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Sybil's Garage #4, March 2007 by Matthew Kressel (Five Senses Press 26 April 2007 / ) - Sybil's Garage #4, March 2007 – ISSN 1557-9735
Senses Five Press, 307 Madison St, No 3L, Hoboken, NJ 07030-1937
Price: $5.00
Editor: Matthew Kressel – Cover: Kris Dikeman

Table of Contents:
Fiction: Seas of the World by Ekaterina Sedia * After the War by Leah Bobet * Translucence by Rowena Southard * Jetsam by Livia Llewellyn * Pairings by John Bowker * An Appetite for Love by Cat Rambo * On Death and the Deuce by Richard Bowes * Means of Communication by Barbara Krasnoff * Strangeness by Steve Rasnic Tem
Poetry: The Answer Compounded by J.C. Runolfson * Frayed Worlds by David C. Kopaska-Markel & Wendy Rathbone * Dear Melody by Rachel Swirsky * Flesh Into Sand by JoSelle Vanderhooft * One of the Reasons by Kristine Ong Muslim * Farewell by Jamie Lee Moyer * Arrive on Tome by Bruce Boston * If the Shoe Fits by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
Interviews: Interview with Stephen Segal by Devin Poore * Interview with Jeffrey Ford by Matthew Kressel

(see review)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact – June 2007 by Stanley Schmidt (ed) (Dell Magazines 23 April 2007 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – June 2007 – Vol. CXXVII No. 6 – ISSN 1059-2113

Table of Contents:
Serial: Queen of Candesce, conclusion, by Karl Schroeder
Novella: The Sands of Titan by Richard A. Lovett
Novelette: On the Bubble by Rajnar Vajra
Short Stories: Father Hagerman's Dog by Scott William Carter * A Zoo in the Jungle by Carl Frederick
Science Fact: Cryovolcanoes, Swiss Cheese, and the Walnut Moon by Richard A Lovett * Probability Zero * Vectoring by Geoffrey A. Landis
Reader's Departments: The Editor's Page * In Times to Come * The Alternate View by Jeffery D. Kooistra * The Reference Library by Tom Easton Brass Tacks * Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis (see review)

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest – Volume 1: Issue 9 by Jason Sizemore (Ed.) (Apex 25 April 2007 / ) - Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest – Volume 1: Issue 9

Table of Contents:
Fiction: The Sum of His Parts by Kevin J. Anderson * The End of Crazy by Katherine Sparrow * The Gunslinger of Chelem by Lavie Tidhar * Locked In by Mary Robinette Kowal * Projector by Daniel LeMoal * At the 24-Hour by William F. Nolan * Pyramus and Thisbe by Jeremy Adam Smith * Sufficiently Advanced by Bev Vincent * Don't Show Your Teeth by Rob. D. Smith * Cain XPII: The Voice of Thy Brother's Blood (Part 1) by Geoffrey Girard * Poppet's Left Impression (poem) by Brandy Schwan * Sonorous by Paul Abbamondi
Nonfiction: Interview with Kevin Anderson * Interview with Liz Williams * Unspeakable Horrors by Deb Tabor * Kill Me Then by Alethea Kontis (see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction – June 2007 by Sheila Williams (ed) (Dell Magazines 23 April 2007 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction – June 2007 – Vol. 31No. 6 (Whole Number 377) – ISSN 1065-2698

Table of Contents:
Novella: Alien Archaeology by Neal Asher
Novelette: News from the Front by Harry Turtledove
Short Stories: Three Days of Rain by Holly Phillips * Studies in the Field by R. Neube * Don't Stop by James Patrick Kelly * Tideline by Elizabeth Bear * Scrawl Daddy by Jack Skillingstead * Marrying In by Carrie Vaughn
Poetry: Rainstorm by Debbie Ouellet * Heat by Sandra J. Lindow * What We're Looking For by Greg Beatty
Departments: Editorial: Heroes Unsung by Sheila Williams * Reflections: Resurrecting the Quagga by Robert Silverberg * On the Net: RAH by James Patrick Kelly * On Books by Peter Heck * The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss (see review)

Blood, Blade & Thruster – Vol. 1, Number 2 – Winter 2006/2007 by Earl B. Morris (Ed.) (Blood, Blade, & Thruster 25 April 2007 / ) - Blood, Blade & Thruster – Vol. 1, Number 2 – Winter 2006/2007

