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Timeless Time Travel Tales by (Infinivox 29 February 2012 / ) - CD Description: This collection of unabridged, unforgettable tales, written by some of science fiction's most esteemed authors, pays homage to one of the genre's most cherished story types. Whether time travel stories leap forward in time or slip into the past they remain popular with fans. John Barnes spins a tale of intrigue as the principles of science are discovered centuries ahead of time while mankind is divied into classes (Com'n and Liejt) and the Irish people are slaves in "Things Undone". Nancy Kress masterfully alternates perspectives between Anne Boleyn and that of historians from a distant future to which pivotal historic figures are taken in order to prevent otherwise inevitable bloodshed in "And Wild for to Hold". Ian R. MacLeod sends three time traveling historians from the future to rescue Captain Oates from the doomed Scott party amidst the race to the South Pole in the early 20th centruy in "Home Time". Tom Purdom sets historians from the future on a high seas adventure to document a 19th century British Admiralty anti-slavery patrol in "The Mists of Time". Science Fiction Grand Master, Robert Silverberg, slowly slides the fifty-seven year old owner of a Toyota dealership in the San Francisco Bay area backwards in time towards his birth in "Against the Current". Allen M. Steele tells the story of a U.S. Navy blimp crewmember who happens upon time travelers while monitoring Soviet sea traffic around Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis in "The Observation Post". Michael Swanwick follow the director of a dinosaur research center holding a fund raiser located in the late Cretaceous period in the Hugo award winning story, "Scherzo for Tyrannosaur". Genevieve Valentine observes the detrimental effects of time travel on the timeline through the eyes of a seamstress whose wealthy patrons are obsessed with their time period costumes in "Bespoken".

Readings by Tom Dheere, Adam Epstein, and Nicola Barber. Over 9 hours running time on 8 CDs. All stories recorded with the permission of the authors.

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