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Apex Magazine – Issue 34, March 2012 by (Apex Magazine 26 March 2012 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 34, March 2012

To subscribe visit Each new issue of Apex Magazine is released the first Tuesday of the month. Single issues are available to purchase for $2.99. Subscriptions are for twelve months and are sold for $19.95.
Apex Publications, PO Box 24323, Lexington, KY 40524

Table of Contents:
Artist Bio – Julie Dillon
Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Apex Editor-in-Chief by Lynne M. Thomas
Original: A Member of Wedding of Heaven and Hell by Richard Bowes (5006 words)
Original: Copper, Iron, Blood and Love by Mari Ness (2852 words)
Reprint: Lehr, Rex by Jay. Lake (originally appeared in Forbidden
edited by Peter Crowther, DAW Books, 2006) (7900 words)
Reaching into the QUILTBAG: the Evolving World of Queer Speculative Fiction by Julia Rios
Interview with Jay Lake by Maggie Slater
(see review)

Black Static 27 – Feb/Mar 2012 by (TTA Press 26 March 2012 / ) - Black Static Twenty-Seven – Feb/Mar 2012
TTA Press, 5 Martins Lane, Witcham, Ely, Cambs CB6 2LB, UK

Table of Contents:
White Noise – news compiled by someone other than Peter Tennant
Coffinmaker's Blues - column by Stephen Volk
Interference - column by Christopher Fowler
Night's Plutonian Shore – column by Mike O'Driscoll
Empty of Words, The Page by Gord Sellar - art by David Gentry
The Little Things by Jacob Ruby – art by George Cotronnis
Cuckoo Spit by Stephen Bacon - art by Marx Pexton
The Churn by Simon Bestwick - art by David Senecal
Family Tree by V.H.Leslie - art by Rik Rawling
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee
Case Notes – book Reviews by Peter Tennant
(see review)

Dormanna by Gene Wolfe ( 26 March 2012 / ) -

"Dormanna" by Gene Wolfe
Illustration by John Jude Palencar
Available at under Stories and Comics
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 03/2012 by (Flash Fiction Online 26 March 2012 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 03/2012

Table of Contents:
In This Issue: Jake Freivald
Flash 03/2012, #1: N.V. Binder – Seed
Flash 03/2012, #2: Gary McNulty – The Pony Spell
Classic Flash #55: Punch, September 3, 1887 – Salubrities Abroad
(see review)

Going To The Moon by Lavie Tidhar (Murkey Depths 31 January 2012 / £7.99) - Going to the Moon by Lavie Tidhar
Published by The House of Murky Depths
Illustrations by Paul McCaffrey

(see review)

Interzone – Issue #239 – Mar/Apr 2012 by (TTA Press 26 March 2012 / ) - Interzone – Issue #239 – Mar/Apr 2012

Table of Contents:
Editorial by Andy Hedgecock
Ansible Link by David Langford – News, Obituaries
Reader’s Poll – Vote for your favorites of 20111
Twember by Steve Rasnic Tem (illustrated by Dave Senecal)
Lips and Teeth by Jon Wallace (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Tangerine, Nectarine, Clementine, Apocalypse by Suzanne Palmer (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Bound in Place by Jacob A. Boyd (illustrated by Ben Baldwin)
Railriders by Matthew Cook (illustrated by Warwick Fraser-Combe)
One-Way Ticket by Nigel Brown (illustrated by Mark Pexton)
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee – DVD/BlueRay Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe – Film Reviews
Book Zone – Book Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #22 - March 2012 by (Lightspeed 27 March 2012 / ) - Lightspeed #22 - March 2012
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief – John Joseph Adams
Assistant Publisher – Robert Barton Bland
Audio Editor – Stefan Rudnicki
Art Editor – Karen Jones
Assistant Editor – Erin Stocks
Assistant Editor – Robyn Lupo
Editorial Assistant – Andrew Liptak
Editorial Assistant – Theodore Quester
Editorial Assistant – Jennifer Konieczny
Copy Editor – Gina Guadagnino and Dana Watson
Proofreader – Moshe Siegel and Kevin McNeil
Our Slush Team – Bethany Aronoff, Britt Baker, Jenny Barber, David Carani, Paolo Chikiamco, Bob Cooper, Michael Curry, Katie Lavers, Andrew Liptak, Nick Matthews, Kevin McNeil, Suzanne Myers, Theodore Quester, Shannon Rampe, John Remy, Lisa Rodgers, Caleb Jordan Schulz, Moshe Siegel, Patrick Stephens, Andy Stewart, LaShawn Wanak, Dana Watson, Sandra Wickham.
Advertising Manager – Becky Sasala
Webmaster – Jeremiah Tolbert

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
My She by Mary Rosenblum (Reprint)
The Day They Came by Kali Wallace (Original)
Electric Rains by Katherine Ann Goonan (Reprint)
Test by Steven Utley (Original)
Fantasy Stories:
The Legend of Xi Cygnus by Gene Wolfe (Reprint)
Alarms by S.L. Gilbow (Original)
Beauty by David Barr Kirtley (Original)
Halfway People by Karen Joy Fowler (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Mary Rosenblum
Kali Wallace
S.L. Gilbow
Katherine Ann Goonan
David Barr Kirtley
Steven Utley
Karen Joy Fowler
Artist Showcase:
Ed Basa
Feature Interview of R.A. Salvatore by The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy
Feature Interview of Ian McDonald by The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive eBook Content:
Cleopatra Brimstone by Elizabeth Hand
Author Spotlight: Elizabeth Hand by Gina Guadagnino
The Games (novel excerpt) by Ted Kosmatka
(see review)

