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Apers by Mark Jansen with Barbara Day Zinicola ( 30 April, 2006 / $12.95) - From back of book: FarmTek Industries conducts controversial genetic engineering research. Their mission is to creat a new order of life as a source of manual labor for the agricultural industry. Mirabella is the first successful aper. An unintended consequence is her high level of intelligence. Her world changes when she discovers pruning. Then the young aper ventures alone into the outside world. There she meets 3 young teenagers who help her bring the truth of apers to the world. (Source: )

Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice by Adrianne Ambrose ( 30 April, 2006 / $12.95) - Virgin sacrifices are generally not much fun for the selected virgin, but Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice is great enjoyment for everyone. In this complete send-up of the chicks-in-chain-mail fantasy, our heroine, Jezebelle, works successfully to avoid that fate. Unfortunately her well-built cousin Dizeray waited too long and is now the latest virgin from their village in line to be sacrificed to the local volcano. (see review)


Bad Prince Charlie by John Moore (Ace 25 April, 2006 / $6.99) - Damask is a dry chunk of ground on the far side of some hard-to-travel hills from Noile, a much larger (and more aggressive) kingdom. Nobody really wants the place--not even the people that live there. Now, with the king's death, the question of "now what?" is going around... and the kings' brothers, Packard and Gregory, have a plan.

Thus begins Bad Prince Charlie, the new novel by John Moore. Moore's breezy style and knack for skewering fantasy clichés come through once more, as he pens the exploits of Bad Prince Charlie, the king's bastard son, and the kingdom he doesn't want but may end up with anyway.

(see review)

The Gate by Kevin D. Randle (Ace 25 April, 2006 / $6.99) - From back of book: When humanity first received mysterious signals from an alien presence, space exploration became a top priority -- and the Galaxy Exploration Team was formed. After years of research, the Team was certain that the advent of faster-than-light travel would usher in a new era of space flight. But it was not to be, because the ship's crew couldn't cope with the time dilation side effects.

A hundred years later, the human race, complacent in its societies on Earth and Mars, has almost forgotten the long-ago message -- except for a few scientists,, the remnants of the Team, who have continued to work to realize the vision of travel to the stars. And now they have opened a Gate, a portal into a wormhole that allows travelers to bend and shape space at will, making their voyages nearly instantaneous.

The men and women who are recruited to test the Gate think they are still hunting aliens. But they aren't. There is something far worse headed toward the solar system. And the Gate may be the only hope for humanity -- or it may be a deadly trap...

Ace Hardcover

Red Lightning by John Varley (Ace Hardcover 04 April, 2006 / $24.95) - John Varley's Red Lighting is a sequel to his Red Thunder, but set a generation later. In Red Lightning however, the tone is much darker. An object hits the Earth at near lightspeed, causing a tsunami that swamps much of the U.S. East coast, especially Florida (where our main characters have family). (see review)

Spindrift by Allen Steele (Ace Hardcover 03 April, 2007 / $24.95) - Book Description: June 1, 2288-Europe's first starship, the EASS Galileo, launches on its maiden voyage to investigate an unidentified object, code-named Spindrift, which is traveling outside our solar system. An object that may be alien in origin. The Galileo disappears soon after...

February 1, 2344-The Galileo's shuttle returns to Earth carrying three surviving expedition members, who still appear to be the same age they were when they departed. They report that they have, indeed, made contact with an extraterrestrial race-and become enmeshed in a conflict that brought them face to face with the most apocalyptic force in the galaxy.

It is up to Director General John Shillinglaw to piece together the puzzle created by these events- for the survivors tell their stories from their own conflicting perspectives. And the truth is more difficult to glean than it appears. (see review)

Ace Trade

Treasure Forest by Cat Bordhi (Ace Trade 04 April, 2006 / $14.00) - Even though they're in their teens, Ben and Sara Maclennon look forward to spending summers with their Grandma Daphne at her home on the edge of the forest. Grandma Daphne has taught them about the forest, its flora and fauna, how to meditate and appreciate the riches of the forest. Now Grandma Daphne has died. Lily Maclennon, Daphne's daughter, inherits the house and land, but other treasures are left to Ben and Sara along with a puzzle or fact that they have to learn to solve or live with. Thus begins Treasure Forest a first novel by Cat Bordhi. (see review)

Amulet Books

The Last Universe by William Sleator (Amulet Books 01 April, 2006 / $6.95) - Book Description: In this gothic, sci-fi thriller from a master storyteller, Susan and her wheelchair-bound brother, Gary, discover a mysterious maze in the vast gardens of their isolated home. Planted by a scientist uncle who disappeared long ago, the maze offers seemingly endless routes and choices. The teenagers discover that each turn they take alters their world in some way. Sickly Gary sees a chance to change his fate; Susan sees that they may both be lost forever. Sleator keeps readers guessing right up to the shocking ending.


