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Analog Science Fiction and Fact – January/February 2014 – Vol. CXXXIV No. 1&2 by (Analog 24 November 2013 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact – January/February 2014 – Vol. CXXXIV No. 1&2

Table of Contents:
Lockstep, Part II of IV by Karl Schroeder
Music to Me by Richard A. Lovett
The Tansy Tree by Rob Chilson
Determined Spirits by Grey Rollins
Short Stories;
Mousunderstanding by Carl Frederick
Wine, Women and Stars by Thoraiya Dyer
This is as I Wish to Be Restored by Christie Yant
The Problem With Reproducible Bugs by Marie DesJardin
Just Like Grandma Used to Make by Brenta Blevins
Racing Prejudice by John Frye III
Technological Plateau by Michael Turton
This Quiet Dust by Karl Bunker
Science Fact;
Lighting Up the Brain: The Use of Electromagnetic Radiation to Stimulate Neurons by Kyle Kirkland
Nothing to Fear by Kate Gladstone
Product Recalls by Mary Turzillo
Reader's Departments;
The Editors Page
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by Jeffery D. Kooistra
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
The 2013 Index
Analytical Laboratory Ballot
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine – Issue 54, November 2013 by (Apex Magazine 24 November 2013 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 54, November 2013

Each new issue of Apex Magazine is released the first Tuesday of the month. Single issues are available to purchase for $2.99. Subscriptions are for twelve months and are sold for $19.95.
Apex Publications, PO Box 24323, Lexington, KY 40524

Table of Contents:
Blood on Vellum: Notes from the Apex Editor-in-Chief by Lynne M. Thomas
Original: Recordings of a More Personal Nature by Bogi Takács
Original: The Jackal's Wife by Vajra Chandrasekera
Original: This is a Ghost Story by Keffy R.M. Kehrli
Reprint: The Creature in Your Neighborhood by Jim C. Hines (Originally published in Strip Mauled, edited by Esther Friesner, 2009)
The SF/F Community: An Essay of Thanksgiving by Michael Damian Thomas & Lynne M. Thomas
Apex Interview with Jim C. Hines by Maggie Slater
Major Arcana I: The Mage by Alexandra Seidel
When the Ocean Falls Into Itself by Rose Lemberg
(see review)

Asimov’s Science Fiction – January 2014 – Vol. 38 No. 1 – (Whole Number 456) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 23 November 2013 / ) - Asimov’s Science Fiction – January 2014 – Vol. 38 No. 1 – (Whole Number 456)

Table of Contents:
Memorials by Aliette de Bodard
Primes by Ron Collins
The Common Good by Nancy Kress
Short Stories:
Extracted Journal Notes for an Ethnography of Bnebene Nomad Culture by Ian McHugh
Static by William Jablonsky
The Carl Paradox by Steve Rasnic Tem
Transfiguration by John Amen
The Old Time Traveller’s Song by William John Watkins
At Lake Champlain by E. Kristin Anderson
Editorial: A Once in a Lifetime Day by Sheila Williams
Reflections: The Plurality of Worlds: A Contrarian View by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: More Editing and Writing by James Patrick Kelly
Next Issue
On Books by Paul Di Filippo
Twenty-Eighth Annual Reader’s Award
2013 Index
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Clarkesworld 86 – November 2013 by (Clarkesworld 24 November 2013 / ) - Clarkesworld 86 – November 2013

Table of Contents:
Mystic Falls by Robert Reed
The Aftermath by Maggie Clark
Never Dreaming (in Four Burns) by Seth Dickinson
Manifest Destiny by Joe Haldeman (Reprint)
Special Economics by Maureen McHugh (Reprint)
Sapir-Wolf Must Die by Analea Lay
Hard Truths in Our World: A Conversation with Bradley P. Beaulieu by Jeremy L.C. Jones
Another Word: What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Jamie Todd Rubin
Editor's Desk: Year Seven by the Numbers by Neil Clarke
Audio Fiction: Mystic Falls by Robert Reed read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: The Aftermath by Maggie Clark read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Never Dreaming (in Four Burns) by Seth Dickinson read by Kate Baker
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – 11/2013 by (Flash Fiction Online 29 November 2013 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – 11/2013

Table of Contents:
Editorial – Affairs of the Heart
Literary Story - My Son by Christopher DiCicco
Fantasy Story - Princesses by Jeremy Sim
Literary Story - Peace-and-quiet Pancake by Anne Goodwin
(see review)

Jupiter XLII: Thelxinoe – October 2013 by (Jupiter 27 November 2013 / ) - Jupiter XLII: Thelxinoe – October 2013

Subscriptions are £10 for 4 issues. Individual issues are £ 2.75 for UK. £16 for 4 issues. Individual issues are £ 4.25 for EU, £120 for 4 issues.
Individual issues are £ 5.25 for ROW (Rest of World)
Jupiter, 4 Stoneleigh Mews, Yeovil, Somerset, BA2I 3UT, UK

Table of Contents:
The Grower by Waite Jorin
The Long Sleep by Gordon Ross Lanser
Hush by Michael McGlade
The Envoy by John Wallace
Be Careful What You Ask For by Patrick Maron
Intimate Surface by Geoff Nelde
Constellation Invitation by Linda Neuer
Richard Wagner – Cover
(see review)

Lightspeed #42 - November 2013 by (Lightspeed 29 November 2013 / ) - Lightspeed #42 - November 2013

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
Death and the Hobbyist by Sean Williams (Original) (3534 words)
And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side by James Tiptree, Jr. (Reprint)
The Turing Test by Beth Revis (Original) (3405 words)
The Battle of York by James Stoddard (Reprint)
Fantasy Stories:
Bit-U-Men by Maria Dahvana Headley (Recent Reprint)
The Insect and the Astronomer: A Love Story by Kelly Barnhill (Original)
Tonight We Fly by Ian McDonald (Reprint)
Sleeper by Matthew Hughes (Original)
Author Spotlights:
Sean Williams
James Tiptree, Jr.
Beth Revis
James Stoddard
Maria Dahvana Headley
Kelly Barnhill
Matthew Hughes
Artist Showcase:
Marius "Noistromo" Siergiejew
Feature Interview of Chris Kluwe by The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy
Feature Interview of Ryan North by The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive eBook Content:
Holy Places by Martha Wells
Author Spotlight: Martha Wells by Robyn Lupo
Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (novel excerpt)
Starhawk by Jack McDevitt (novel excerpt)
SEAL Team 13 by Evan Currie (novel excerpt)
(see review)

Nightmare #14 - November 2013 by (Nightmare 28 November 2013 / ) - Nightmare #14 - November 2013

Table of Contents:
The Beasts of the Earth, the Madness of Men by Brooke Bolander (Original)
Hunger: A Confession by Dale Bailey (Reprint)
Dhost by Melanie Tem (Reprint)
Waiting for the Light by Allison Littlewood (Original)
Author Spotlights:
Brooke Bolander
Dale Bailey
Melanie Tem
Allison Littlewood
Artist Showcase;
Chris B. Murray
Feature Interview of Dan Simmons by the Geeks Guide to the Galaxy
The H Word: And Then the Zombie Killed the Vampire by Nancy Kilpatrick
(see review)

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