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Amulet: Book 1: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi (GRAPHIX 01 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: After the tragic death of their father, Emily and Navin move with their mother to the home of her deceased great-grandfather, but the strange house proves to be dangerous. Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids' mom through a door in the basement. Em and Navin, desperate not to lose her, follow her into an underground world inhabited by demons, robots, and talking animals.

Eventually, they enlist the help of a small mechanical rabbit named Miskit. Together with Miskit, they face the most terrifying monster of all, and Em finally has the chance to save someone she loves.

(Source: GRAPHIX)

Arcana Volume 7 by So-young Lee (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: In a tale of courage, tragedy and betrayal, this glimpse into the distant past of Arcana tells the story of the first Enril and how an ordinary village girl tamed a dragon and gained the ultimate power. What ties, nearly forgotten and buried in the sands of time, does Enril have with our young heroine, Inez? (Source: TokyoPop)

Aria Volume 1 by Kozue Amano (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Experience the magical, mystical world that inspired the Aria anime...One-hundred and fifty years after its terraforming, Aqua, the planet formerly known as Mars, is now almost completely covered in water. A young girl named Akari Mizunashi lives in the city of Neo-Venezia, an exact replica of the old Italian city of Venice, where she works as a gondolier tour guide. While giving people tours of her beautiful city, Akari learns to appreciate her city when she helps an elderly tourist find his daughter, teaches a friend some history about ancient Venice and discovers the secret behind Aqua's unusual sun showers. (Source: TokyoPop)

B'TX Volume 14 by Masami Kurumada (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Juggler makes the ultimate sacrifice to enable Teppei to recover and continue on, but will it make a difference when Raphaello tries to break into his consciousness and destroy him? And as Foh and Je T'aime struggle to defeat Gai and B't Shendu, they suffer from an incalculable number of wounds. Will they manage to defeat them, or is this the end for the sonorous duo? Meanwhile, Karen and Shadow may have finally found the answer to defeating Raphaello, but will Metal Face and Madonna allow her to use it? (Source: TokyoPop)

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Volume 20 by Beop-ryong Yeo (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: When Rey Yan and his companions learn that the Heavenly Realm plans to seal the Human Realm, they realize that this means the end of all life on Earth! Can they forge an alliance between the Demon and Human realms before it's too late? Only if they can get past the ruthless ruler of the North Sea Dragon Clan, King Wansun, and his four children--all of whom control the Power of Water... (Source: TokyoPop)

Deja vu - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter by Youn In-wan (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Unfulfilled love always ends tragically… or does it? Through different seasons and different eras in time, two lovers cross paths again and again, trying for that one chance to get it right. Different lives, at different points in history, but one thing remains constantâ€"their love for each other. Spanning the beginning of history, WWII-era Japan, modern-day America, and the far distant future, these love stories remind us that love truly has no boundaries. (Source: TokyoPop)

Dogby Walks Alone Volume 2 by Wes Abbott (TOKYOPOP 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: After the harrowing incident at Happyplace, Dogby is battered, bruised, and alone, and heads up north to escape the mayhem and discord of his past. But when he arrives at a seemingly normal town, he stumbles upon an insidious a cult and its legions of disciples. If Dogby is going to save the day once again, he might have to call in for some extra help--straight from Hollywood. (see review)

Dragon Head 9 by Minetaro Mochizuki (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Teru finally returns to Tokyo after enduring the horrific events of the last few weeks. Unfortunately, his return is anything but a happy one. As the mystery behind the Dragon Heads starts to unravel, Teru is thrust toward his final destination: his family's home. (Source: TokyoPop)

Elemental Gelade Volume 6 by Mayumi Azuma (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Abandon ship! Coud's first time on a boat doesn't go so swimmingly as the battle continues between his crew and the assassin Grayarts. Together they may be able to take the air out of Grayarts's sails -- but with Cisqua's itchy trigger finger set on "seek and destroy", will there be anyone left to raise the victory flag? Meanwhile, Coud's lack of a government ID foces him to leave the group and sneak over the border. But without Coud by her side, Ren finds herself open for the hands of none other than Ren's stalker, Viro. Will Coud get to her in time to save her? (Source: TokyoPop)

Fantamir Volume 2 by Eun-jin Seo (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Mir's escape from Shindansoo Academy may have gone unnoticed, but thanks to Hae-Rang, all witness her return when he leaves her passed out in front of the school gate blanketed by a couple of crumpled ramen boxes. Fuming mad, Mir searches every nook and cranny of campus to take revenge on the scoundrel and finally steps into Ba-Ri's room, where her jaw drops when she sees not Ba-Ri, but a half-naked guy dripping with water... (Source: TokyoPop)

GetBackers Volume 22 by Yuya Aoki (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Ban and Ginji may be the perfect team, but competition is on the way with Emishi and Natsuki...thought his new duo seems more concerned with cracking jokes than kicking butt. How will they react to an army of giant manises? And what is Natsuki's terrifying ability? Meanwhile, Ban may have met his match in and old friend turned new enemy yet again. (Source: TokyoPop)