Mystic Empire: Book Three of the Bronze Canticles (Hickman, Tracy. Bronze Canticles Trilogy) by Tracy & Laura Hickman (Aspect 12 April, 2006 / $25.95) - From book flap: Thrice upon a time, their children would be armed with the power of newfound magic... eighty years have passed since the Mystics founded the glorious nation of Calsandria on the ruins of a fabled lost empire, and now their new order is mired in politics and bloodlines. A woman like Theona Conlan, who lacks magic powers, has no place in Mystic society. But she vows to lead the desperate search for the long-lost Crown Prince--the last descendant of Galen Arvad...

In another realm the faery Dwynwyn, Queen of the Dead, must face an emerging truth: Her world's slave creatures, such as centaurs and satyrs, are mastering the magic once solely available to faeries. And this reality will shatter the fragile peace between the faeries and their vengeful enemies...

In the goblin world, the little scientist Lunid wants to get closer to the god of her dreams. So she builds a device that can let her reach across worlds and snatch him back to her like a prized pet. Her masters, however, have plans for her invention that she could not have foreseen...

But unknown to them all, the gates between realities are about to burst open and allow nightmare armies to pour through--plunging Mystics, faeries, goblins, centaurs, and dragons into unimaginable, devastating conflict. Soon all these entities are caught in a war that can be won only with the undiscovered magic...

One that will unite--or destroy--three worlds.


Dates From Hell by Kim Harrison,
Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, Lori Handeland (Avon 01 April, 2006 / $6.99) - We've all had them. You know. Dates, usually set up by some well meaning person, that you hope you can walk away from when its over and never think of again. Well, in Dates From Hell Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong, and Lori Handeland have written stories that take the theme one step further. Since the stories are novella or novelette length you have time to slip into the story and enjoy the mayhem and madness completely before moving on. (see review)


Bolo! by David Weber (Baen 25 April, 2006 / $7.99) - Book Description: Controlled by their tireless electronic brains which were programmed to admit no possibility of defeat, the gigantic robot tanks known as Bolos were almost indestructible, and nearly unstoppable. Their artificial intelligences were designed to make them selflessly serve and protect humans throughout the galaxy and made each Bolo the epitome of the knight sans peur et sans reproche, and often far more noble than the humans who gave them their orders. Now, David Weber, New York Times best-selling author of the Honor Harrington series, continues the history of the Bolo, in four short novels, one of them published here for the first time. One Bolo is driven over the edge by the very humans it is pledged to protect. Another Bolo must decide whether or not to disobey when it is given an order that constitutes genocide. A third must hunt one of its own kind whose robot brain is damaged and rescue two children which the deranged Bolo thinks it is protecting from a nonexistent enemy. And more, including as a bonus, David Weber's own authoritative technical history of the Bolo, all in a volume that will be irresistible both for David Weber's huge readership and Bolo fans everywhere.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon by John Ringo (Baen 25 April, 2006 / $24.00) - The fourth Ringo novel in the futuristic Council War series that began with There Will Be Dragons and continued in Emerald Seas and Against the Tide, takes his one-handed hero Herzer Herrick into space where he must fight in zero gravity to save the woman he loves and their world. The war between the two factions that caused the Fall, the disintegration of the world they had known, continues. This series blends fantasy abetted and supported by AI and science into a rich world. The role of "Mother," the AI that controls much of the world, remains ambiguous. (see review)

Warp Speed by Travis Taylor (Baen 25 April, 2006 / $7.99) - Book Description: Dr. Neal Anson Clemons, brilliant physicist and martial arts expert, was born at the very moment that men first landed on the moon, and his dream had always been to find a way to travel to the stars. And now he and his team have achieved a breakthrough, both in building a warp drive, and finding a new energy source powerful enough to make the drive more than an interesting theoretical concept. With the help of a beautiful Air Force Major and astronaut, Tabitha Ames, the US Government has funded the project, including assembly in orbit of the first faster-than-light probe. Unfortunately, forces working behind the scenes have much darker dreams, and they do not hesitate to blow up a space shuttle, attempt to kill Neal and Tabitha, and use the stolen warp technology to start what they expect to be a short victorious war with the United States. But Neal has ideas for using warp drive completely unsuspected by America's enemies, and repelling the all-out attack is only the beginning of a titanic struggle to reach the stars.

Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer (Baen 04 April, 2006 / $25.00) - When we last saw Tinker, she had just saved Elfhome from a full scale invasion by the Oni by using the hyperphase interdimensional gate the Oni had forced her to build to destroy the orbital hyperphase gate that allowed for movement between Earth and Elfhome. This had the unintended side effect of trapping Pittsburgh permanently in Elfhome instead of phasing between worlds.

