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Abyss & Apex - Issue 28 – 4th Quarter 2008 by (Abyss & Apex 27 October 2008 / ) - Abyss & Apex - Issue 28 – 4th Quarter 2008
Publisher - Carol Burrell - (takes PayPal donations)

Table of Contents:

    Editorial – SpecFicWorld Interviews Wendy S. Delmater by Doyle Eldon Wilmouth, Jr.
    Short Fiction
      Troy and the Aliens by Ruth Nestvold
      Angry Rose's Lament by Cat Rambo
      Snips and Snails – a tale from the DMA casefiles by Patrick Thomas
      Orange Is Just Another Color by S.K. Richards
    Flash Fiction:
      Musings on Flesh and Other Prisons by Jennifer Greylyn
      Clay Companion by Kurt Kirchmeier
      Dark Flow by Francis W. Alexander
      The Other Rooftops by Randy Schroeder
      The Ignorant Sand by Lee Stern
      Dog Star Man by Howie Good
      Untitled Scifaiku by Greg Schwartz
(see review)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact – December 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.12 by (Analog 26 October 2008 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – December 2008 – Vol. CXXVIII No.12

Table of Contents:

      Wake, Part II of IV, by Robert J. Sawyer
      Misquoting the Star by David Bartell
      Moby Digital by Joe Schembrie
    Short Stories:
      Where Away You Fall by Jason Sanford
    Science Fact:
      Green Nanotechnology by Richard A. Lovett
    Probability Zero:
      Aliens by Rick Norwood
    Reader's Departments:
      The Editor's Page
      Biolog: David Bartell by Richard A. Lovett
      In Times to Come
      The Alternate View by John G. Kramer
      The Reference Library by Tom Easton
      Brass Tacks
      Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction – December 2008 – Vol. 32 No. 10 & 11 – (Whole Number 395) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 26 October 2008 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction – December 2008 – Vol. 32 No. 10 & 11 – (Whole Number 395)

Table of Contents:

      The Flowers of Nicosia by David Ira Cleary
      Way Down East by Tim Sullivan
      In Concert by Melanie Tem and Steve Rasnic Tem
    Short Stories:
      Welcome to Valhalla by Kathryn Lance & Jack McDevitt
      Perfect Everything by Stephen Utley
      Still on the Road by Geoffrey A. Landis
      Editorial: New Dimensions by Sheila Williams
      Reflections: A Logic Named Will by Robert Silverberg
      Next Issue
      On Books by Peter Heck
      The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 10/2008 by (Flash Fiction Online 27 October 2008 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 10/2008
10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents:

    Short-Short Sighted #5: Bruce Holland Rogers – Take a Letter….or a Fire Extinguisher


      Flash 10/2008, #1:Spinnerbait by Amy Treadwell
      Flash 10/2008, #2: Dani-Girl's Guide to Getting Everything Right by Gay Degani
      Flash 10/2008, #3: Traveling by Petroglyph by Ripley Patton
      Classic Flash #11: A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf
(see review)

Interzone – Issue 218 – October 2008 by (TTA Press 24 October 2008 / ) - Interzone – Issue 218 – October 2008

Table of Contents:

      Poppyfields by Chris Beckett (illustrator: Vincent Chong)
      Greenland by Chris Beckett (illustrator: Warwick Fraser-Coombe)
      Rat Island by Chris Beckett (illustrator: Daniel Bristow-Bailey)
      IF by Daniel Akselrod & Lenny Royter
      His Master's Voice by Hannu Rajaniemi (illustrator: Paul Drummond)
      Corner of the Circle by Tim Lees (illustrator: Warwick Fraser-Coombe)
      Editorial by Chris Beckett & Jim Steel (Transmissions From Beyond)
      Ansible Link by David Langford (News & Gossip – Obituaries)
      Forgotten Gardens… Chris Beckett Interviewed by Andy Hedgecock
      Bookzone (Book Reviews)
      Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe (Film Reviews)
      Laser Fodder by Tony Lee (DVD Reviews – Competitions)
(see review)

