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In order to provide timely reviews, we appreciate media kits, preview invitations and preview DVDs. All dramatic presentations received will be listed in this column. Send Materials and Invitations to: Gayle Surrette c/o SFRevu 16440 Baden Westwood Road Brandywine, MD 20613 Email should be sent to: media (at)

Batman Begins (Limited Edition Gift Set) by Christopher Nolan (Director) (Warner Home Video 01 August 2008 / $39.92) - Product Description: Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents' murder disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman a masked crusader who uses his strength intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE/HEROES Rating: PG-13 UPC: 085391183853 Manufacturer No: 118385 (see review)

Birds of Prey: The Complete Series by (Warner Home Video 01 August 2008 / $39.98) - Product Description: Who will stand up to villains now that a heartbroken Dark Knight has mysteriously vanished? Never fear New Gothamites a trio of champions is ready to take wing - and Helena the daughter of Batman and Catwoman is among them. She calls herself Huntress and crime is her prey. Teenaged Dinah is the youngest of the group learning as she goes and gifted in clairvoyance. And overseeing the awesome threesome?s high-tech nerve center is Batgirl. Left wheelchair-bound by The Joker she has reinvented herself as Oracle the team?s cyber expert. Huntress Dinah Oracle: They are the Birds of Prey. Fighting together. Living together. And soaring into adventure together in 13 breathtaking live-action episodes.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 883929012954 Manufacturer No: 1000037575 (see review)

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog by Joss Whedon, writer/director ( 02 August 2008 / ) - Supervillainy has never been this funny.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, by the man who brought you "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Firefly", is a three-act musical about the striving of Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris), who only wants two things: membership in the Evil League of Evil and the love of Penny (Felicia Day). Problem is, Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) stands in his way.

So what's a supervillain to do?

(see review)

Mini-Masterpieces of Science Fiction by (Audio Text & Infinivox 06 August 2008 / $23.99) - From website: # mini-Masterpieces of Science Fiction edited by Allan Kaster includes: "The Something-Dreaming Game" by Elizabeth Bear, "None So Blind" by Joe Haldeman, "Last Contact" by Stephen Baxter, "Kin" by Bruce McAllister, "Bright Red Star" by Bud Sparhawk, "Lambing Season" by Molly Gloss, "As Far As You Can Go" by Greg van Eekhout, "Gene Wars" by Paul J. McAuley, "Grandma" by Carol Emshwiller. (Source: Audio Text & Infinivox)

Stargate - Continuum by (MGM Entertainment 01 August 2008 / $26.98) - Product Description: Ba'al travels back in time and prevents the Stargate program from ever being started. SG-1 team must somehow restore history and once again save the galaxy from oppressive domination.System Requirements:Running Time: 98 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: SCI-FI/FANTASY/FANTASY Rating: NR UPC: 024543528463 Manufacturer No: 2252846 (see review)

Stargate Atlantis - The Complete Fourth Season by (The Sci-Fi Channel 01 August 2008 / $49.98) - Product Description:
Disc 1: Adrift; Lifeline; Reunion; Doppelganger
Disc 2: Travelers; Tabula Rasa; Missing; The Seer
Disc 3: Miller's Crossing; This Mortal Coil; Be All My Sins Remember'd; Spoils of War
Disc 4: Quarantine; Harmony; Outcast; Trio
Disc 5:Midway; The Kindred; The Kindred Part 2; The Last Man
System Requirements: Running Time: 900 minutes
Rating: NR UPC: 883904110132
Manufacturer No: M111013 (see review)

The Fold by Matt Lambert (Director) Matt Lambert, Polly Frost & Ray Sawhill (Writers) (The Fold 03 August 2008 / ) - From Publicity Material: The Fold interweaves stories involving a time-traveling geek with Aspergers Syndrome, an investigation by a Gaming Babes Magazine reporter, a sex-cult guru, a right-wing CEO determined to remake history, and a New Jersey hot tub sales man for whom things mysteriously start to go the right way.

Lambert, Frost, and Sawhill love the webseries form and see it an an exciting new format. The Fold combines some of their favorite influences: the inventive scrappiness of Roger Corman, the straight-to-DVD flamboyance of Takashi Miike, and the tacky seductiveness of Roger Vadim circa "Barbarella".

Cast: Julie Atlas Muz as Jeanne D'Arc / Jake Thomas as Jef garaway / Ampora McLean as Stephanie Blommaert / Karen Grenke as Cindy Garaway / Angela Lovell as Rachel Campaniello / Josh Matthews as Cody Ferguson / Jeremy Lawrence as Avery Ferguson / Stephanie Sellars as Agent Kim Ziegler / Francesco Palladino as Brent (Source: The Fold)

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