As the sequel, Wolf Who Rules opens with Tinker and her band of elfin bodyguards surveying the hazy quantum instability that used to be Turtle Creek. As it turned out, her plan to destroy the orbital gate only partly succeeded. The gate was knocked out of orbit but not destroyed and apparently crashed to Elfhome just outside of Pittsburgh while still "on", hence the quantum instability. In addition to trying to figure out how to fix the quantum discontinuity she caused, Tinker is coping with adapting to being an elf. Elfin customs and mores are quite different from those of humans and while an elf at Tinker's developmental stage would have had two hundred years or so to learn the appropriate customs and magicks, Tinker has been thrown in the deep end to learn how to swim. Also complicating matters is what Tinker learned while captive on Onihida in the first book in the series, Tinker. The Oni, along with their servants/slaves/spies, the Tengu (creatures originally made by the Oni through combining birds with primitive humans who had wandered to Onihida through interdimensional passageways from Earth) have infiltrated Elfhome to a much larger degree than previously suspected. There is a distinct possibility that a large portion of the human population of Pittsburgh previously though to be Asian-American may, in fact, be Tengu or half-Oni. (see review)

Benbella Books

Children of the Blood (The Sundered series) by Michelle Sagara West (Benbella Books 01 April, 2006 / $14.95) - Book Description: Continuing the struggle she began in Into the Dark Lands, Erin—newly dubbed Sara—is forcefully put to sleep for 300 years while her Lord finishes overtaking his enemies—and Sara's kinsmen. After conquering and slaughtering the last of the Bright Heart lines, he awakens an amnesia-ridden Sara and assigns one of his slaves, a fellow "child of the blood," to comfort her. As Sara's memory slowly returns and her rage intensifies, the Servants of the Dark Heart and the Dark Heart itself become increasingly dangerous to both her and her caretaker.

Oracle by Mike Resnick (Benbella Books 01 April, 2006 / $14.95) - Book Description: Since she was a little girl, all humanity has been frightened by Penelope Bailey's awesome psychic talent and her ability to bend events—and men—to her will. Now a grown woman and living on the planet Hades, Penelope is caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a bounty hunter, a government agent, and an out-for-profit, outlaw cyborg—none of who suspect the true depths of her power.

Berkley Trade

Dead and Loving It by MaryJanice Davidson (Berkley Trade 04 April, 2006 / $14.00) - Book Description: USA Today bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson has enchanted readers everywhere with her delicious blend of wicked humor, sizzling sex and a totally unique vision of vampires and werewolves. Now, in this collection of four sensual novellas, worlds collide when she brings her beloved Wyndham werewolves together with the vampires ruled by Undead Queen Betsy Taylor. In three of her most popular novellas, a Wyndham werewolf finds their perfect-sometimes reluctant!-mate, whether mortal or immortal. The collection culminates with the highly anticipated original story of feral vampire George the Fiend, as he meets the only female who can tame the beast within-a lovely werewolf. Filled with equal parts of spicy heat and laugh-out-loud moments, this collection will drive you wild with blood-pounding delight.

Crocodile Books

Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook for Young Readers And Eaters by Jane Yolen (Crocodile Books 30 April, 2006 / $24.95) - Look closely: the wand held by the witch on the cover of Fairy Tale Feasts is really a pencil. Letters are hovering over her kettle. Open the book and you begin an adventure: discover the wonderful, fanciful ties between stories and recipes! (see review)


Novel Ideas-Science Fiction by Brian M. Thomsen (DAW 04 April, 2006 / $7.50) - Like it's companion volumn Novel Ideas: Fantasy, Novel Ideas: Science Fiction gives us a rare chance to learn about where the ideas for stories and novel come from. Seven science fiction writers give an introduction to their short stories telling where the ideas came from and then you get to read the short story that later became a novel. The contents includes: "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card later expanded to the novel Ender's Game; "Fire Watch" by Connie Willis which inspired The Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, and All Clear; "Air Raid" by John Varley later expanded to the novel Millennium; "Lady in the Tower" by Anne McCaffrey later expanded into the novel The Rowan; "The Postman" by David Brin which became the novel The Postman; "Blood Music" by Greg Bear which was later expanded into the novel Blood Music; and "Beggars in Spain" by Nancy Kress expanded into the novel Beggars in Spain."

DAW Hardcover

Karavans #1 (Sword) by Jennifer Roberson (DAW Hardcover 04 April, 2006 / $25.95) - With the creation of the world of Karavans, Jennifer Roberson of The Sword-Dancer Saga and the Chronicles of the Cheysuli returns to the fantasy genre. (see review)

DAW Trade

The Novels of Tiger and Del, Volume III (Sword (DAW Fantasy)) by Jennifer Roberson (DAW Trade 04 April, 2006 / $16.00) - From back of book: The South had always been Tiger's home. Left as an infant to die in the desert, his real origins were unknown. When he won his freedom from the tribe who enslaved him by slaying a deadly sandtiger, he joined the elite brotherhood of Southron sword-dancers, swearing a lifelong oath to abide by their code of honor. With Del, one of the most deadly sword-singers in the North, Tiger had forged an unlikely partnership of equals, sharing adventures, danger, and eventually love. But when Tiger forfeited an important dance to rescue Del, he broke his sworn code of honor--and his sentence was death.

