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Farewell... by John Berlyne (. 01 November 2012 / ) - After thirteen years - thirteen!! - the UK column is being retired. This is not through choice, but necessity as 'real life' and subsequent lack of time nowadays prevents me from being able to give the column the time and level of dedication that it deserves. This extends of course to you, the readers of this column.

It's been great fun and profoundly interesting, creating this monthly round of releases and I would like to thank each and every publisher who contributed by sending us books to be included. Without this raw material, there'd have been nothing to write about, nothing to recommend, and there's certainly been plenty of both. Thanks also to my SFrevu collegues and to you folks out there who've so faithfully followed this ongoing commentary.

Gwyneth Jones

Divine Endurance: Flowerdust Edition (The Last Days Of Ranganar) by Gwyneth Jones (Gwyneth Jones 01 November 2012 / ) - Product Description: "Innocent, perfect and incorruptible, Cho is looking for someone to serve.."

In the Peninsula, the veiled women rule: guardians of the Dapur, the sacred hearth. Their world seems mediaeval, beautiful but backward, but the Peninsula is a very ancient place, and what looks like "magic" and superstition may actually be a very powerful and subtle means of shaping the world; in all the ways the "Dapurs" consider important. In Ranganar, the island city of the south, the Samsui reformers, builders of machines and factories, pursue their heretic dream of the "Three Springs": liberty, equality and hard work. The Dapurs of the traditional, feudal Peninsula, whose first rule is to preserve lives, have forbidden armed rebellion against the foreigners from over the sea, even though these alien Rulers now seem bent on ruling a country full of corpses. But Derveet, outcast heir of the Garuda family, the Peninsula's paramount sovereigns, has raised a new kind of rebellion, calling to her aid secret powers the foreigners can't understand: and the veiled ladies at last, have signalled their support. Why have they changed their minds? It's something to do with Cho, known to the people as the-doll-who-is-a-person: a perfect machine out of the legendary past, who has given herself, body, heart and soul, to the last of the Garudas. . . But should Derveet and her friends be paying more attention to Cho's Cat, the elegant and heartless feloid Divine Endurance? Divine Endurance has never forgiven the humans, those toymakers of long ago, who created her and then abandoned her...

Divine Endurance, the classic Gwyneth Jones novel set in a strange and thrilling South East Asia of the far distant future, and featuring Cho, the "metagenetic gynoid", was published in 1984. Flowerdust, a different adventure set in the same world, with the same characters, was written for a different publisher, ten years later. This new, revised edition in a single volume, exclusive to Kindle, brings the two stories of "The Last Days Of Ranaganar" together, for the first time.

The original 1984 version of Divine Endurance is also available on Kindle.

Gwyneth Jones "one of the finest sf writers of her generation": winner, among other honours, of two World Fantasy Awards, the Tiptree Award, the Philip K. Dick award, the Arthur C Clarke award, the British SF Association's short story award, spent three years living in Singapore and travelling in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, before writing Divine Endurance, and has returned to the region several times.


Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane by (Solaris 06 November 2012 / $9.99) - Product Description: This amazing collection of new fiction has an extrordinary list of contributors, it is the very first commercial collection to feature an original short story from the international no.1 bestseller Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife; features alongside the NYT Bestseller Dan Abnett and more bestselling authors such as Christopher Fowler, Storm Constantine, and many more.

Niffenegger says: "I'm delighted to be involved in this project. My story is called The Wrong Fairie and is about Charles Altamont Doyle. He was a Victorian artist who was institutionalized for alcoholism. He was also the father of Arthur Conan Doyle, and he believed in fairies."

They gather in darkness, sharing ancient and arcane knowledge as they manipulate the very matter of reality itself. Spells and conjuration; legerdemain and prestidigitation these are the mistresses and masters of the esoteric arts. Magic comes alive in their hands. British Fantasy Award nominee, Jonathan Oliver, gathers together sixteen stories of magic, featuring some of today's finest practitioners, including Audrey Niffenegger, Christopher Fowler, Gail Z. Martin, Gemma Files, Thana Niveau, Robert Shearman, Will Hill, Sarah Lotz, Storm Constantine, Dan Abnett, Sophia McDougall, Alison Littlewood and Lou Morgan. (see review)

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