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Abyss & Apex Issue 31: 3rd Quarter 2009 by (Abyss & Apex 29 July 2009 / ) - Abyss & Apex Issue 31: 3rd Quarter 2009
(takes PayPal donations)

Table of Contents:
Editorial – Forty Years by Jude-Marie Green, Associate Editor
Short Fiction:

    Section III by Caren Grusoff
    Carpe Mañana by Richard A. Lovett
    Starlings by Michael J. DeLuca
    A Hundredth Name by Christopher Green
    Rainbows and Other Shapes by Patricia Russo
Flash Fiction:
    Flash Fiction will return in our next issue
    Harmony in Motion by Zoë Gabriel
    Emperor Fish by Daniel A. Rabuzzi
    my computer crashed by Emmanuel Jakpa
    Man in a Foam Rubber Suit by T.R. Click
    Green Water by Anna Sykora
(see review)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact - October 2009 - Vol. CXXIX No.10 by (Analog 29 July 2009 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – October 2009 – Vol. CXXIX No.10

Table of Contents:

    Where the Winds Are All Asleep by Michael F Flynn
    Shallow Copy by Jesse L Watson
    An Idea Whose Time Has Come by Robert Grossbach
    Cold Words by Juliette Wade
Short Stories:
    The Hanged Man by William Gleason
    Teddy Bear Toys by Carl Frederick
    In the Autumn of the Empire by Jerry Oltion
Science Fact:
    The Psychology of Space Travel by Nick Kanas, M.D.
    Insignificance by Edward M. Lerner
Reader’s Departments:
    The Editor’s Page
    Biolog: William Gleason by Richard A. Lovett
    In Times to Come
    The Alternate View by John G. Kramer
    The Reference Library by Don Sakers
    Brass Tacks
    Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction - September 2009 - Vol. 33 Nos.9 - (Whole Numbers 404) by Sheila Williams (Asimov's Science Fiction 28 July 2009 / ) - Asimov’s Science Fiction – September 2009 – Vol. 33 Nos.9 – (Whole Numbers 404)

Table of Contents:

Novella: Broken Windchimes by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Novelettes: Soulmates by Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn

Short Stories:

    Away From Here by Lisa Goldstein
    Camera Obscured by Ferrett Steinmetz
    In Their Garden by Brenda Cooper
    The Day Before the Day Before by Steve Rasnic Tem
    Tear-Down by Benjamin Crowell
    Her Heart’s Desire by Jerry Oltion
    Speculative Tai Chi by Kendall Evans
    Nearly Ready for Occupation by Danny Adams
    The Last Alchemist by Bruce Boston
    Editorial: 2009 Dell Magazines Awards by Sheila Williams
    Reflections: Building Worlds: Part 1 by Robert Silverberg
    Next Issue
    On Books by Paul Di Filippo
    The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online - 07/2009 by (Flash Fiction Online 29 July 2009 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 07/2009
10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents:

    In This Issue by Jake Freivald
    Flash 07/2009, #1: Love Bound by Scott Liniger
    Flash 07/2009, #2: The Call by Jill Keller
    Flash 07/2009, #3: Through the Window by T.C. Powell
    Short-Short Sighted #13: Flash Fiction of Character by Bruce Holland Rogers
    Flash 07/2009, #4: by Jerry by Bruce Holland Rogers
    Classic Flash # 20: Beyond Pandora by Robert J. Martin
(see review)

Interzone - Issue #223 - Jul/Aug 2009 by (TTA Press 27 July 2009 / ) - Interzone – Issue #223 – Jul/Aug 2009

Table of Contents:

    Dominic Green
      Editorial: Dominic Green by Roy Grey
      Story: Butterfly Bombs
      Story: Coat of Many Colours
      Story: Glister
      Stories illustrated, with introductions by Daniel Bristow-Bailey
      Interview: Magpies and Ravens by Andrew Hedgecock
    The Transmigration of Aishwarya Desai by Eric Gregory (illustrated by Arthur Wang)
    Silence and Roses by Suzanne Palmer (illustrated by LeMat)
    Ansible Link by David Langford – News – Obituaries
    Book Zone
    Laser Fodder by Jason Lee – DVD/BD Reviews
    Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
(see review)

