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Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton (Bantam 17 January, 2005 / £6.99) - The mass market edition of the third of Hamilton's Meredith Gentry novels. "Full of sensuality and the consuming anticipation of latent powers unleashed, this world of gods, shape-shifters and immortal souls is unveiled in all of its magnificence and trecherous deceits".

Earthling Publications

Apocalypse Now, Voyager by Jay Russell (Earthling Publications January, 1, 2005 / $14.00) - A new "Marty Burns" (fallen Hollywood star turned private eye) story from Russell, an author who has been referred to as "horror's finest comic stylist. This slim and smart limited edition, signed by Russell is another fine release from Paul Miller's blossoming Earthling Publications .


Changing Planes (Gollancz SF S.) by Ursula K. Le Guin (Gollancz 13 January, 2005 / £6.99) - Mass market edition of Le Guin's satirical look at air travel. "Changing Planes is an intriguing, enticing mixture of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS and THE HITCH HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY; a cross between Douglas Adams and Alain de Botton: a mix of satire, cynicism and humour by one of the world's best writers."

Karloff's Circus (Accomplice S.) by Steve Aylett (Gollancz 13 January, 2005 / £6.99) - Mass market edition. "A fourth trip to Accomplice (the Wonderland of a sick Alice) from one of the most critically lauded of British writers today." Cool cultish stuff from Steve Aylett.

Was (Fantasy Masterworks S.) by Geoff Ryman (Gollancz 13 January, 2005 / £7.99) - Ryman's 1992 novel "exploring three people linked by the magic of The Wizard of OZ" is elevated to the status of a classic with this new edition issued as part of the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks Series.


Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson (HarperCollins 07 February, 2005 / £6.99) - The mass market paperback edition of Kim Stanley Robinson's novel tackling the theme of global warming. "...freed by his medium - fiction - to deliver [a] message with passion and restraint...A great book" -- New Scientist.

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

The Black Angel by John Connolly (Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 25 April, 2005 / £14.9) - Proof copy of the forthcoming chiller by John Connolly due for release in April 05. A new novel featuring private detective Charlie Parker. Look out for my review later in the year.


Coyote by Allen Steele (Orbit 03 February, 2005 / £6.99) - The UK appearance of Hugo award winning Allen Steele's Coyote, the first volume in an epic trilogy of space exploration. "Vast in scope, passionate in its conviction, and set against a backdrop of completely plausible events, Coyote tells the story of Earth's first extra-solar colonists, and the mysterious planet that becomes their home."

Earth, Air, Fire and Custard by Tom Holt (Orbit 28 February, 2005 / £12.0) - A brand new novel from comedy fantasy stalwart Tom Holt charting Paul Carpenter's adventures as an employee of the decidedly unconventional J.W. Wells & Co. "He thought he was getting the hang of it, but a fate worse than death and filing awaits..."

Myrren's Gift: The Quickening Book One by Fiona McIntosh (Orbit 03 February, 2005 / £7.99) - High fantasy from British author Mackintosh, now resident in Australia. "It's a 'just one more chapter' sort of book. Don't start reading Myrren's Gift in the evening if you have to get up early the next morning!" - Robin Hobb.

Singularity Sky by Charles Stross (Orbit 03 February, 2005 / £6.99) - Mass market edition. Highly acclaimed space opera by man-of-the-moment Charles Stross. Reviewed and highly commended here by Paul Giguere back in our August 2003 issue.

Orion Children's

Siberia by Ann Halam (Orion Children's 07 January, 2005 / £8.99) - The pen name of Gwyneth Jones, award winning UK SF & Fantasy author. Siberia is a YA novel described as a "dazzling combination of science, adventure, fantasy and fairy tale." - clearly something for everyone!

Simon & Schuster (Trade Division)

Gene by Stel Pavlou (Simon & Schuster (Trade Division) 03 January, 2005 / £12.9) - (We originally ran this in Jan 2005, but when we got the chance to interview the author we jumped at it, so we're adding it as a feature for the Feb 2005 issue - Ern). Gene is the second novel from Stel Pavlou (Decipher and screenwriter of The 51st State). I enjoyed this one a lot - it's gripping, edge-of-the-seat stuff! (see review)

The House of Storms by Ian R. MacLeod (Simon & Schuster (Trade Division) 07 February, 2005 / £12.9) - "An astonishing work of imagination, Ian R. MacLeod has created a truly original world that is strangely recognizable and yet utterly new, an England made of magic, but set among familiar hills and cities."
The House of Storms is the sequel to MacLeod's stunning novel The Light Ages. (see review)

Telos Publishing

Approaching Omega by Eric Brown (Telos Publishing January, 2005 / £7.99) -
//~Mission to locate Earth-temperate planet for colonization: failed ...
//~1000 years out from Earth base, damage to colony sleeper hangers 1,3 and 4 sustained...all lives lost...hangers 2 and 5 still operational...
//~Mission parameters adjusted: Augmentation of colonists to commence...
//~Request all drones and 'bots to medical unites to begin experimentation...

A new and original novella from Eric Brown published in two states by Telos.


Gridlinked by Neal Asher (Tor / 25.95) - We're re-running John's review of the UK edition that we ran when it was published 3/23/01 which we featured with an interview at the time. That's the original UK cover on the right, and I don't know why they changed it, since I like it better than the US cover. - Ern (see review)

TTA Press

Interzone 195 by Andy Cox (Editor) (TTA Press Noc/Dec 2004 / £3.50) - The November/December issue of Interzone (reviewed by Sam Tomaino in our December 04 edition. Now under the editorial guidance of Andy Cox, Interzone has been revamped and is looking rather good! This edition contains stories by Nicholas Waller, Hugh A. D. Spencer, Elizabeth Bear, David Memmot and others - plus editorial, book, film and media reviews. Also included in this issue is an in-depth interview with Ken MacLeod.

The Third Alternative #40 by Andy Cox (Editor) (TTA Press Winter 2004/05 / £3.95) - The 3rd Alterntive Tenth Anniversary Issue. Contains fiction by Steve Mohn, Paul Meloy, David Schwartz, Darren Speegle, Melanie Fazi and others. Guest editorial by Nicholas Royle, plus book film and media reviews and interview with Clive Barker and Brian Talbot. By far the best magazine of its kind in the UK. Find out more at the TTA Press web site.


Chainfire (Sword of Truth S.) by Terry Goodkind (Voyager 07 February, 2005 / £18.9) - The new novel in Goodkind's massively successful Sword of Truth series. Epic in every conceivable way, this 600-odd page tome is sure to satisfy. "The Sword of Truth is Terry Goodkind's wonderfully creative, seamless, and stirring epic fantasy set in a fascinating world rich in detail, history and incredible violence."

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