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Analog Science Fiction and Fact – January/February 2008 by Stanley Schmidt (Analog 25 November 2007 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – Vol. CXXVIII No. 1 & 2- January/February 2008
Editor – Stanley Schmidt

Table of Contents:
Serial: Marsbound, part I of III by Joe Haldeman

    Tangible Light by J. Timothy Bagwell
    The Man in the Mirror by Geoffrey A. Landis
    The Natural World by Don D'Ammassa
    Conversations with My Knees by Ron Goulart
    The Purloined Labradoodle by Barry B. Longyear
Short Stories:
    The Engulfed Cathedral by Carl Frederick
    How the Bald Apes Saved the Mass Crossing by Wil McCarthy
    A New Generation by Jerry Oltion
    Low Life by Mia Molvray
    A Deadly Intents by Richard A Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross
Science Fact: The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor Revisited by Tom Ligon
Probability Zero: Worlds Enough, and Time by Harry Turtledove
Reader's Departments:
    The Editor's Page
    Biolog: Mia Molvray by Richard A. Lovett
    The Alternate View by Jeffrey D. Kooistra
    The Reference Library by Tom Easton
    Brass Tacks
    The 2006 Index and Analytical Laboratory Ballott
    In Times to Come
    Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest – Volume 1, Issue 11 by Jason Sizemore (Apex 25 November 2007 / ) - Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest – Volume 1, Issue 11
Editor – Jason Sizemore
PO Box 2223 Lexington, KY 40588-2223
US-$20 for 1 year (4 issues), $6 for single issue
International - $34 for 1 year, $11 single issue

Table of Contents:

    Blackboard Sky by Gary A. Braunbeck
    Spinnetje by Stefani Nellen
    Ray Gun by Daniel G. Keohane
    Uncanny by Samuel Tinianow
    The Moldy Dead by Sara King
    Cain Ap11 (Part 3): Sorry About All the Blood by Geoffrey Girard
    What to Expect When Expectorating by Jennifer Pelland
    Interview with Gary A. Braunbeck
    Curses of Nature by Althea Kontis
    Interview with Bryan Smith
(see review)

Black Static #1 – September 2007 by Andy Cox (TTA Press 25 November 2007 / ) - Black Static #1 – September 2007
Editor – Andy Cox

Table of Contents:

    White Noise by Andy Cox (editorial)
    Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk (article)
    Bury the Carnival by Simon Avery
    Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll (article)
    Pale Saints and Dark Madonnas by Jamie Barras
    Interference by Christopher Fowler (article)
    Acton Undream by Daniel Bennett
    Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVD Reviews)
    Votary by M.K. Hobson
    Japan's Dark Lanterns by John Paul Catton (article)
    My Stone Desire by Joel Lane
    Case Notes by Peter Tennant (book reviews & interview)
    Lady of the Crows by Tim Casson
Publisher – TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK

(see review)

Jupiter XVIII: Themisto – October 2007 by Ian Redman (Jupiter 26 November 2007 / ) - Jupiter XVIII: Themisto – October 2007
Edited by Ian Redman
Jupiter, 19 Bedford Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 SUG, UK
Subscriptions: 10 Pounds for 4 issues, 2.75 for individual issues

Table of Contents:

    The Halo Effect by Corey Kellgren
    Racer's Gambit by Christopher Lockhart
    Run Off by R.R. Angell
    (Patho)logical Necessity by Guy T. Martland
    The Blue Man's Burden by Elaine Graham-Leigh
Poetry: The Outer Edge by Tracy Patrick
Book Review: The Man Who Ran the Moon by Piers Bizony
Illustrations: Cover by Greg Hughes

(see review)

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet – No. 21 – November 2007 by Gavin J Grant & Kelly Link (Small Beer Press 26 November 2007 / ) - Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet – No. 21 – November 2007
Small Beer Press. 150 Pleasant St.,#306, Easthampton. MA 01027
$5 single issue - $20/4
Editors: Gavin J Grant & Kelly Link

Table of Contents:

    The Night and Day War by Alice Sola Kim
    The Curmudgeon by Adam Ares
    The Lake by Matthew Cheney
    On a Dark and Featureless Plain by Stephanie Brady Tharpe
    Two Variations by Jeanette Westwood
    Clay by Kirstin Allio
    The Postern Gate by Brian Conn
    The Coder by Benjamin Parzybok
    Maps to God by Corie Ralston
    Sanctuary by Carol Emshwiller
Poetry: Two Poems by Lauren Bartel
    Dear Aunt Gwenda by Gwenda Bond
    A Primer on New Wave and Speculative Fiction in Japan by Mamoru Masuda
    The Blokes of Ball Point by Suzanne Baumann
    The Mysterious Mr. M by Abby Denson
(see review)

Shimmer, Volume 2, Issue 3, The Pirate Issue, 2007 by John Joseph Adams (Shimmer 25 November 2007 / ) - Shimmer, Volume 2, Issue 3, The Pirate Issue, 2007
Editor-In-Chief – Beth Wodzinski
Guest Editor – John Joseph Adams
Single issue: $6 or $22/4
Distributed four times yearly by Beth Wodzinski, PO Box 58591, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0591

Table of Contents:

    A Hand for Each by J. Kathleen Cheney
    Captain Blood's B00ty by Jeremiah Tolbert
    The Blackguard of God by Melinda Selmys
    Come to the Islands by Mikal Trimm
    An Inconvenient Pirate: Interview with the founder of he Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by Jen West
    The Barbary Shore by James Cambias
    Pirates by Adeline Thromb Age 8 by Marissa K. Lingen
    The Sweet Realm by Jill Snider Lum
    The Furies by Rajan Khanna
    The Perfect Hook by Justine Graykin
    Hard Times For Bartleby Crow by Grant Stone
    Artists and Illustrations
    Shimmery Staff
(see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – January 2008 by Gordon Van Gelder (Fantasy & Science Fiction 25 November 2007 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – January 2008 – Volume 114, No.1, Whole Number 668
Editor – Gordon Van Gelder
Cover Artist – "Hypermail" by Darrel Anderson

Table of Contents:

    The Twilight Year by Sean McMullen
    Pride and Prometheus by John Kessel
    Mystery Hill by Alex Irvine
Short Stories:
    It's a Wonderful Life by Michaela Roessner
    Mars: A Traveller's Guide by Ruth Nestvold
    The Quest for Creeping Charlie by James Powell
    Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
    Books by James Sallis
    Plumage from Pegasus: The Publishing House Always Wins by Paul Di Filippo
    Films: How I Wonder What You Are by Kathi Maio
    Coming Attractions
    Curiousities by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
    Cartoons: J.P. Rini, Arthur Masear, S. Harris
(see review)

Thrilling Wonder Stories - Summer 2007 by Winston Engle (Thrilling Wonder LLC 09 July 2007 / $14.95) - Thrilling Wonder Stories- Vol. XLVI, No. 1 – Summer 2007
Editor: Winston Engle
Thrilling Wonder LLC, 5900 Wilshire Boulevard, #2613, Los Angeles, CA 90036 $14.95 - Can be purchased through Ingram catalog (for retatilers), and

Table of Contents
Three Complete Novelets:

    Tomb of the Tyrant Emperor by Constance Cooper
    Farthest Horizons by Geoffrey A. Landis
    Love Seat by R. Neube
Three New Short Stories:
    Three's a Crowd by Eric Brown
    Dark Side by Kevin King
    Enlightenment by Michael Kandel
A New Wonder Storiette: Jovian Dreams by Ben Bova

A Complete Classic Novella: The Moon Era by Jack Williamson

A Classic Novelet: The Alien Machine by Raymond F. Jones

Four Classic Short Stories:

    The Portable Star by Isaac Asimov
    The Irritated People by Ray Bradbury
    Salvage by Cleve Cartmill
    The Worlds of If by Stanley G. Weinbaum
Features: The Wonders of Wonder (editorial) by Winston Engle
Jack Williamson (1908-2006)
Space Opera Revisited by James E. Gunn
Scientifacts by James Trefil
4E-Memberance of Things Past with Forrest J Ackerman
Many Worlds in Science & Science Fiction by Joseph. D Miller, PhD
The Televisualizer: This Island Earth, Forbidden Planet, She by Bill Warren
Dr. Zotts (Comic Strip)
The Reader Speaks (see review)

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