Fugitives from both the North and the South, Tiger and Del flee to the distant island of Skandi. Tiger has been told he resembles the people there, and now he seeks his true heritage. But Skandi provides no safe haven. Abducted by priest-mages, altered in mind and body, Tiger is forced to acknowledge that he possesses his own special brand of magic. A personal magic that carries its own price: Tiger will have only ten or twelve more years to live.

As Tiger and Del struggle to escape, his long-dormant power begins to manifest. He falls victim to visions he cannot dismiss, dreams of a dead woman luring him into the crystal sands of the Punja, the South's deadliest desert. "Find me," she bids him, "and take up the sword." Though he fights it, Tiger can't deny the compulsion in his own blood. He must accept his magic and his fate. Yet can Tiger avoid paying the terrible price that they threaten to extract?

Forge Books

Thunder of Time by James F. David (Forge Books 04 April, 2006 / $27.95) - Book Description: Ten years ago, the prehistoric past collided with the present as time itself underwent a tremendous disruption, transporting huge swaths of the Cretaceous Period into the world of the twentieth century. Entire neighborhoods and cities were replaced by dense primeval jungles and modern humanity suddenly found itself sharing the earth with fierce dinosaurs. In the end, desperate measures were taken to halt the disruptions and the crisis appeared to be over. Until now.

Slowly at first, but with increasing frequency, time begins to unravel once more. What's worse, Nick Paulson, Director of the newly-formed Office of Security Science, discovers that the time displacements are being manipulated by unknown parties, utilizing a mysterious new technology. Indeed, the very integrity of the space-time continuum appears to be at risk.

To preserve both the future and the past, Nick and his allies must uncover the secrets hidden within in a lost temple at the center of a dino-infested jungle–and in an enigmatic structure on the surface of the moon. But they are not alone in their quest. A cult of ruthless fanatics is also intent on controlling the time waves, and they will stop at nothing to reshape history to their own design . . . .

Invisible College Press

Adopted Son by Dominic Peloso (Invisible College Press 30 April, 2006 / $15.95) - Book Description: The invasion has begun.

An invasion not from the stars but from within our wombs. All over the world children are being born…different. Their features are alien, their DNA isn’t human, their loyalties are unknown. As scientists, spies, and regular citizens race to make sense of this new disease they find themselves asking the same question: Is this the first wave of an alien assault on Earth?

Celebrated fiction author and bioterrorism expert Dominic Peloso weaves a complex tale of alien invasion, environmental catastrophe, and societal upheaval, in a world not too removed from our own. Adopted Son perfectly blends hard sci-fi with biting political and social commentary to create a truly modern literary masterpiece that transcends genres.

Lulu Press

The Mars Run by Christopher Gerrib (Lulu Press April, 2006 / $12.94) - Janet Pilgrim, the story's 18 year old protagonist, needs some money for college, so she signs up to join the merchant astronaut corps and earn her tuition on the Mars run. She's smart, too pretty for her own good, and about to discover that the final frontier suffers from the same problems all frontiers have. Shortages of law, order, and women. (see review)

Magic Carpet Books

The Grand Tour : Being a Revelation of Matters of High Confidentiality and Greatest Importance, Including Extracts from the Intimate Diary of a Noblew by Patricia C. Wrede (Magic Carpet Books 01 April, 2006 / $6.95) - Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot told the story via letters exchanged between Cecy and Kate. In The Grad Tour the story is told by entries in Kate's (now Lady Schofield) commonplace book and Cecy's (now Mrs. James Tarleton) deposition to the Joint Representatives of the British Ministry of Magic, the War Office, and the Foreign Office. Cecy and Kate are on their honeymoon with their husbands (Cecy's James and Kate's Thomas), Lady Sylvia, and assorted servants. Of course Lady Sylvia will be staying in Paris where she makes her home. But as soon as they land in France, they are involved in mysterious events: the delivery of a strange bottle of scent, a robbery, a servant who is missing, and the news from the British representative that coronation regalia is being stolen throughout Europe and that two couples on their Grand Tour are just the ones to solve the case. (see review)

McFarland & Company

The Literary Galaxy of Star Trek: An Analysis of References And Themes in the Television Series by James F. Broderick (McFarland & Company 04 April, 2006 / $32.00) - From back of book: How is the android Data like Hamlet? Is the vengeful Khan an echo of Captain Ahab? The links between Star Trek and literature are many. Themes and characters reflect classic literature and characters quote literature in their dialogue. Furthermore, like literature, Star Trek seeks to help humans understand the world and its place in the universe. This book explores all of those connections.

From Captain Kirk's first appearance in the original series, through the four subsequent series and ten movies, this book draws parallels between Star Trek stories and literary classics such as Hamlet, Paradise Lost, Ulysses, Dracula, and the New Testament, and works by the likes of Booker T. Washington, Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespeare. Appendices list the literary works discussed and the episodes and movies mentioned, each giving the chapters where references can be found.

Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.

Dragon's Tongue: Book One of The Demon-Bound by Laura J. Underwood (Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. April 2006 / ) - All he ever wanted was to be a bard, but when his magic manifested itself leading to dangerous incidents, he travels to Dun Gealach, a learning center for magecraft. There he makes friends with the powerful mage Fenelon Greenfyn who takes Alaric Braidwine as his apprentice. Alaric also attracts the attention of the demon Vagner, who is bound to the evil bloodmage Tane Dorain. Vagner hears Alaric talking to Fenelon about the chant of the Dragon's Tongue which he learned from his mentor the powerful bard Ronan Tey. The chant leads to power and Tane wants the power. (see review)

Nyx Books

A Spider on My Tongue by T. M. Wright (Nyx Books 30 April, 2006 / $12.00) - From publicity material: It is said that if ghosts were real, they'd be everywhere--at shopping malls, parking lots, in the parlor, the bathroom, on the sidewalks and boulevards (after all, how many people have lived and died throughout human history?). But maybe, just maybe, they are everywhere--on your lap at this very moment, in the walk-in closet, in the grand oak tree just outside your window, in the shower, the cellar--mumbling, grinning, stumbling about, screaming--but only a chosen few of the living have been blessed with the awful gift of being able to see them, hear them, interact with them, tormented by them.

That's the awful gift that Abner W. Cray opened two decades ago, and it's a gift that, even today, keeps on giving: it possesses him, seduces him, makes his life (if it can be called a life) much, much more than a nightmare because, he knows he's not asleep--he is mortally and eternally awake. And that is the spider on his tongue.

Orb Books

The Science Fiction Century, Volume One by David G. Hartwell (Orb Books 18 April, 2006 / $21.95) - Book Description: "Science fiction is the characteristic literary genre of the century. It is the genre that stands in opposition to literary modernism." –David G. Hartwell, from the Introduction

First published in hardcover in 1997, The Science Fiction Century was an anthology that defined and explained what we mean when we talk about modern SF. Now it returns to print in an affordable two-volume softcover edition. Here in volume 1, literary names such as Rudyard Kipling and Jack London rub shoulders with genre authors whose pedigrees run back to the 1940s and 50s, including figures such as Hal Clement, John Wyndham, Poul Anderson, Harlan Ellison, Bruce Sterling, James Tiptree, Jr., and Connie Willis. Here is modern science fiction in all its breadth, from the anthologist hailed by John Updike as a "loving expert."

Per Aspera Press

Steel Sky by Andrew C. Murphy (Per Aspera Press 26 April, 2006 / $24.95) - Imagine living in a steel shell two kilometers beneath the ground for four hundred years. This is the setting for Andrew C. Murphy's Steel Sky. His novel follows the lives of several citizens as they battle to survive in an increasingly hostile environment in the Hypogeum. One tyrant expunged historical records and various others have ruled the city for generations. Technological knowledge has faded and technicians struggle to keep the highly complex city functioning. Sections have deteriorated and ended flooded by water or with poison air. Outside of living quarters and major buildings, citizens need respirators to filter out toxins. The cockroach exists as the only living creature other than humans in the city. (see review)

Pronghorn Press

Talisman by Jane M.H. Bigelow (Pronghorn Press 30 April, 2006 / $19.95) - Don't meddle in the affairs of the gods, and hopefully, they will steer clear of you. Unfortunately, Layla, a fairly successful gem thief, has just stolen an emerald that turned out to be the eye from the plundered statue of the Goddess of Mirth. This emerald is a Talisman, a ritual object imbued with power, in this case by the Goddess. (see review)


The Crooked Letter: Books of the Cataclysm One by Sean Williams (Pyr 04 April, 2006 / $25.00) - The Crooked Letter is the story of mirror twins Seth and Hadrian Castillo. On a European holiday, they meet Ellis Quick and decide to travel together since splitting costs three ways allowed them more scope. Seth and Hadrian were falling for Ellis and she for them. The feeling of resentment between the twins was building when Ellis noticed someone following them. Seth made a joke of it. Until the night their follower trapped them and killed Seth, unleashing the Cataclysm and bring the first and second realm together so that Yod can claim both worlds as its own. (see review)

The Destiny Mask: Book II of the Structure Series by Martin Sketchley (Pyr 04 April, 2006 / $15.00) - Book Description: After the death of Vourniass Lycern, child-bearer to the Seriattic royal household, her twin sons, fathered by former military intelligence officer Alexander Delgado, have grown up ignorant of their relationship. Michael has been raised on Earth as the son of General William Myson, while Cascari has been brought up within Delgado's terrorist group. Furthermore, due to the circumstances surrounding their birth, no one knows Michael and Cascari are brothers, and both believe they are the rightful heir to the position of Monosiell--head of Seriatt's royal household.

