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Asimov's Science Fiction - March 2007 by (Penny Press March 2007 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction - March 2007 - Vol. 31, No. 3 (Whole Number 374) - ISSN 1065-2698
Table of Contents
Novella: Doctor Muffet's Island by Brian Stableford
Novelettes: Breeze From the Stars by Mary Rosenblum * Public Safety by Matthew Johnson
Short Stories: The Lion by Bruce McAllister * The Sanguine by Jim Grimsley * Babel 3000 by Colin P. Davies * Chainsaw on Hand by Deborah Coates
Poetry: Cat Spacesuit by Ruth Berman * Bottles by Greg Beatty * They Arrived by Mark Rich
Departments: Editorial: Alli/Tip and Me by Sheila Williams * Reflections: Jack Williamson by Robert Silverberg * Letters * On the Net: The Living and the Dead by James Patrick Kelly * Science Fiction Sudoku by Sheryl Kolar * On Books by Paul Di Filippo * The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss (see review)

Interzone #208 by (TTA Press March 2007 / ) - I always enjoy Interzone and the February 2007 is well worth reading. It's starts off a bit slow but soon recovers.

Interzone - Issue 208 - February 2007 - ISSN 0264-3596
Table of Contents:
Intermission: Softly Shining in the Forbidden Dark by Jason Stoddard – Illustrator: Kenn Brown * Empty Clouds by G.D. Leeming – Illustrator: Doug Sirois * Where the Water Meets the Sky by Jay Lake * Islington Crocodiles by Paul Meloy – Illustrator: Vincent Chong * The Star Necromancers by Alexander Marsh Freed – Illustrator: Jim Burns * Cover Art Kevin Brown for Softly Shining
Interface: Editorial – Sensawunda! * Ansible Link – David Langford's SF News & Gossip
Interviews: The World Happens Twice: Elizabeth Hand – Interviewer: Rosanne Rabinowitz * Neil Gaiman - Interviewer: Sandy Auden * Susanna Clarke – Interviewer: Albert Grinney
Interlocutions: Mutant Popcorn - Nick Lowe's Regular Review of SF Films * Bookzone - More of the Latest SF&F Books Reviewed (see review)

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - May 2007 by (Spilogale Inc March 2007 / ) - The May 2007 issue of Fantasy and Science Fiction is another good one with one story getting an Exceptional from me and all the rest a Very Good.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - May 2007 58th Year of Publication
Table of Contents
Novellas: The Master Miller's Tale by Ian R. MacLeod
Novelets: Kaleidoscope by K.D. Wentworth * Telefunken Remix by A.A. Attanasio
Short Stories: The Tamarisk Hunter by Paolo Bacigalupi * The Great White Bed by Don Webb
Departments: Books to Look For by Charles de Lint * Books by James Sallis * Plumage From Pegasus: Grow Old Along With Me by Paul Di Filippo * Films: Waiting on a Ship Called Tomorrow by Kathi Maio * Science: Think Small by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty * Coming Attractions * Curiosities by David Langford * Cartoons: Arthur Masear (77), Bill Long (107) * Cover by Mark Evans for The Master Miller's Tale (see review)

Talebones #34 by ( March 2007 / ) - Talebones is a long-running magazine for the small press and very attractively produced. The Winter 2006 issue is a nice mixture of science fiction & dark fantasy and all the stories got a Very Good from me.

Talebones - Issue #34 - Winter 2006 - ISSN 1084-7197
Table of Contents:
Fiction: His Master's Voice by Mark Rigney * Crows by Carrie Vaughan * Gepetto Kiln by Alan DeNiro * But Who Shall Lead the Dance? By Marie Brennan * Memories of Moments, Bright As Falling Stars by Cat Rambo * Eaglebane by Ryan Myers * Fermi Packet by Jason Stoddard * And Her Hand, The Stars by E. Catherine Tobler
Poetry & Verse: Dancers of the Rue Morgue by Cardinal Cox * The Cowardly Lion's Slipper Wish by Ken Scholes * The Woodcarver Confesses by Constance Cooper
Departments: Bare Bones – Editorial * Tell Tales – Letters to Talebones * Tattle Tales – Contributor Bios * Orion's Oracle – Next Issue

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5203 Quincy Ave SE, Auburn, WA 98092. (see review)

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