sandurz
Michael Winslow ... Radar Technician
Joan Rivers ... Dot Matrix (voice)
Lorene Yarnell ... Dot Matrix
John Hurt ... Himself
Sal Viscuso ... Radio Operator
Ronny Graham ... Minister
Jim J. Bullock ... Prince Valium
Leslie Bevis ... Commanderette Zircon

DVD Release Date: June 16, 2009
Run Time: 96 minutes

Source: MGM Home Entertainment

(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Fifth Season by Various Directors (MGM (Video & DVD) 25 July 2009 / $49.98) -

In this action-packed fifth season sparks fly when Woolsey becomes the new leader of the Atlantis team. Meanwhile, McKay faces difficult personal challenges; Teyla must balance her roles as mother and warrior; Ronan's past returns with a vengeance, and Keller finds peril, then help, from an unlikely source. A provisional relationship with the Wraith takes a shocking turn and new adversaries test the team's courage and resolve like never before.

DVD Release Date: June 30, 2009
Run Time: 873 minutes

(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (Final Cut) by Directed by Mario Azzopardi (MGM (Video & DVD) 29 July 2009 / $26.98) -

Remastered, recut, reimagined, remarkable! The thrilling pilot episode of television's longest running Sci-Fi series is now yours to own on DVD! With exclusive special features and masterful fine tuning from series Co-Creator Brad Wright, Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods (Final Cut) is a whole new experience.

Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) leads a formidable team on a mission to Abydos to defeat fierce warriors led by the vicious Apophis. With the threat of the brutal Goa'uld hanging over the galaxy, the team must succeed or General Hammond (Don S. Davis) will unleash an apocalyptic solution!

Product Features:

  • New Edit with Never Viewed Scenes
  • New and Enhanced Visual Effects
  • Revoiced Performance by Christopher Judge
  • Original Score by Joel Goldsmith
  • Special Features include:
    • Commentary by Co-Creator Brad Wright and Actor Richard Dean Anderson
    • Back to the Beginning Featurette

Running Time: 92 minutes

(see review)  Netflix / IMDB

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