When the existing Monosiell dies suddenly, the long-awaited opportunity presents itself: with Cascari in power Delgado knows he could strike at Myson more effectively, while Myson seeks the strategic value of Seriatt's proximity to the M4 wormhole.

The stakes are heightened as the Seriatts are developing time-travel capacity, using technology extrapolated from the Destiny Mask--the artifact Seriattic oracles use to predict the future. Delgado knows that with time-travel capability Myson would represent an immeasurable threat, one which he must prevent.

While strange occurrences in the vicinity of the wormhole go unnoticed, on Seriatt the oracles predict the coming of a savior; but who this will be, no one can tell.

Red Deer Press

Stealing Magic by Tanya Huff (Red Deer Press 07 April, 1999 / $9.95) - Knowing yourself is a form of confidence, and the two characters in this short story collection are certainly self-assured. That quality makes for an interesting dynamic as they face challenges in the eleven engaging, amusing, and delightful stories that comprise Stealing Magic. (see review)


The Shining City: Book Two of Rhiannon's Ride by Kate Forsyth (Roc 04 April, 2006 / $7.99) - Book Description: Rhiannon, a wild and fierce half-human girl, tamed a winged horse to escape the vicious satyricorn tribe who raised her. In the human world, the handsome apprentice-witch Lewen, has convinced her to stay with him and learn to use her strong magical talents. But before her training can commence, Rhiannon must answer for a past crime in The Shining City.

Imprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower, Rhiannon awaits trial for murder and treason. While her days are spent in anticipation of Lewen's visits, her nights are haunted by the malevolent ghost of a dead queen, hungry to live again. But not many care to listen to the prophetic dreams of a girl who has already been convicted in most people's minds.

Then Lewen begins to cool toward her, and Rhiannon suspects one of the princesses has worked a spell to steal his heart. In a world filled with dark spirits and forbidden magic, conspiracy and intrigue, Rhiannon vows to win back her lover and escape once more, to save the land before it's too late...

Roc Hardcover

Once Upon an Autumn Eve by Dennis L. McKiernan (Roc Hardcover 04 April, 2006 / $23.95) - In the Autumnwood, a realm of Faery ruled by the beautiful Liaze, a strange knight's intrusion launches a fateful quest - one that will challenge Liaze's heart and spirit to their limits.

That is the story of Once Upon an Autumn Eve, the third of bestselling author Dennis McKiernan's quintet of reconstructed fairy tales. Using a well-known (but skillfully concealed) fairy tale as its basis, McKiernan creates all new heroes and heroines, placing them in a fantastical setting and giving them tribulations that would overwhelm the Brothers Grimm. (see review)

Roc Trade

To Serve and Submit by Susan Wright (Roc Trade 04 April, 2006 / $14.00) - To Serve and Submit is an erotic fantasy by Susan Wright. The setting for the book is evocative of the Icelandic world during the time of Eric the Red. Bleak and barren in places, forested and beautiful in others, it's a world of many contrasts.

This is the story of Marja, a beautiful young woman, born in the fens. From birth she was able to communicate with the Spirits of a place called the Otherworld where the olfs live. These spirits guide her throughout the book. She is also able to talk to the water spirits who know much of what goes on in her world. She is happy living her simple life, until her father sells her to Lexander, a procurer of slaves for Vidaris. It's his job to teach these slaves the tricks of their trade. (see review)

Sourcebooks, Inc.

Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide by Lynnette Porter (Sourcebooks, Inc. 24 April, 2006 / $14.95) - Book Description: From the moment the eye opened, we have been captivated by the mysterious world of Lost. Each week the survivors face challenges and questions that are eerie as they are haunting real. For the first time, Unlocking the Mysteries of Lost takes an in-depth look at the island and its castaways, exploring the secrets behind their search for answers and meaning.

Going deep into the heart of Lost, this essential guide for the true fan explores such questions as: What does it mean to be lost? What does it take to be found? Does Mr. Eko or Locke hold the spiritual key to the island? How does one determine faith in the face of fate? Does technology save or doom the Lost generation?

Unlocking the Meaning of Lost also features the most extensive guide yet to the mysteries and secrets, such as: Secrets found in The Stand and other texts; Clues hidden in Lost websites; Extensive glossary of characters and symbols; Complete character sketches and connections; Mysteriously similar names; The most credible theories; How the creators connect with fans online.


The Silver Bough by Lisa Tuttle (Spectra 25 April, 2006 / $22.00) - Set on the western coast of Scotland, the Silver Bough skillfully combines stories of three American women with fictional newspaper/research texts describing a small Scottish town, Appleton. Ashley, a high school graduate, is in town catching up with her lost cousins and discovering the place from which her grandmother fled. Kathleen, recently divorced, is seeking a new start as the town's head librarian. Nell, a widow still mourning the sudden death of her husband, is building a life on her own by renovating a historic house and its enclosed apple orchard.

