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Analog Science Fiction and Fact – July/August 2007 by Stanley Schmidt (Ed.) (Dell / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact - July/August 2007 – Vol. CXXVII No. 7 & 8

Table of Contents:

  • Loki's Realm by C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley
  • Bringing It All Back Home by Bud Webster
  • Quaestiones Super Caelo Et Mundo by Michael F. Flynn
  • A Time for Lawsuits by Amy Bechtel
  • The Caves of Ceres by Joe Schembrie
    Short Stories:
  • The Last of the Weathermen by Richard A. Lovett
  • Jimmy the Box by Scott Virtes
  • Political Science by C.W. Johnson
  • Do No Harm
    Science Fact:
  • De Revolutione Scientarium in 'Media Tempestas' by Michael F. Flynn
    Probability Zero:
  • The Test by Kyle Kirkland
    Reader's Departments:
  • The Editor's Page
  • Biolog: Joe Schembrie by Richard A. Lovett
  • The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
  • The Reference Library by Tom Easton
  • Analytical Laboratory Results
  • Brass Tacks
  • In Times to Come
  • Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

    (see review)

    Asimov's Science Fiction – July 2007 by Sheila Williams (Ed.) (Dell 24 May 2007 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction – July 2007 – Vol. 31 No. 7 (Whole Number 378)

    Table of Contents:

  • Fountain of Age by Nancy Kress
  • The Trial by Brian Stableford
  • The Sky Is Large and the Earth Is Small by Chris Roberson
    Short Stories:
  • Bullet Dance by John Schoffstall
  • Roxie by Robert Reed
  • Congratulations From the Future! By Michael Swanwick
  • Baseline by Greg Beatty
  • As Much As Most by W. Gregory Stewart
  • My Window on the Worlds by G.O. Clark
  • Editorial: First Impressions by Sheila Williams
  • Reflections: Limbo on the Moon by Robert Silverberg
  • On Books by Paul Di Filippo
  • The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

    (see review)

    Interzone – Issue 210 – June 2007 by Andy Cox (TTA Press 24 May 2007 / ) - Interzone – Issue 210 – June 2007 – TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB62LB, UK.

    Intermission (stories):

  • The Final Voyage of La Riaza by Jayme Lynn Blaschke
  • Heartstrung by Rachel Swirsky
  • Tearing Down Tuesday by Steven Francis Murphy
  • Dr. Abernathy's Dream Theater by David Ira Cleary
  • Preachers by Tim Lees
  • Toke by Tim Akers
  • Cover and all illustrations by Douglas A. Sirois
  • Geoff Ryman Editorial – Interzone Goes Mundane!
  • Ansible Link – David Langford's SF News and Gossip
  • 25 IZ – 25 Years of Interzone
  • 25 Film – Nick Lowe's Tope Ten Films of the last 25 years
    Harlan Ellison:
  • Abiding with Sturgeon: Mistral in the Bijou – Harlan Ellison on Theodore Sturgeon
  • This is the Modern World: Steph Swainston – Interviewer: Dave Martin
  • Featured Artist: Douglas Sirois
  • Time's Tapestry: Stephen Baxter – Interviewer: John Howard
  • Podzone – Paul S. Jenkins on Podcasts
  • Mutant Popcorn – Nick Lowe's Regular Review of SF Films
  • Scores – John Clute's Books Column
  • Bookzone – More of the Latest SF&F Books Reviewed

    (see review)

    Lady Churchill's Robot* Wristlet by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link (Ed.) (Small Beer Press 11 June 2007 / $5.00) - masthead - Made in the Spring of 2007 by:
    Gavin J. Grant · Kelly Link
    Jedediah Berry · Michael Deluca · Heidi Smith · Lauren Smith · Caitlin Beck


      Marly Youmans — Prolegomenon to the Adventures of Chílde Phoenix
      Anil Menon — Invisible Hand
      Edward McEneely — Consider the Snorklepine
      Steven Bratman — Under the Skin
      Michael Hartford — The Oologist's Cabinet
      M. Brock Moorer — The Third Kind of Darkness
      Laura Evans — Workshop
      Amelia Beamer — Krishnaware
      Meghan McCarron — I'll Give In
      Jon Hansen — In the Lobby of the Mission Palms
      Karen Joy Fowler — The Last Worders
      Neile Graham — The Tattoos I Don't Have
      Neile Graham — Westness Walk
      Rose Black — The Secretary
      David Blair — Five Poems
      Gwenda Bond — Dear Aunt Gwenda
      William Smith — Eleven Things
    cover art: Nathaniel Meyer

    Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – August 2007 by Gordon Van Gelder (Ed.) (Spilogale, Inc. 24 May 2007 / ) - Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction – August 2007 – Volume 112, No. 8 (Whole Number 664)

    Table of Contents:

  • Murder in the Flying Vatican by Albert E. Cowdrey
  • At These Prices by Esther M. Friesner
  • A Wizard of the Old School by Chris Willrich
  • The Mole Cure by Nancy Farmer
  • The Tomb Wife b Gwyneth Jones
  • Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
  • Musing on Books by Michelle West
  • Films: And the Hollywood Raths Outgrabe by Kathi Maio
  • Coming Attractions
  • Curiosities by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
  • CARTOONS: Arthur Masear (30), M. Nadler (96), Tom Cheney (113).

    This issue has an on-sale date of June 30, 2007. (see review)

    Weird Tales – April/May 2007 by Stephen H. Segal (Ed.) (Wildside Press 24 May 2007 / ) - Weird Tales – April/May 2007 – Issue No. 344 – Vol. 62, No. 2.

    Table of Contents:

  • Mary Smith by Paul E. Martens
  • Faraji by Will Ludwigsen
  • The Man Who Carved Skulls by Richard Parks
  • Six Scents by Lisa Mantchev
  • Working Out Our Salvation by Trent Hergenrader
  • Directions to Mourning's Deep by Scott William Carter
  • Wake 2041 by Douglas Kolacki
  • The Release by Kurt Newton
  • Spider Comes Home by Gerard Houarner
  • Weirdism: A Damned Life by Caitlin R Kiernan
  • Interview: George R.R. Martin by Darrell Schweitzer
    Columns & Departments:
  • The Eyrie
  • Letters, Etc
  • The Library
  • The Cryptic – commentary by Darrell Schweitzer
  • Old Weird, New Weird
  • Cover - Anita Zofia Siuda
  • Interior – Julia Koller, Alex McVey, Star St. Germain, Aaron Rutten, Cemil Adakale, Tom Schmucker (see review)

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