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Bantam Press

The Tears of Artamon: Children of the Serpent Gate by Sarah Ash (Bantam Press 05 December, 2005 / £10.99) - The third and final installment in Sarah Ash's fantasy sequence, The Tears of Artamon.

"Ingenious and unforgettable, Children of the Serpent Gate delivers a thrilling conclusion to the epic trials of a man of honour in a world of chaos - one that can only be laid to rest by an Emperor's Tears."

A large format trade paperback published by Bantam Press. (Note: The image shown is of the US edition)


Confessions of a Crap Artist (Gollancz SF S.) by Philip K. Dick (Gollancz 10 November, 2005 / £7.99) - Another well deserved Dick reissue from Gollancz, Confessions of a Crap Artist was the only one of his mainstream novels to be published during his lifetime.

Though copyright 1975, it was originally written back in 1959 and "chronicles a bitter and complex marital conflict in 1950s suburban California from the perspective of the wife's brother, an obsessive compulsive amateur scientist" -- Wikpedia .

Elegy For A Lost Star (Gollancz SF S.) by Elizabeth Haydon (Gollancz 10 November, 2005 / £6.99) - The fifth book in Haydon's epic Symphony of ages series.

"The dragon Anwyn -- who has lain for three years in deathlike sleep in a grave of rock and black coal is freed by the cataclysm that concluded Requiem For The Sun. Disoriented and confused, she remembers only two things - the person who trapped her in dragon form and locked her in the grave - Rhapsody - and an all-encompassing desire to wreak vengeance.

King Kong (Gollancz SF S.) by Delos W. Lovelace (Gollancz 01 December, 2005 / £6.99) - With not long to go until the release of Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong - the mother and father of Hollywood monster movies - Gollancz offer readers this chance to take a look at the original Delos W. Lovelace novelisation. Released in a smart hardcover, this book features an afterward by renowned horror expert Stephen Jones, examining the "...monumental effect this movie had on the way monster movies were made in Hollywoods and [how it] opened the door to the special effects revolution in big screen productions."

The Deep Range (Gollancz SF S.) by Arthur C. Clarke (Gollancz 10 November, 2005 / £6.99) - Classic Clarke in this mass market paperback reissue of his 1957 novel, The Deep Range, a tale of future submariners.

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld (Fantasy Masterworks S.) by Patricia A. McKillip (Gollancz 10 November, 2005 / £7.99) - The forty-eighth title in Gollancz's indispensable Fantasy Masterworks series is The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Patricia A. Mckillip's 1974 World Fantasy Award winning novel.

A spellbinding tale of chilling sorcery, human complexities and dynastic war...

The Great Dune Trilogy: by Frank Herbert (Gollancz 17 November, 2005 / £14.99) - Gollancz release this huge omnibus trade paperback edition featuring the first three (and best) of Frank Herbert's classic Dune novels - Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. Required reading for all SF fans and a sure way to bring new readers in to the fold.

The Sword of Angels (Gollancz SF S.) by John Marco (Gollancz 17 November, 2005 / £14.99) - Marco fans will rejoice in this new release. The Sword of Angels follows on from the previous epic fantasies, The Eyes of God and The Devil's Armour, and ".. carries [his] trademark combination of morally ambiguous and complex action, tight plotting and vivid characterisation. This is action-driven fantasy, packed with magic, betrayal and battle, from one of the most exciting authors in world fantasy".


Bridge of Rama (Ramayana S.) by Ashok K. Banker (Orbit 01 December, 2005 / £7.99) - The fifth title in Banker's ambitious retelling of the Indian epic tale, the Ramayana.

Check out Iain Emsley's review of Book Three and also out exclusive interview with the author.

Also worth a look is Ashok Bankers home page - Epic India.

Bridge of Souls (Quickening Trilogy) by Fiona McIntosh (Orbit 01 December, 2005 / £7.99) - Along with Trudi Canavan, Fiona McIntosh is one of Orbit's most impressive fantasy acquisitions of recent years and her trilogy of The Quickening has earned much acclaim. It concludes with this third volume, Bridge of Souls. A paperback original.

Lord of the Shadows (Second Sons Trilogy) by Jennifer Fallon (Orbit 01 December, 2005 / £7.99) - The final novel in Fallon's Second Sons trilogy is given its UK release. An Orbit paperback original.

"Marked as a traitor by his own people and distrusted by his new allies, Dirk Provin walks a dangerous tightrope of political intrigue as he tries to find a way to expose the truth about the second sun.

In Dhevyn, hurt and angry over Kirsh's continuing affair with Marqel, Alenor embarks on a course of action that could ruin everything.

And in the Baenlands, convinced Dirk has betrayed them, Tia Veran sets out to do something about it...."

The Rosetta Codex by Richard Paul Russo (Orbit 01 December, 2005 / £6.99) - A new novel from Philip K. Dick award winning author Richard Paul Russo.

"A tensely plotted tale of ambition and discovery with huge appeal to readers of SF on a grand scale."

"Six-year-old Cale's first experiences of primitive Conrad's World were violent and tragic. Cale's wealthy father was killed in space on a business venture, leaving a lone shuttle to make landfall in the desert. Cale's guardian Sidonie was attacked as she lay dying after the crash, leaving Cale to be brought up alone among exiles and criminals.

Ten years later, Cale flees to the capital Morningstar and there joins the radical Resurrectionists - like him they believe the city was built on an ancient alien civilisation. Cale is driven to find an alien 'gateway' discussed in an old text, even at the cost of enraging his new family, and tracked every step of the way by the sinister Blackburn and his Sarakeen..."


The Voyage of the Sable Keech by Neal Asher (Tor 17 February, 2006 / £17.99) - Uncorrected proof copy. If you've followed this site for any length of time, you'll know that I reckon Neal Asher is one of the brightest stars in British SF right now. His powerful and brash brand of high energy fiction is always nerve-janglingly exciting, and I am looking forward to this new novel hugely. The Voyage of the Sable Keech is released in hardcover in February 2006 - look out for my review in that issue.


The Traitor's Sword (Sangreal Trilogy) by Jan Siegel (Voyager 21 November, 2005 / £12.99) - The second novel in Hemingway's Sangreal Trilogy. Reviewed this issue.

"In The Traitor's Sword Amanda Hemingway has once again spun a wonderfully rich and imaginative tale of destiny and adventure and has continued to give new life to the myth of the Grail, one of legend's most fascinating artifacts... it will dazzle and enchant readers of all ages..." (see review)

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