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Abyss & Apex – Issue 24 – 4TH Quarter 2007 by Carol Burrell (Publisher) (Abyss & Apex 22 December 2007 / ) - Abyss & Apex – Issue 24 – 4TH Quarter 2007
Publisher - Carol Burell; Managing Editor – Wendy S. Delmater

Table of Contents:
Short Fiction:

    Metamorphoses in Amber by Tony Pi
    Looking Out for Number One by Patrick Hudson
    Love and Death in the Time of Monsters by Frank Wu
    Under the Blue Curve by Mark A. Rayner
Flash Fiction: Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel


    Sailors Take Warning by Robin M. Mayhall
    I Wish For Wings by Gwen Campbell
    Lament for Titan by Robin M. Mayhall
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction- February 2008 by Sheila Williams (Asimov's Science Fiction 20 December 2007 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction- February 2008 – Vol. 32 No. 2 (Whole Number 385)

Table of Contents:
Serial: Galaxy Blues (Conclusion): The Great Beyond by Allen M. Steele


    The Ray-Gun: A Love Story by James Alan Gardner
    The Egg Man by Mary Rosenblum
Short Stories:
    From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled…by Michael Swanwick
    Sex and Violence by Nancy Kress
    Inside the Box by Edward M. Lerner
    The Last American by John Kessel
    Where the Seelies Shop by Greg Beatty
    The Mirror Speaks by Jessy Randall
    Chess People by Bruce Boston
    Editorial: My Rowboat by Sheila Williams
    Reflections: Toilet Nirvana by Robert Silverberg
    On Books by Paul Di Filippo
    The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Interzone – Issue 213 – Dec 2007 by Andy Cox (Editor) (TTA Press 20 December 2007 / ) - Interzone – Issue 213 – Dec 2007 – TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB62LB, UK.

Table of Contents:
Intermission (stories):

    Metal Dragon Year by Chris Roberson
    Molly and the Red Hat by Benjamin Rosenbaum
    The Men in the Attic by Jason Stoddard
    Odin's Spear by Steve Bein
    The Lost Xuyan Bride by Aliette de Bodard
Cover: Metal Dragon Year by Kenn Brown


    Editorial – Aztecs on Mars
    Ansible Link – David Langford
    Worldcon Report – John Paul Caton
Interview: A Mulitude of Imaginable Futures – Gary Gibson


    Laser Fodder – Tony Lee's Regular Review of DVD Releases
    Scores – John Clute's Regular Review of the Latest Books
    Bookzone – More of the Latest Books Reviewed
(see review)

Jim Baen's Universe Volume 2 Number 4, December 2007 by Eric Flint (Baen 22 December 2007 / ) - Jim Baen's Universe Volume 2 Number 4, December 2007

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:

    Law of Survival by Nancy Kress
    Darwin's Suitcase by Elizabeth Malartre
    Double-Secret Weapon by Tony Frazier
    Misfits by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Fantasy Stories:
    Christmas Eve at Harvey Wallbanger's by Mike Resnick
    Fossilized Gods by J. Simon
    Second Banana by Way Jeng
    The Art of Memory by Barry N. Malzberg and Jack Dann
    Countdown to Armageddon, Episode Two by Edward M. Lerner
    Fish Story, Episode Tenby Dave Freer, Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis
Introducing: Stories by New Authors:
    Inheritance by David Wesley
    Queen's Mask by Barbara Tarbox
    Rubber Sciences by Norman Spinrad
    Title by Stephen Euin Cobb
Classic: A Holy Terror by Ambrose Bierce


    Breeding like Rabbits – or Hugos by Mike Resnick
    Pleistocene Park by Mike Resnick
    The Pig in a Poke Factor by Eric Flint
    From the Catacombs by Barry Malzberg
    December 2007 by Stephen Euin Cobb
(see review)

Murky Depths #2 by Terry Martin (Murky Depths 20 December 2007 / ) - Murky Depths #2, The Quarterly Anthology of Graphically Dark Speculative Fiction
Subscription Rates: 24 Pounds for four issues (annual), single issue – 6.99 Pounds

Table of Contents:

    The Real Space Dude – Interview with Darren Douglas
    A History of Violence by Jay Eales
    Mixed Blood, Hybrid Nature by Matt Wallace
    The Last Flight by Sylvanus Moxley
    Church of Saturn by Alex Wilson
Text Stories:
    Duchess Street by Kurt Kirchmeier
    With a Wimper, With a Bang by D.M. Moehrle
    Super Size Security by AR Yngve
    Yellow Warbler by Jason Sizemore
    Bernadette and the Sirens by Hannah Davey
    The Litter by Katherine Patterson
    Venus and the Birth of Zephyrus by Sarah Wagner
    Spoil by Stan Nicholls
    Hair of the Dog by Edward Morris
    Phantom Payment by Willie Meikle
    Poppets by Mike Driver
Graphic Stories The Art of War by Dave Ryan The Dark Gospel by Luke Cooper Death and the Maiden by Richard Calder Firewallburn by Dave Ryan & Dennis Hopeless (see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – February 2008 by Gordon Van Gelder (Fantasy & Science Fiction 20 December 2007 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – February 2008 – Volume 114, No.2, Whole Number 669
Table of Contents:

    Retrospect by Ann Miller
    In Angels Flight by Richard Bowes
Short Stories:
    Balancing Accounts by James L. Cambias
    Memoirs of the Witch Queen by Ron Goulart
    Petri Parousia by Matthew Hughes
    Bread and Circus by Steven Popkes
    Philologos, or A Murder in Bistrita by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald
    Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
    Books by Elizabeth hand
    Coming Attractions
    Films: Look, You Fools… by Lucius Shepard
    Curiousities by Peter Tremayne
    Cartoons: Arthur Masear
(see review)

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