Jim Baen's Universe October 2008 by (Baen 27 October 2008 / ) - Jim Baen's Universe October 2008

Table of Contents:

    Science Fiction Stories:
      Article of Faith by Mike Resnick
      A Date With Patti Pleezmi by Chuck Rothman
      Shoresteading, Part One by David Brin
      The Rings of Ragnaran by J. Simon
      First Rites by Nancy Kress
    Fantasy Stories:
      The Mudlark by Pat Cadigan
      Soul Survivor by Matthew Joseph Harrington
      Pretty Quadroon by Charles Fontenay
      Countdown to Armageddon, Episode Seven by Edward M. Lerner
    Introducing Stories:
      Homo Sylvanus by Amber D. Sistla
      Russian Roulette by Simon Horvat
      The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow by Mike Resnick
      Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites by Ben Bova
      Introductions and Hints of the Future by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
      The Problem is Legal Scarcity, not Illegal Greed by Eric Flint
      Scattershot Again by Barry N. Malzberg
      What's New in The Future and You by Stephen Euin Cobb
(see review)

Jupiter XXII: Harpalyke – October 2008 by (Jupiter 26 October 2008 / ) - Jupiter XXII: Harpalyke – October 2008
Subscriptions are 10 Pounds for 4 issues. Individual issues are 2.75 Pounds
Jupiter, 19 Bedford Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA2I 5UG, UK

Table of Contents:

      Gravity's Tears by Geoff Nelder
      A Virtual Affair by Lawrence Dagstine
      Roadbuilder by Gareth D. Jones
      M.R.E. by Simon Petrie
      Boxboy by Carmelo Rafala
      Requiem for a Butterfly by David Vickery
(see review)

Kaleidotrope – Issue 5 – October 2008 by (Kaleidotrope 24 October 2008 / ) - Kaleidotrope – Issue 5 – October 2008
P.O. Box 25, Carle Place, NY 11514
Subscriptions - $4 per issue, $16 for 4 issues ($25 international) until December 31
After December 31, $5 per issue, $18 for four issues ($28 international)

Table of Contents:

      The Wroeth's Grinding Bowl by Bill Ward
      Fortune Cookie by Therese Arkenberg
      An Adventure in Foxhunting by Barkley Burke
      No Friday by Mark Rich
      Emmett, Joey & the Beelz by Ralph Sevush
      Long After the Scrub by Eric Del Carlo
      Virgin Hearts by Brendan Connell
      The Blue Testament by Marshall Payne
      Efficiency by Barbara A. Barnett
      Intruder by Sean Ruane
      Tommy's Shadow by Daniel Braum
      Into the Night by P.D. Allen
      Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam by Rachel Swirsky
      Pomegranates by Terrie Leigh Relf
      The Tenth Stranger by Kristine Ong Muslim
      Sentiment by Stefanie Maclin
      My Favorite Moon by Daniel C. Smith
      Pure of Heart by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
      Grave Planet by John Grey
      Sacred Art by Franz K. Baskett
      Virtual Jisei by Berrien C. Henderson
      Face in the Wall by Mark Rich
      Balding Zombie by Thomas Zimmerman
(see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – December 2008 - Volume 115, No. 6, Whole No. 679 by (Fantasy & Science Fiction 27 October 2008 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – December 2008 - Volume 115, No. 6, Whole No. 679

Table of Contents:

      A Foreign Country by Wayne Wightman
      Leave by Robert Reed
      A Skeptical Spirit by Albert E. Cowdrey
      How the Day Runs Down by John Langan
    Short Stories:
      Falling Angel by Eugene Mirabelli
    Classic Reprint:
      The Alarming Letters From Scottsdale by Warner Law
      Editorial by Gordon Van Gelder
      Books to Look For by Chsrles de Lint
      Books by James Sallis
      Coming Attractions
      Films: Bloody Hell on Lake Neuchâtel by Lucius Shepard
      Index to Volumes 114 & 115
      Curiosities by Lucy Sussex
      Cartoons: Arthur Masear
(see review)

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