New World Blues by L.E. Modesitt Jr. ( 26 March 2012 / ) - New World Blues” by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
Illustration by John Jude Palencar
Available at under Stories and Comics

(see review)

Postscripts #24/25 - The New and Perfect Man [jhc] by (PS Publishing 03 January 2011 / £30.00) - Postscripts #24/25 - The New and Perfect Man
Jacketed Hardcover Limited Edition - 978-1-848631-65-6 - Price: £29.99 Traycased Jacketed Hardcover (200 signed by the authors) - 978-1-848631-66-3- Price: £59.99

Table of Contents:
The New and Perfect Man by Carol Emshwiller
Frightened Angels by Jeremy Adam
To See Infinity Bare by Rudy Rucker & Paul Di Filippo
Electric Breakfast by Paul Meloy
A Crack in the Ceiling of the World by Michael Kelly
The Dog Parade by Lawrence Person
The Room Beyond by Ramsey Campbell
The Last Heretic by Darrell Schweitzer
The Story of Princess Rosebud by Alan Peter Ryan
The Inn of Distant Sorrows by Thomas Tessier
A Moment at the House by T.M. Wright
Whisper by Richard Calder
The Primate Sanctuary by Quentin S. Crisp
Call Me by Bob Strother
So Loved by Matthew Hughes
Confessions of a Tyrant's Double by Gregory Norminton
The Girl on Mount Olympus by Christopher Fowler
Euphoria by Robert Reed
Christ the Painter by Allen Ashley
Your Golden Hands by Andrew Hook
Imago by Keith Brooke
The Ghost of Lillian Bliss by Rio Youers
Ashes in the Water by Joel Lane and Mat Joiner
Child of Evil Stars by Anne-Sylvie Salzman
Her Fingers Like Whips, Her Eyes Like Razors by Jay Lake
Dr. Black, Thoughts & Patents by Brendan Connell
Throwness by Adam Roberts
The Vorkuta Event by Ken MacLeod
Story notes
(see review)

Postscripts #26/27 – Unfit for Eden by (PS Publishing 26 March 2012 / £59.99) - Postscripts #26/27 – Unfit for Eden
Jacketed Hardcover Limited Edition - 978-1-848632-98-1- Price: £29.99 Traycased Jacketed Hardcover (200 signed by the authors) - 978-1-848632-99-8, Price: £59.99

Table of Contents:
Unfit for Eden by Michael Bishop
True Blue by Darrell Schweitzer
Saving Prince Romero by Mike Chinn
Madeline Smith by Richard Calder
Non-Attachment by Quentin S. Crisp
The Immersion by Matthew Hughes
The Scribe of Betelgeuse V by Eric Brown
The Boy Who Cast No Shadow by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
The Reader by Christopher Harman
Emergence by Robert Reed
The Summer of Our Discontent by Amber D. Sistla
A Weighty Affair by Mike Resnick
The Sea Witch by George Hulseman
First and Third by Vaughan Stanger
Black Gods Kiss by Lavie Tidhar
Warning! Do Not Read This Story! by Robert T. Jeschonek
Crime and Punishment by Steven Utley
Borough Station by Simon Unsworth
The Bottom Garden by Jessica Reisman
Tamsin by Kit Reed
Dr. Calvin's Grand Illuminated Bestial Pleasure Dome by Andrew Drummond
Pushkin the American by Michael Swanwick
Conversations with the Dead by Michael Kelly
The Parasite by Eric Schaller
Trash by Neal Barrett, Jr
I Found Fresh Footprints Again by Matthew Bialer
(see review)

Space and Time #116 – Spring 2012 by (Space and Time 26 March 2012 / ) - Space and Time #116 – Spring 2012
Space and Time, 458 Elizabeth Avenue, #5348, Somerset, NJ 08873
Single issue - $5.00 + $1.50 shipping, Subscriptions 4/$20 (outside US 4/$22)

Table of Contents:
A Test of Faith for a Couple of True Believers by Scott Edelman
Brain Scram by Erik Johnson
The Gnomes of Carrick County by John R. Fultz
Hide the Weird by Steven E. Belanger
Prisoner of War by Floris M. Kleijne
The Preacher Man by W.K. Tucker
(Haiku) by Prof. Yunsheng Jiang
Zugzwang by David M. Rheinhold
The Innkeeper’s Dream by Sofia Rhei
Found by Prof. Yunsheng Jiang
Stardust by Gary Frank
Editor's Geeble by Hildy Silverman
Kevin J. Anderson: From Space and Time to Dune by Stephen Euin Cobb
Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison
Review: “By Other Means” (Ed. By Mike McPhail) by Sam Tomaino
The Tail Wagging the Dog by Daniel M. Kimmel
(see review)

Thanatos Beach by James Morrow ( 26 March 2012 / ) - “Thanatos Beach” by James Morrow
Illustration by John Jude Palencar
Available at under Stories and Comics

(see review)

The Sigma Structures Symphony by Gregory Benford ( 28 March 2012 / ) - “The Sigma Structure Symphony” by Gregory Benford
Illustration by John Jude Palencar
Available at under Stories and Comics
(see review)

The Woman Who Shook the World-Tree by Michael Swanwick ( 26 March 2012 / ) - “The Woman Who Shook the World-Tree” by Michael Swanwick
Illustration by John Jude Palencar (story inspired by the illustration)
Available at under Stories and Comics
(see review)

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