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Divine Endurance (Gollancz SF S.) by Gwyneth Jones (Gollancz 10 March, 2005 / £6.99) - Gollancz reissue of this early Gwyneth Jones novel. "... a complex adventure and a poignant love story... a tale rich in beautifully observed characters and wonderfully realised lands." Mass market paperback.

Song of Kali (Fantasy Masterworks S.) by Dan Simmons (Gollancz 10 March, 2005 / £7.99) - An essential addition to the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series. Simmons' Song of Kali has is a true modern classic from the darkest corners of the genre.

Winner of the 1986 World Fantasy Award, this is the novel that launched an extraordinary career and which Dean R. Koontz described as "The best novel in the genre I can remember."

The Autumn Castle (Europa Suite S.) by Kim Wilkins (Gollancz 10 March, 2005 / £6.99) - An effective real world meets faeryland fantasy from Kim Wilkins, dubbed "Australia's queen of the supernatural" by the Dailey Telegraph. This is the mass market paperback release.

The Companions (Gollancz SF S.) by Sheri S. Tepper (Gollancz 10 March, 2005 / £6.99) - "Moss, a verdant, unpopulated planet, has no visible sign of intelligent life... until the planet itself starts to make its wishes known - and its wishes could mean humanity's end." Mass market paperback.

The Devil's Armour (Gollancz SF S.) by John Marco (Gollancz 10 March, 2005 / £6.99) - Jazana Carr, the Diamond Queen, has secured power in Norvor and is now set to unleash her mercenary army against Liiria. Convinced he can stop the woman he once jilted, the Baron steals the cursed Devil's Armour and rides to stop her.

"...massive, action-driven fantasy novel full of magic, betrayal and battle..." John Marco continues the story that began with The Eyes of God in this mass market paperback edition.


Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein S.) by Dean Koontz (HarperCollins 11 April, 2005 / £5.99) - Koontz's take on the Mary Shelly classic, updated, repackaged and moved to New Orleans. A paperback original. Further adventures are due before the end of the year. (see review)

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Citizen Vince by Jess Walter (Hodder & Stoughton Ltd 11 April, 2005 / £18.9) - Not strictly within our remit being more crime than SF/F, this second Jess Walter novel Citizen Vince was nevertheless sent through by Hodder and looks very interesting indeed. It tells of a career criminal given a new identity following his court testimony against his former collegues, who finds that even with a new life, he can't escape his old one.

"Set against the backdrop of the 1984 US Presidential election, when Reagan was elected, Citizen Vince combines a nerve-tingling crime story with an absorbing love story."

PS Publishing

Don't Turn Out the Light by Stephen Jones (PS Publishing 31 March, 2005 / £35.0) - The third release in Jones' Not At Night series, inspired by the famous antholigesof the same name. This title features seventeen "diabolical and bizarre" spine tinglers by such authors as Ray Bradbury, Hugh B. Cave, Richard Matheson, Jay Russell, David J. Schow and others. Also released in a slipcased edition priced at £60.00.

Little Machines by Paul McAuley (PS Publishing 01 June, 2004 / £35.0) - A collection of seventeen brilliant stories by Paul McAuley covering pretty much every convention known to the genre - "Monsters, alien invasions, serial killers, lost worlds, conspiracies, mad scientists, secret histories." A beautiful production (as always) from PS Publishing, with an introduction by Greg Bear. released in this trade hardcover signed by MaCauley and in a slipcased edition (£60.00) signed by MaCauley and Bear.

The Devil Delivered by Steven Erikson (PS Publishing March, 2005 / £10.0) - An end of the world novella by Steven Erikson. When Nature starts losing the game, Nature changes the rules. We've turned paradise into Hell, and in Hell, the Devil Delivers..."

With an introduction by Paul McAuley, The Devil Delivered is released in two states - a numbered (500 copies) paperback signed by Erikson, and a numbered (400 copies) hardcover signed by both Erikson and McAuley.


Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve (Scholastic 03/18/2005 / £12.9) - The third novel in Reeve's Hungry Cities Trilogy and they best one yet in my opinion. A rip-roaring adventure in the best traditions of pulp, Reeve imagines a startlingly original storyscape with characters and action to match. Very highly recommended.

Simon & Schuster (Trade Division)

The Destiny Mask by Martin Sketchley (Simon & Schuster (Trade Division) 04 April, 2005 / £10.9) - Sketchley's follow up to his debut novel The Affinity Trap which was enthusiastically received and described by Dreamwatch as "Good pacy, racy, spacey stuff. Great anti-hero, gripping action and an interesting take on the whole addiction culture." This is a trade paperback release.

Tor Books

Brass Man by Neal Asher (Tor Books 15 April, 2005 / £17.9) - Another sensational novel from Neal Asher, his fifth to be published by Macmillan/Tor UK. Fans of the inscrutable murder machine, Mr Crane, can learn more of his mysterious origins in Brass Man, a smart hard cover released this month.

(see review)


Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows S.) by Raymond E. Feist (Voyager 04 April, 2005 / £12.9) - Trade paperback release of this latest Feist fantasy, which was previously released in hard cover. Part of The Conclave of Shadows series.

Firethorn by Sarah Micklem (Voyager 04 April, 2005 / £12.9) - The lead title from Harpercollins / Voyager for this month. A debut fantasy from US author Sarah Micklem and the first in a trilogy. once magical and earthbound, beautiful and violent. [Sarah Micklem] immerses readers in a remarkably imagined world where gods are meddlesome, the highborn uphold their privelidges with casual brutality, and a woman's only recourse may be the strength she finds within. -- Publisher's Blurb.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Firecracker by Sean Stewart (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 14 April, 2005 / £12.9) - Firecracker (which was published in the US in 2004 under the title Perfect Circle) is "... a dark, funny, fast moving thriller that you won't want to put down. It is a ghost story - with ghosts who are both living and dead - but it's also a love story and the story of a man who loses his way and the people who try to help him find it once again." (see review)

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