Jupiter XXV: Erinome - July 2009 by (Jupiter 27 July 2009 / ) - Jupiter XXV: Erinome – July 2009
Subscriptions are £ 10 for 4 issues. Individual issues are £ 2.75
Jupiter, 19 Bedford Road, Yeovil, Somerset, BA2I 5UG, UK

Table of Contents:

    Radio Free by Sam Kepfield
    On the Commodore by Fet Milner
    The Oracle by Kate Kelly
    The Mariner by Neil Clift
    Dusting Tycho by Vera Sepulveda
Illustrations: Daniel Bristow-Bailey - Cover

(see review)

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet - No. 24 - July 2009 by Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link (Small Beer Press 27 July 2009 / ) - Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet – No. 24 – July 2009
Makers – Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link, Jedediah Berry, Michael J. DeLuca, Sara Majka, Paul Bozzo, Kristen Evans and Faune Albert
Small Beer Press, 150 Pleasant St., Easthampton, MA 01027
$5 per single issue or $20/4

Table of Contents:

    Eleven Orchard Street by Alexander Lamb
    Dusking by Liz Williams
    Tornado Juice by Jasmine Hammer
    Superfather by J.W.M. M organ
    The Magician’s Umbrella by Dicky Murphy
    Leave the Dead to the Living by Alissa Nutting
    A Story Like Mine by Eve Tushnet
    The Broken Dream Factory by Dennis Danvers
    The Magician’s Keeper by Anya Groner
    Dear Aunt Gwenda by Gwenda Bond
    Machrie Moore by Neile Graham
    Bordeaux, and Other Mysteries by Marina Rubin
Comics: Heady’s Crush by Abby Denson

Spot Illos: Anna Sears


(see review)

Space and Time #108 - Fall 2009 by (Space and Time 27 July 2009 / ) - Space and Time #108 – Fall 2009
Space and Time, 1308 Centennial Avenue, Ste. 101, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Single issue - $5.00 + $1.50 shipping, Subscriptions 4/$20 (outside US 4/$22)

Table of Contents:

    The Human Race by Scott Edelman
    Wolf’s Kin by Stephanie Burgis
    Divine Parody by Jon Wesick
    Girl of Prey by Christina Crooks
    Behind the Eyes by John R. Fultz
    The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake by Robert T. Jeschonek
    Cancer God by Barbara Krasnoff
    Any Port in a Storm by Paula R. Stiles
    Methane Sky by Scott R. Green
    Epitaph by Mark McLaughlin
    Traveling Interstellar Blues by Daniel C. Smith
    Necromancy by Lawrence Barker
    An Ode to a Martian Medusa by Terrie Leigh Relf
    Major Metro, Before by Ann K. Schwader
    Fitting by Dr. R.S. Cottier
    Lightning Over the St Lawrence by Erin Hoffman
    Editor’s Geeble by Hildy Silverman
    Peter S. Beagle: Insight and Advice for Writers by Stephen Euin Cobb
    Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
(see review)

Talebones #38 - Summer 2009 by (Talebones 24 July 2009 / ) - Talebones #38 – Summer 2009
21528 104th St. Ct. East, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Subscriptions: $24 for one year, $44 for two years, $7 Sample copy
Canada – add $1.50 per issue, all other foreign add $5 per issue, U.S. Funds only

Table of Contents:

    Ginger Stuyvesant and the Case of the Haunted Nursery by Mary Robinette Kowal
    Swoop by Patricia Russo
    The Only Wish Ever to Come True by Scott Edelman
    The Best Last Choice I Ever Made by Caroline Yoachim
    Bird of Paradise by Ari Goelman
    Blackout Man by David Saksmyster
    Sausages by Marshall Payne
    Discards by Tim McDaniel
    How Thunder Dog Shed His Shadow by Brian Scott Herbert
    Staybehind Girl by Edward McEneely
Poetry & Verse:
    Second Time Around by Greg Schwartz
    Untitled by Greg Schwartz
    The Weeping Woman by K.S. Hardy
    Bare Bones – Editorial
    Tell Tales – Letters to Talebones
    Roger Zelazny Interview by Ken Rand
    Tattle Tales – Contributor Bios
    Orion’s Oracle – Next Issue
(see review)

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