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Abyss & Apex Issue 33: 1st Quarter 2010 by (Abyss & Apex 22 February 2010 / ) - Abyss & Apex Issue 33: 1st Quarter 2010
They take PayPal donations at their website.

Table of Contents:
Editorial – Om Writing Other Genders by Wendy S. Delmater, Editor Short Fiction:

    How We Fly by Lisa A. Koosis
    The Tortuous Path by Bud Sparhawk
    Deutoroi by Samantha Henderson
    Night of the Manticore by Tony Pi
    The Wishing Stone by Edward Greaves
Flash Fiction:
    Anything Chocolate by Caren Grussoff
    When White Roses Freeze by Amy Power Jansen
    Changeling by Mary W. Jensen
    Small by Richard Schiffman
    Uttu’s Garden by Gwendolyn Clare
    Waiting by WC Roberts
    My Wife by Albert Melear
(see review)

Apex Magazine - February 2010 - Issue 8 by (Apex 22 February 2010 / ) - Apex Magazine – February 2010 – Issue 8
Accepts Paypal donations

Table of Contents:

    p.a. chic by Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf
    The Lady or the Tiger by J.M. McDermott
    The Killing Streets by Colin Harvey
(see review)

Black Static Fifteen - February/March 2010 by (TTA Press 23 February 2010 / ) - Black Static Fifteen – February/March 2010
TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK

Table of Contents:

    Eight Small Men by James Cooper – art by Ben Baldwin
    The Knitted Child by Simon Kurt Unsworth – art by Jim Burns
    Maximum Darkness by Alan Scott Laney – art by David Gentry
    Babylon's Burning by Daniel Kaysen – art by Rik Rawling
    Death by Water by Sarah Singleton – art by Ben Baldwin
    White Noise – News compiled by Peter Tennant
    Interference - Comment by Christopher Fowler
    Electric Darkness - Comment by Stephen Volk
    Night’s Plutonium Shore – Comment by Mike O’Driscoll
    Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee
    Case Notes – Book Reviews by Peter Tennant
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 02/2010 by (Flash Fiction Online 22 February 2010 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 02/2010
10 Ridgeview Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Table of Contents

    In This Issue – Jake Frievald – Numbers, Number, Everywhere
    Flash 02/2010, #1: Paige Gardner – The Times That Bleed Together
    Flash 02/2010, #2: Aaron Bilodeau - Pêlos
    Flash 02/2010, #3: Aimee C. Amodio - Six Reasons Why My Sister Hates Me
    Classic Flash #27: Mark Twain – The Five Boons of Life
    Short-shorts: Bruce Holland Rogers – A Story of n Words: How Low Can You Go?
    Short-Short Sighted #19 Bruce Holland Rogers – Six One-Sentence Stories
(see review)

Jim Baen's Universe #23 - February 2010 by (Baen 19 February 2010 / ) - Jim Baen's Universe February 2010

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:

    Tiny Elephants by Gregory Benford
    The Hunt by Shauna Roberts
    Shuffle Up and Deal by Denise McCune
Fantasy Stories:
    Thrill of the Hunt by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    The Tongue Cannot Tell by Manly Wade Wellman
    SETI Library: The Grace of Tragedy by Gregory Benford
    Nowhere Man, Episode Two by David Gerrold
    The Vessel Never Asks for More Wine by Sandra M. Odell
Nonfiction Articles:
    Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Singularity by Stephen Euin Cobb
    Chemos for Algernon by Mike Resnick
    An Amazing Amount of Stuff by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Merrily We Roll Along, or Funny, You Don’t Look Judith by Bud Webster
    The Prince of Stasis by Barry N. Malzberg
    Why Science Fiction? by Ben Bova
    February 2010 What's New In The Future And You by Stephen Euin Cobb
(see review)

Outer Reaches - Volume 1 Number 1 - Winter 2010 by (Black Matrix Publishing 19 February 2010 / $7.95) - Outer Reaches – Volume 1 Number 1 – Winter 2010
Black Matrix Publishing LLC, 1252 Redwoods Ave, #52, Grants Pass, OR 97527

Table of Contents:

    Dusk by Tyler Preston
    Grinders by Timothy Miller
    Arabesque by Lawrence Buentello
    Choosing Days to Die by Crystal Lynn Hilbert
    The Temple of the Stars by Martin Turton
    Heresy by Mark Mattison
    Hunting for Scraps by I.E. Lester
    Freedom is Human Nature by Greg M. Hall
    The Report from Hansen’s Planet by Jeffrey Scott Sims
    In the Ice Mines of Gliese by Mike Sweeney
    The Tick-Tock Man by Bill Ward
    The Crystal Blight by Alva J. Roberts
(see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March/April 2010 - Volume 118, No. 3&4, Whole No. 688 by (Fantasy & Science Fiction 22 February 2010 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction March/April 2010 – Volume 118, No. 3&4, Whole No. 688
This issue has an on-sale date of March 2, 2010

Table of Contents:

    Amor Fugit by Alexandra Duncan
    Star-Crossed by Tim Sullivan
    Waiting for the Phone to Ring by Richard Bowes
    Class Trip by Rand B. Lee
Short Stories:
    Fort Clay, Louisiana: A Tragical History by Albert E. Cowdrey
    Make-Believe by Michael Reaves
    Epidapeles and the Insufficiently Affectionate Ocelot by Ramsey Shehadeh
    The Frog Comrade by Benjamin Rosenbaum
    The Fairy Princess by Dennis Danvers
    Blue Fire by Bruce McAllister
    Editorial by Gordon Van Gelder
    Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
    Books by Elizabeth Hand
    Plumage from Pegasus: Throw the Books at Them! By Paul Di Filippo
    Films: A Sentimental Journey by Lucius Shepard
    Coming Attractions
    Curiosities by Rick Norwood
Cartoons: Danny Shanahan, Arthur Masear, Bill Long, J.P. Rini

(see review)

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