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Shadow Puppets (Ender) by Orson Scott Card (Audio Renaissance 24 July 2007 / $39.95) - In Shadow Puppets, Orson Scott Card continues the storyline of Shadow of the Hegemon, following the exploits of the Battle School children, prodigies who have returned to an Earth thrown into chaos after the unifying force of the alien invasion they stopped in Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow has dissipated.

Foremost among these whiz kids is the brilliant Bean who, in Shadow of the Hegemon, rescued his comrades from his nemesis--the dastardly Achilles. Now, the down-but-not-out evil genius is again scheming towards global domination and vengeance against the irrepressible Bean. It's up to Bean and his newfound love, Petra, to outwit the young psychopath and save the world. Meanwhile, the other Battle School children are called to serve again as an expansionist China threatens the stability of post-Bugger War Earth.

Shadow Puppets is, for better or worse, exactly what readers have come to expect from Card. There are thought-provoking musings on geopolitics, war, courage, arrogance, good versus evil, and the concept of children wise beyond their years dealing with grave responsibility. Unfortunately, many of these furnishings are looking a little frayed around the edges, but fans will enjoy an exciting, fast-paced plot and a suspense-filled conclusion. --Jeremy Pugh (Source: Audio Renaissance)

Stardust by Matthew Vaughn (dir), Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman (wr), based on (Di Bonaventura Pictures 20 July 2007 / ) - A falling star sets a lovestruck boy, an ancient witch, a scheming prince and more against each other in a mad scramble, based on the comic book Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess. There can be only one to claim the star... but who will it be? In a land of flying pirates, wicked witches, unicorns, treacherous plotters and magical transformations, is there a "happily ever after" for this fairy tale?

Charlie Cox as Tristan / Claire Danes as Yvaine / Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare / Sienna Miller as Victoria / Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia / Jason Flemyng as Primus / Peter O'Toole as King of Stormhold / Ian McKellen as Narrator / Rupert Everett as Secondus ... (see review)

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