When they are suddenly cut off from the mainland by a landslide over the only connecting road, the current inhabitants of Appleton must decide how to continue. Connections remain available by sea, and the resumption of a ferry service between the town and Glasgow takes on a more imperative cast. But the cut-off is more than just physical disruption, and the impact on each of the women's lives could lead them to their true futures. (see review)

Star Trek

Last Full Measure (Star Trek: Enterprise) by Michael A. Martin (Star Trek 25 April, 2006 / $7.99) - Book Description: Without warning or provocation, a Xindi weapon appears above Earth and unleashes a blast that kills millions across two continents. It is only the first such weapon: a second is being built, and this time it might very well destroy the entire planet. Desperately trying to save the Earth and her people, Starfleet must, in a heartbeat, change its mission from one of peaceful scientific exploration to one of military service.

There is only one ship fast enough to stop construction of this new weapon: the Starship Enterprise.™ But its crew can't do it alone. Captain Jonathan Archer accepts aboard his ship a contingent of Military Assault Command Operations personnel: battle-hardened soldiers known as MACOs.

Starfleet and the MACOs are two different services now sharing a common goal, but they are divided as to how to reach it. It is a culture clash that echoes across the centuries of military service. The men and women now aboard Enterprise know they must succeed in working together or the price will be paid in the blood of innocents. Failure is not an option.

Thunder's Mouth Press

Monster Island by David Wellington (Thunder's Mouth Press 09 April, 2006 / $13.95) - Book Description: It's one month after a global disaster. The most "developed" nations of the world have fallen to the shambling zombie masses. Only a few pockets of humanity survive -- in places rife with high-powered weaponry, such as Somalia.

In New York City, the dead walk the streets, driven by an insatiable hunger for all things living. One amongst them is different; though he shares their appetites he has retained his human intelligence. Alone among the mindless zombies, Gary Fleck is an eyewitness to the end of the world -- and perhaps the evil genius behind it all.

From the other side of the planet, a small but heavily-armed group of schoolgirls-turned-soldiers has come in search of desperately needed medicine. Dekalb, a former United Nations weapons inspector, leads them as their local guide. Ayaan, a crack shot at the age of sixteen, will stop at nothing to complete her mission. They think they are prepared for anything. On Monster Island they will find that there is something worse even than undeath, as Gary learns the true price of survival.

Shuteye for the Timebroker: Stories by Paul Di Filippo (Thunder's Mouth Press 28 April, 2006 / $14.95) - Book Description: Shuteye for the Timebroker gathers a wide, wild assortment of stories that collectively represent critically acclaimed author Paul Di Filippo's extensive concerns, themes and styles. Pure science fiction in the Galaxy mode can be found in the title piece, while modern-day publishing practices get a raking-over in the satirical "The Secret Sutras of Sally Strumpet" (included in The Year's Best Science Fiction Twenty-Second Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois).

Humorous fantasies such as "Captain Jill" and "Billy Budd" segue into a Dunsanyian tale such as "Walking the Great Road." There's a touch of horror to be found in "Underground," "Eel Pie Stall," and "We're All In This Alone" (the latter co-written with award-winner Michael Bishop). A politically-charged story of a fantastic assassin occurs in "Shadowboxer." Finally, the nearly three dozen vignettes under the title "The Farthest Schorr" form a mini-collection in themselves, as they take flight from the surreal paintings of Todd Schorr.

Tor Books

Cadmian's Choice : The Fifth Book of the Corean Chronicles by L.E. Modesitt (Tor Books 04 April, 2006 / $27.95) - Book Description: L.E. Modesitt, Jr., master of science fantasy, returns to the world of Corus to continue the epic trilogy begun in Alector's Choice. It is the story of the fall of a great civilization and the tale of the Alector, Colonel Dainyl, and Captain Mykel, the Corian human with special abilities. The world Corus has been redesigned to become the new home of a superior race from a distant world whose very life depends on drawing sustenance from the biological life force of a planet. Meanwhile, their plans are supervised by a staff of Alectors, who in effect rule the world. The Alectors alone have access to the huge flying Pteridons they have bred, and the superior weapons that underpin their psychic talents.

The time is now fast approaching for the transfer of the whole population from the old world nearly bled dry of life force to Corus. But neither the Alectors (who will be reduced in status when the real powers arrive) nor the local humans (who seem destined to become no more than cattle, though they know nothing of this) are ready. And the mysterious Ancient Ones, the true natives of Corus and assumed to have died out in eons past, still survive, and they have their own powers. The situation builds toward an explosive climax.

In the Eye of Heaven by David Keck (Tor Books 04 April, 2006 / $25.95) - Book Description: From a strong new voice in epic fantasy comes the fiercely original tale of Durand, a good squire trying to become a good knight in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Set to inherit the lordship of a small village in his father's barony because the knight of that village has been bereaved of his own son, Durand must leave when the son unexpectedly turns up alive. First he falls in with a band of knights working for a duke's vicious son and ends up participating in the murder of the duke's adulterous wife. Fleeing, he comes into the service of another duke's disgraced second son, Lamoric, who is carrying out a complex subterfuge to try to restore his honor in the eyes of his father, family, and king.

