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Boneyard Reaches #25 by Richard Moore (NBM 22 June 2007 / ) -

Popular Horror Spoof Reaches Milestone;
Earlier Issue Sells Out

Richard Moore's popular comedy of horrors, BONEYARD, reaches issue #25 in May. A favorite since its first issue in the spring of 2001, the quarterly BONEYARD has only been growing more popular. Last month, BONEYARD publisher NBM Publishing quickly sold out all copies of BONEYARD #23, with significant reorders that had to be shorted and allocated. In 2005, the collected volume BONEYARD IN COLOR won a gold medal in Foreword magazine's Book of the Year awards. (Read more) (Source: NBM)

Locus Award WInners Announced -- Sat June 16th. by ( 18 June 2007 / ) - Locus Awards Winners

Winners of this year's Locus Awards, voted by readers of Locus Magazine in the annual Locus Poll, were were announced this afternoon at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Seattle.

Check out Locus Online for the full list of winners. (Source: )

The High Frontier, Redux by Charles Stross (CharlesBlog 18 June 2007 / ) - The High Frontier, Redux (I am currently suffering from a bad cold, and it's screwing with my ability to think straight. So rather than risk damaging my real work in progress, I decided to tidy up some thoughts I've been kicking around for a while, and bolt together this essay. Which will, I hope, begin to highlight the problems I face in trying to write believable science fiction about space colonization.) I write SF for a living. Possibly because of this, folks seem to think I ought to be an enthusiastic proponent of space exploration and space colonization. Space exploration? Yep, that's a fair cop — I'm all in favour of advancing the scientific enterprise. But actual space colonisation is another matter entirely, and those of a sensitive (or optimistic) disposition might want to stop reading right now ... I'm going to take it as read that the idea of space colonization isn't unfamiliar; domed cities on Mars, orbiting cylindrical space habitats a la J. D. Bernal or Gerard K. O'Neill, that sort of thing. Generation ships that take hundreds of years to ferry colonists out to other star systems where — as we are now discovering — there are profusions of planets to explore. (Read the article) (Source: CharlesBlog)

Catch A Glimpse Of An Exciting New Future by (Baen 15 June 2007 / ) - Wake Forest, NC—June 15, 2007

Local author Mark L. Van Name will be at Quail Ridge Books & Music on July 26 at 7:00 p.m. to read from his new novel, One Jump Ahead, and to talk about how to break into publishing.

Hailed as the next great name in science fiction, Mark L. Van Name has received high praise from his colleagues in the field. Bestselling author Orson Scott Card declares, "Just when I was thinking science fiction might be over, Mark Van Name proves that there are still smart, exciting, emotional sci-fi stories to be told . . . [he] has created a hero who is worth at least a dozen more novels. I want this to be a series. I want to read a new one every year. More often would be nice." New York Times bestseller John Ringo says, "One Jump Ahead is like well-aged white lightning: it goes down smooth then delivers a kick that knocks you on the floor." Military science fiction master David Drake concurs: "Hard real science smoothly blended into action that blazes like a pinball from one exotic setting to another. This one is very, very good."

Van Name, a former executive vice president for Ziff Davis Media and the CEO of a Research Triangle-based technology company, has published over a thousand computer-related articles and multiple science fiction stories in a variety of magazines and anthologies. One Jump Ahead, his first full-length novel, is published by Baen Books and is on shelves now. Slanted Jack, the next book in the series, will appear in June 2008 from Baen Books, and Baen will also be publishing in February 2008 an anthology, Transhuman, that he and T.K.F. Weisskopf co-edited.

Robert J. Sawyer given HONORARY DOCTORATE. by (Robert J. Sawyer 02 June 2007 / ) - On Saturday, June 2, 2007, Robert J. Sawyer received an honorary doctorate (Doctor of Letters, honoris causa) from Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario; Rob also gave the convocation address to graduating arts students that day. The doctorate was given in recognition of Rob's international success as a science-fiction writer. You can read all about it here:

And watch the actual ceremony here (I'm introduced starting at 27 minutes 30 seconds into the video):

[Ed. Note: Congrats from all of us at SFRevu.]

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