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Chibi Vampire Volume 11 by Yuna Kagesaki (TokyoPop 01 November 2008 / $9.99) - Product Description: As Karin deals with the newly revealed defects of her own body and how it will affect her relationship with Kenta, Anju is facing her own set of problems. Anju has always been weak to sunlight but her aversion seems to be getting stronger. Could this mean she's close to becoming a fully awakened vampire? How will Karin react when she finds out? And will it tear apart the friendly sisters forever? (Source: TokyoPop)

Element Line Volume 3 by Mamiya Takizaki (TokyoPop 01 November 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Batsuo and Ludia have been searching for Kam for two months, but with no luck. And Winslaks hasn't been able to materialize out of his sword long enough to help. And to top it off, these three well-wishers are not alone in their pursuit--Langfeldt and his people are also looking for Kam, believing him to be the key to the Ancient's powers. What--or who--awaits the person who finds him? A shocking revelation brings back a familiar but unexpected friend in this volume of Element Line. (Source: TokyoPop)

King of Thorn Volume 6 by Yuji Iwahara (TokyoPop 11 November 2008 / $9.99) - Product Description: Kasumi is one of a handful of survivors afflicted with the deadly Medusa virus. However, a drastic attempt to find a cure leads to her awakening in a frightening new world full of monsters and thorns. Now, she must fight for her very survival if she's to figure out what went wrong and if there's any way it can be fixed. (Source: TokyoPop)

Samurai Deeper Kyo Volume 31 by Akimine Kamijyo (TokyoPop 01 November 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Yuan and Hotaru's duel rages on until, in the height of battle, Hotaru's eyes turn crimson. What's behind this strange occurrence? Meanwhile, Yuya is being held prisoner by Kyoshiro at the top of the Onmyoden. Rather than wait around like a princess, Yuya decides to escape on her own. But as she's making her getaway, she runs into an old friend who is more than meets the eye... (Source: TokyoPop)

Shinobi Life Vol. 1 by Shoko Conami (TokyoPop 11 November 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Energetic and strong-willed, Beni doesn't care if she lives or dies as long as her death will result in embarrassing her arrogant father. But one day, she suddenly encounters Kagetora, a ninja who's fallen from the sky and swears complete loyalty to her--as her bodyguard. Kagetora has time traveled from a long, long time ago, and has devoted his life to protecting Princess Beni. Little does Kagetora know that this Beni is not the real princes.... Can true love and honor survive after a centuries-long time warp--in a crazy modern world? (Source: TokyoPop)

TOKKO Volume 2 by Tohru Fujisawa (TokyoPop 09 November 2008 / $10.99) - From back of book: Ranmaru Shindo discovers that he has already met Sakura Rokuja, the mysterious young woman from TOKKO--is this connection the reason the monsters are attacking them? And when Shindo realizes that he needs ot protect his sister, his only remaining family, he will have to tap into a dark power that lies within him, een if doing so means risking his very life. (Source: TokyoPop)

Trinity Blood Volume 8 by Sunao Yoshida (TokyoPop 11 November 2008 / $9.99) - Product Description: A plot to assassinate the Methuselah Emperor is revealed at last, but Ion, Esther and company are accused of the crime! Astharoshe struggles with her own immortality and how feelings of loyalty and love can change over the course of centuries, and Dietrich has yet another cruel twist of fate in store for his beloved Esther. (Source: TokyoPop)

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase, Volume 12 by Keitaro Arima (TokyoPop 14 November 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: After Hazuki is taken away to Oyakata-sama's castle, the Nameless One gives Kouhei a powerful weapon to use in the fight to get her back. Weapon in hand, Kouhei, Kaoru, Art and Hikaru leave the island to look for the gate to the Eclipse Side, which is where Hazuki is being held. But how are they supposed to find it? Perhaps with the help of an old friend... (Source: TokyoPop)

Your & My Secret Volume 3 by Ai Morinaga (TokyoPop 11 November 2008 / $9.99) - From back of book: Akira and Momoi's body-switching has gone unnoticed thus far, but for how much longer can their secret be kept?

With no intention of every switching back, Momoi begins dating her pre-swap best friend, Shiina. Meanwhile, Akira's pre-swap best friend, Senbongi, continues to pursue him, making Akira even more devoted to regaining his own body. But when Senbongi overhears a conversation between Momoi and Akira and uncovers their secret, what will happen to them now that someone knows the truth? (Source: TokyoPop)

Black Jack, Volume 2 by Osamu Tezuka (Vertical 18 November 2008 / $16.95) - Product Description: Black Jack is a mysterious and charismatic young genius surgeon who travels the world performing amazing and impossible medical feats. Though a trained physician, he refuses to accept a medical license due to his hatred and mistrust of the medical community's hypocrisy and corruption. This leads Black Jack to occasional run-ins with the authorities, as well as from gangsters and criminals who approach him for illegal operations.

Black Jack charges exorbitant fees for his services, the proceeds from which he uses to fund environmental projects and to aid victims of crime and corrupt capitalists. But because Black Jack keeps his true motives secret, his ethics are perceived as questionable and he is considered a selfish, uncaring devil. The Black Jack series is told in short stories. Each volume will contain 16-20 stories, each running approximately 20-24 pages in length.

Black Jack is recognized as Osamu Tezuka's third most famous series, after Astro Boy and Kimba, the White Lion. (Source: Vertical)

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