But greater conspiracies are afoot—dark plots that could break the oaths which bind the kingdom and the duchies together and keep the Banished at bay. It may fall to Durand to save the world of Man...

Authentic and spellbinding, In the Eye of Heaven weaves together the gritty authenticity of a Glen Cook with the high-medieval flair epitomized by Gene Wolfe's The Knight, to begin an epic multi-volume tale that will take the fantasy world by storm.

Warsworn by Elizabeth Vaughan (Tor Books 04 April, 2006 / $6.99) - Book Description: Lara is the Warprize. A powerful healer, she has sworn an oath of loyalty to Keir the Warlord, and his people. Now the Warlord and his chosen mate face enemies within the tribe and danger lurks on every hand as they journey toward Keir's homeland.

When they reach a village marked with the warnings of the plague, Keir forbids Lara to heal the sick, commanding that she not risk her own life. But both Lara and Kier are strong of will and neither will bend easily, even for love; and when Lara disobeys, she pays the price: both she and Kier are plague-struck... and so is their entire encampment.

In the midst of the dying, Iften, a rival warrior, gathers his followers and challenges Keir for the right to rule their tribe. If Keir, weakened by the sickness, loses -- he dies. And so does Lara.

To save her love, her life, and her adopted people, Lara must find a cure for the plague -- and fully embrace her sworn role as Warprize to her Warlord.

Wolf Hunting (Wolf) by Jane Lindskold (Tor Books 04 April, 2006 / $27.95) - Book Description: In Through Wolf's Eyes, Jane Lindskold introduced Firekeeper, the young girl raised by intelligent, language-using wolves. Abducted back into human society, Firekeeper found that, in the world of deadly human political intrigues, her training as a pack animal served her well.

Later, in Wolf Captured, Firekeeper and her lupine companion Blind Seer found themselves kidnapped and dragged overseas, to the unfamiliar land of Liglimon, where humans have a different relationship to intelligent animals. Now, still in Liglimon, Firekeeper and Blind Seer respond to a request for assistance from Truth, the soothsayer-jaguar.

Then, while helping Truth, Firekeeper and her companion come across evidence of elaborate investigations into kinds of ancient magics taboo in Liglimoshti culture. It appears more people in Liglimon are willing to flout this taboo than anyone cares to admit, and Firekeeper and Blind Seer decide their duty is to find out more.

But Truth knows more than she's telling. She can see and trace future timelines for particular individuals, which in the past has led her into madness. Since then, the Voice that guided her out of that madness has continued to speak to her, and it's not her friend. Eventually Truth realizes that her Voice may well be a person the Liglimoshti call "The Meddler" -- a dangerous trickster figure. But Truth doesn’t own up to this until far too late…

Compellingly told, rich with real people and real animals, Wolf Hunting is the latest and strongest in an increasingly and rewarding sequence of fantasy epics.

Wesleyan University Press

The Centenarian: Or, The Two Beringhelds (Early Classics of Science Fiction) by Honore Balzac (Wesleyan University Press 10 April, 2006 / $29.95) - Book Description: Written for serial publication in 1822 under the pseudonym Horace de Saint-Aubin, this Faustian tale by Balzac has never before been available in English. More than a long-lost curiosity by an important writer, The Centenarian is also a seminal work of early science fiction, crucial to understanding both the development of the genre and the craft of this great author. Beringheld, a 400-year-old "mad scientist," discovered the fluid necessary to human life, but he must extract the vital fluid of others to enlarge his own powers. Balzac intertwines the mythic and the modern in ways that would prove enormously influential to science fiction. Like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, this novel bridges the gap that separates alchemy and magic from the practice and problems of science. It is also crucial to an understanding of Balzac's oeuvre, as it anticipates significant themes of power, knowledge, and secrecy. This Wesleyan edition features notes, appendices, and a critical introduction.

Wilder Publications

Jigsaw Nation: Science Fiction Stories of Secession by Edward J. McFadden III and E. Sedia (Editors) (Wilder Publications April, 2006 / $29.95) - From book flap: The US is divided, blue states against red states. In the wake of the 2004 Presidential election the citizens of America take matters into their own hands, and secession becomes reality. In this volume of fiction, you will find tales that address the question: what if the blue states left the republic? What if the greatest country in the world split-up? What would this mean for the rest of the world? How would the parts of the former USA fair in a new world where they're no longer the single superpower? What would this startling future hold?

Yard Dog Press

Through Wyoming Eyes by Ken Rand (Yard Dog Press April 2006 / ) - Ken Rand once again rides the plains and mountains of his beloved Wyoming, pen in hand, imagination bursting out of the corral and galloping wild and free in the wind. (see review)

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