Judas 5 by Suu Minazuki (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: In this final volume of the shonen horrorfest, the battle between good and evil takes a dark twist... Thanks to Mizuki's hard work on the Puzzle of Truth, Judas now has his body back--and he takes it out on John and his angels. Later, Zero challenges Judas to a fight, but Judas reveals a secret to Zero that could shake the foundation of heaven and earth... (Source: TokyoPop)

Lagoon Engine 4 by Yukiru Sugisaki (TOKYOPOP 12 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Summer vacation is about to begin for Yen and Jin! They go to the small town of Hanakage, where they must help appease the gods through music and dance. The only thing is...Yen and Jin can't play music or dance very well. With the help of a bitter Narama, a newfound friend with a tragic past, will Yen and Jin be able to pull off the sacred dance and please the gods? (Source: TOKYOPOP)

Monochrome Factor Volume 1 by Kaili Sorano (TOKYOPOP 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Akira Nikaido is a typical slacker high school student who thinks he has a normal life--until a mysterious man called Shirogane appears and tells him to meet him at the school that night. He is skeptical but goes anyway...and gets attacked by a shadow monster! Shirogane convinces him that the balance between the human world and the shadow world has been distorted, and that Akira must become a shin--a creature of the shadow world--in order to help restore the balance. From KAILI SORANO comes a rebel without a cause--who has been given the ultimate supernatural power! (Source: TOKYOPOP)

MY-HiME 5 by Kimura Noboru (TokyoPop 10 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: Here it is! The explosive conclusion to My-HiME!The Princess Star continues its inexorable journey toward earth, and even darker forces are now beginning to make themselves known. The HiME are up against the Three Space Beauties in a battle that has all humanity at stake! Who will emerge victorious?! (Source: TokyoPop)

Phantom 4 by Ki-hoon Lee (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: The battle between tyrannical mega-corporation Iron and terrorist group Athena reaches epic proportions! When Athena sniper Eric stumbles upon one of Iron's cyborgs, he vows to bring the evidence of genetic tinkering to Athena. But can this battle-hardened soldier defeat the scores of human-reptile monstrosities Iron sends after him? (Source: TokyoPop)

Rebirth Volume 21 by Woo (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: A Stunning Revelation...Just as he is about to destroy Mr. Grey in the final round of the Vampire Lord Tournament, Deshwitat is confronted with a terrible truth regarding his lost love, Lilith! A Pyrrhic Victory...Deshwitat L. Rudbich is now the Lord of the Vampires. But at what cost? And once he learns of the price to be paid in order to defeat Kalutika, will he decide all has been for naught?! A Reunion Delayed...Rett, Remi and the team desperately want to revive their fallen comrade, Millenear. But before this can be done, they must first defeat a foe from their past, now deadlier than ever! (Source: TokyoPop)

Rozen Maiden 7 by Peach-pit (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: As the Rozen Maidens inch closer to all out battle with each other, suspicions fly and distrust abounds, specifically around Shinku, who now seems to be acquiring several Rosa Mysticas. And Suiguintoh is made a tempting offer by the mysterious Seventh Doll that could dictate the course of Meg's lonely, fragile life. But when Hinaichigo is lost, the remaining Rozen Maidens have to scour the N-Field in hopes of finding any clues that could lead them all to the Alice endgame once and for all. (Source: TokyoPop)

Samurai Deeper Kyo 26 by Akimine Kamijyo (TokyoPop 08 January 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: In order to put a stop to Haira of the Twelve God Shogun, Bontenmaru must resort to his "Beast" mode if he wants to come out victorius--and alive. Next, Yukimura defends his men against the unstoppable Shindara, which results in a heart-touching revelation. And at last...the identity of the Former Crimson King is revealed. (Source: TokyoPop)

Sgt. Frog Volume 14 by Mine Yoshizaki (TokyoPop 09 January 2008 / $9.99) - Book Description: You smell it in the air and feel it in your bones. There's even a certain hop in your walk. Yes, indeed, summertime is finally here! But Keroro and the Hinata clan seem too busy to take notice of a little war of the worlds. As temperatures rise in the heat of battle, there's one cure for this group of hot heads: Soaking in a cool pool! Alas, there's just a little problem of shrinkage, and we don't mean from an alien member. So tune into your cosmic radio and broadcast to everyone you know--that giant sucking sound you hear is the latest in Keroro's new line of toys! But the question is: Will we all make it through this adventure without croaking? (Source: TokyoPop)

The Guin Saga Manga: Book Two: The Seven Magi by Kaoru Kurimoto (Vertical 22 January 2008 / $12.95) - Book Description: The twenty-five-million bestselling Japanese heroic fantasy goes manga! Never has a story been more suited to the form than the pulse-pounding saga of the leopard-masked warrior, who cannot remember his past.In this first manga series, King Guin must battle a plague made manifest and controlled by seven magi. But even if our hero vanquishes the Black Plague, how will he ever hope to defeat seven powerful magicians?Hold onto your seats! (Ages 16+) (Source: Vertical)

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