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Analog - April 2007 by Stan Schmidt (Ed.) (Dell Magazines February 2007 / ) - The April 2007 issue of Analog is a pretty good. All the stories are written well and get a Very Good from me in terms of quality. I just have deep reservations about one of them.

Table of Contents
Serial: Queen of Candesce, part II of IV by Karl Schroeder
Novella: Trial By Fire by Shane Tourtellotte
Novelette: Things That Aren't by Michael A Burstein & Robert Greenberger
Short Stories: Don't Kill the Messenger by Kim Zimring * As You Know, Bob by John G. Hemry * Crackers by Jerry Oltion
Science Fact: The Ice Age That Wasn't by Richard A. Lovett
Departments: Reader's Departments * The Editor's Page * In Times to Come * The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra * The Reference Library by Tom Easton * Brass Tacks * Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis (see review)

Apex - #8 by (Apex Publications LLC February 2007 / ) - In the past, of been fairly critical of Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest but the Winter 2006 issue was a Very Good one with all the stories getting that rating from me.

Table of Contents:
Fiction: Madness Blows the Winds of History by Tom Piccirilli * Blood Baby by Jennifer Pelland * A Place of Snow Angels by Matt Wallace * Genesis Six by Shane Jiraiya Cummings * The Death Singer by John Rosenman * Mommy, Daddy, and Mollie by William F. Nolan * Last Chance Morning by Timothy Waldron Semple * Babble by MM Buckner * Temporal Spiders, Spatial Webs by Lavie Tidhar * Incarnations of Immortality: Temple Part IV (Conclusion) by Steven Savile * Worlds by Aaron Gudmunson
Non-Fiction: Strange and Fearful Imaginations: Rediscovering the Terror of Baron de la Motte Fouque by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis * Blood Oath, Take One by Alethea Kontis * An Interview with Tom Piccirilli * An Interview with Kelly Link (see review)

GUD Magazine #0 by GUD Publishing Crew (GUD Publishing Spring 2007 / $10.00) - The people that publish GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) have sent me their first issue, 192 pages which contains "literary and genre fiction, poetry, essays and art and features authors and artists from around the world". This is an attractive magazine and I will review the fiction contained therein.

Table of Contents
Article: Invitation to Kaohsiung by Allen McGill * Poetry Code by Robert Peake
Novelette: Songs of the Dead by Sarah Singleton and Chris Butler
Short Story: Sundown by Debbie Moorhouse * Painsharing by John Walters * A Yellow Sun with a Purple Crayon by Michelle Garren Pye * One in Ten Thousand by Athena Workman * 4 Short Parables Revolving Around the Theme of Travel by A.B. Goelman * The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign by Shweta Naryan * The Infinite Monkeys Protocol by Lavie Tidhar * Moments of Brilliance by Jason Stoddard * Cutting a Figure by Charlie Anders * The Eternal's Last Request by Joshua Babcock * Where Water Fails by Rusty Barnes * Longs to Run by David Bulley * Sown Seeds by Errid Farland * Chicken by John Mantooth * She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope by F. John Sharp * The Tale That Launched a Thousand Ships by Janrae Frank
Art: Kmantis Hunch5 by Konrad Kruzewski * Cosmonaut's Last Day by Jamie Dee Galey * Changing Destiny by Fefa * Bird and Ghost by Sarah Coyne * Media Hype by Jamie Dee Galey * Belly Busters by Bruce Boston and Larry Dickison * The Kiss by Konrad Kruszewski * Having Fun at the Party by Fran Giordano * Jack Rabbit by Jamie Dee Galey
Poems: A Problem With the Law by Neil Davies * Trying to Make Coffee by William Doreski * Fade In Fade Out by Beverly A. Jackson * Night Watch by Allen McGill * As a Child by Kristana Ong Muslim * No Motor Home by Kenneth Ryan * Past Due: Final Notice by Kenneth Ryan * Fortune by Kenneth Ryan * Dialogue with the Hollows of Your Body by Benjamin Buchholz * Ah Those Letters in the Attic or Modern Lit by Lida Broadhurst * Pepe in Critical Condition by Tomi Shaw * The first day of the last day my face fell off by Rohith Sundararaman
Contributor Biographies (see review)

Hub Magazine by Lee Harris (The Right Hand February 2007 / ) - Hub Magazine is a new magazine from the United Kingdom. I liked it a lot and it is a very slick magazine with a few production problems. Many of the pages were uncut and I had to rip them. Worse, one of the stories had a column misprinted, reprinting a previous column and leaving out an important part of the story. Nonetheless, I do recommend this magazine because one of the stories got an Excellent for me. This more than makes up for any faults.

Table of Contents - Christmas 2006:
Fiction: Bubba Pritchett and the Space Aliens by Bud Webster * Old Gods by James Targett * Connected by Alasdair Stuart * A Frailty of Moths by James Cooper * Angel Paper by Ellen Phillips * Holiday by Liam Rands * The Frog Pond by James S. Dorr * Adam's Lawyer by Martin Owton and Gaie Sebold * Santa and Mr. Worm by John B. Rosenman * Wanting to Want by Eugie Foster
Non-Fiction: Interview: Keith Brooke * Writers Who Blog by Christopher Brosnahan * Inside Felix Castor * Vintage * Eragon – a Bluffer's Guide * Brave New World: Invisibility in the Real World by Alasdair Stuart * Reviews * Competition * Radio Days by Neil Gardner * The Funny Pages by James Bacon (see review)

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - April 2007 by Gordon Van Gelder (Ed.) (Spilogale, Inc. February 2007 / ) - The April 2007 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is a special Gene Wolfe issue. It includes articles about Gene Wolfe and a fantastic novella by the man himself. (On sale February 28, 2007)

Table of Contents:
Special Gene Wolfe Section

    How to Read Gene Wolfe by Neil Gaiman
    Memorare by Gene Wolfe
    The Wolf in the Labyrinth by Michael Swanwick
    Gene Wolfe: The Man And His Work by Michael Andrei-Driussi
Novelets: The Equally Strange Reappearance of David Gerrold by David Gerrold
Short Stories A Thing Forbidden by Donald Mead * Titanium Mike Saves the Day by David D. Levine
Poems: Onocentaur by Sophie M. White
Departments: Books to Look For by Charles de Lint * Films: Time Warps, Undying Love and Living Dolls by Lucius Shepard * Coming Attractions * Competition #73 * Curiosities by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre * Cartoons: Joseph Farris, Arthur Masear * Cover by Mondolithic Studios. for "Memorare" (see review)

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