Table of Contents
Fiction Strange Frost (poem) by Pete Tzinski * Space Cowboy (poem) by Shelly Ontis * War of Cosmic Insignificance by David M. Fitzpatrick * The Reluctant Zombie by Walt Trizna * Azieran: Kaibur The Rotund by Christopher Heath * From a Vampire Film Review by Kris Ashton * Sexo by J.R. Cain
Not-Fiction: Pier Anthony: Does More Than Xanth, Y'Know by Pete Tzinski * Needles, Flashback & Confessions of an Unrepentant Fanboy by James Palmer * The Blue Gumball D20 RPG by Alasdair Stuart * Earl B Morris Talks to Darth Vader (painter) by Earl B. Morris * Tekumel: Lords of Tsamra review by Peter Huston * The Knights of the Not-So-Accurate by Lucien Spelman & Pete Tzinski (see review)

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction by Gordon Van Gelder (Ed.) (Fantasy & Science Fiction 24 April 2007 / ) - Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – July 2007 – Volume 112, No. 7 (Whole Number 663)

Table of Contents
Novella: Stars Seen Through Stone by Lucius Shepard
Novelets: Daughter of Prime by Lawrence C. Connolly * Car 17 by P.E. Cunningham
Short Stories: Cold Comfort by Ray Vukevich * PowerSuit™ by M.K. Hobson
Departments: Books to Look For by Charles de Lint * Books by Elizabeth Hand * Films: Perfume: Supercalifragilisticexpialimonstrous by Lucius Shepard * Coming Attractions * Curiosities by Graham Andrews
Cartoons: Arthur Masear, Bill Long
Cover Illustration by Kent Bash for "Stars Seen Through Stone" (see review)

Shimmer, Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2007 by Beth Wodzinski (Ed.) (Shimmer 25 April 2007 / ) - Shimmer, Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter 2007
PO Box 58591, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0591
Single issue: $5 or $20/4

Table of Contents
Juana and the Dancing Bear by n.a. bourke
Duets by Philip J. Lees
Tom Cofferwillow Comes Undone by Stephen L. Moss
Lucy (cartoon) by Chrissy Ellsworth
Catch of the Day by Michael Livingston
Interview with Cherie Priest
Eagle-haunted Lake Sammamish by Cat Rambo
Night Milling by Mike Driver
Dwell on Her Graciousness by Dario Ciriello
Sparrow and Egg by Amal El-Mohtar Contributors Artists and Illustrations Shimmery Staff (see review)

Space and Time #100 by Hildy Silverman (Ed.) (Space and Time 24 April 2007 / ) - Space and Time - #100 – Spring 2007 – ISSN 0271-2512 Published twice a year by Space and Time, 1308 Centennial Avenue. Ste. 101, Piscataway. NJ 08854. Single Issue $5.00 +$1.20 shipping – Subsciptions 2$10, 4/$20 (Outside US 2/$12, 4/$24. Please use U.P.P.S Money Order or check payable against any U.S. Bank. In U.K., order from BBR Distributing, PO Box 625, Sheffield S1 3GY, United Kingdom.

Table of Contents:
The Eleventh Hoiur Syndrome by Mary San Giovanni
The Last Astronaut (poem) by Kendall Evans and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
The Thousandth Dream by John Urbancik
Renowned by James Fowler
Call of the Drum by Marilyn Mattie Brahen
Nonexistence World (poem) by John Grey
Written in the Braided Sky (poem) by Stuart M. Arotsky
Toilet Paper Wars by Robert Olmstead
Notes Found in the Desert (poem) by Saint James Harris Wood
Comic-Con 2007 (article) by Randy Heller
A Calculated Kindness by Douglas Empringham
Graveyards and Universities (poem) by Michael Bacchia
Stains by Jennifer Crow
Middleman (poem) by Monte Davis
The Way to a Man's Heart by P.D.Cacek
Ghost Month (poem) by Christina Sng
The Hat by Natalia Lincoln
Circles (poem) by L.L. Soares
Brutal Rituals by Katherine Woodbury
Machine Gun/Latte (poem) by Amy Grech
Whole Lotta Love by K. Loughrey Hasell
This Poet Lies (poem) by The Mad Poet
182's Offspring by Jonathan William Hodges
(haiku) by Joel Jacobs
Sweet Fields by Lee Thomas
The Man Within (poem) by David Luisi
Who Said Why is Dying (poem) by Helene Pilibosian
The Mogul by A.R. Morlan
Ghostly Silence (poem) by John R. Platt
The Lemonade Boy by Spencer Allen
Sick (poem) by Andy Miller
Eternal Dream (poem) by Christopher P. Obert
A Portrait for a Blind Man by Mary Sass
kisses like eons of sting honeybees (poem) by R. Kees
Paper Tiger by Marija Nielsen
Ministry of Stamina (poem) by Anthony Beal
Hungry for the Flesh by Lisa Manetti
Harry Never Smiles (poem) by Adam Pepper
The Ineffable by Jeffrey Ford
Untitled XX (poem) by Scott Watson
Going Away by John Rosenman
Mortacheck by Pete D. Manison
You Only Live Twice by Bruce Engelfield (see review)

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