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Apex Magazine – Issue 73, June 2015 by (Apex Magazine 29 June 2015 / ) - Apex Magazine – Issue 73, June 2015

Table of Contents:
Words From the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore
Original: Inhabiting Your Skin by Mari Ness
Original: Proximity by Alex Livingston
Original: Foreclosure by DJ Cockburn
Reprint: "Mud Holes and Mississippi Mules" by Malon Edwards (Originally published in Steamfunk! Anthology, ed. Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade, MVmedia, LLC, 2013)
Building Book Events to Build Community in SFF by Ardi Alspach
Interview with Mari Ness by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Tori K. Roman by Russell Dickerson
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction by Charlotte Ashley
Entrance by Laura Madeleine Wiseman
Peach Baby by Bethany Powell
Interview by John W. Sexton
Flex by Ferrett Steinmetz
The Venusian Gambit: Book Three of the Daedalus Series by Michael J. Martinez (see review)

Clarkesworld 105 – June 2015 by (Clarkesworld 29 June 2015 / ) - Clarkesworld 105 – June 2015

Table of Contents:
Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Third Sound Remix) by E. Catherine Tobler
Asymptotic by Andy Dudak
This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Millering
Forestspirit, Forestspirit by Bogi Takács
The Hole in the Hole by Terry Bisson (Reprint)
Riding the White Bull by Caitlin R. Kiernan (Reprint)
The Day-Glo Dystopia of Poly-Styrene: Punk Prophet and Science Fiction Priestess by Jason Heller
The Paradox of the Telescope: A Conversation with Robert Charles Wilson by Alvaro Zinos Amaro
Another Word: The Vaguely Picaresque Adventures of a New Writer by John Chu
Editor's Desk: Once Again Down the Rabbit Hole by Neil Clarke
Audio Fiction: Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Third Sound Remix) by E. Catherine Tobler, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Asymptotic by Andy Dudak, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Miller, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Forestspirit, Forestspirit by Bogi Takács, read by Kate Baker
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online – June 2015 by (Flash Fiction Online 29 June 2015 / ) - Flash Fiction Online – June 2015

Table of Contents:
Editorial - Galloping Insanity by Suzanne Vincent
Marcie's Waffles Are the Best in Town by Sunil Patel
The Man in the Basement by Joshua Rupp
I Found Solace in a Great Moving Shadow by Brontë Christopher Wieland
What Merfolk Must Know by Kat Otis (Reprint)
Recipe: Norwegian Waffles (For Weekends, Before or After the Apocalypse) by Miranda Suri
Interview - An Interview with Sunil Patel by Stanley Lee
(see review)

Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 15, July 2015 (Worldcon / Sasquan Special) by (Galaxy's Edge 01 July 2015 / $6.99) - Product Description: Galaxy's Edge is a bi-monthly (every two months) magazine published by Phoenix Pick, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Arc Manor, an award winning independent press based in Maryland. Each issue of the magazine has a mix of new and old (reprint) stories, a serialization of a novel, columns by Barry Malzberg and Gregory Benford, book reviews by Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett and an interview conducted by Joy Ward.

Table of Contents:
The Editor's World by Mike Resnick
The Colossal Death Ray by Ron Collins
Multiples by Robert Silverberg (reprint)
Miss Darcy's First Intergalactic Ballet Class by Dantzel Cherry
Tidal Effects by Jack McDevitt (reprint)
Do No Fear to Touch Flesh by Leena Likitalo
Islands in the Sargasso by Alex Shvartsman (a Sargasso Containment story)
Form and Void by Elizabeth Bear (reprint)
Escape Mechanism by Josh Vogt
Saul's Diary by Lawrence Person
The Eagle Has Landed by Robert J. Sawyer (Reprint)
A Mild Case of Death by David Gerrold
Book Reviews by Bill Fawcett & Jody Lynn Nye
Last Things: Cold Comfort in the Far Future by Gregory Benford (column)
From the Heart's Basement by Barry Malzberg (column)
The Galaxy's Edge Interview: David Gerrold by Joy Ward
Serialization: Reboots by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin
(see review)

Kaleidotrope – Summer 2015 by (Kaleidotrope 29 June 2015 / ) - Kaleidotrope – Summer 2015

Table of Contents:
The Posthuman Condition by Charlotte Ashley
Shuffle by Jennifer K. Oliver
Bitter Medicine by C.A.L.
Chinese Poetry by Robert Pritchard
Her Mother's Child by Julie Sondra Decker
Sinkhole by Marge Simon
Past Modernism by Leslianne Wilder
The White-Tailed Morning by JD DeHart
Summer Palace by F.J. Bergmann
Curio Collector by Bethany Powell
(see review)

Lightspeed #60 - June 2015 by (Lightspeed 28 June 2015 / ) - Lightspeed #60 - June 2015

Table of Contents: Science Fiction Stories:
Emergency Repair by Kate M. Galey (Original)
勢孤取和 (Influence Isolated, Make Peace) by John Chu (Original)
Black Holes by RJ Edwards (Reprint)
Nothing is Pixels Here by K.M. Szpara (Original)
The Astrakhan, the Homburg, and the Red Red Coal by Chaz Benchley (Original)
Madeleine by Amal El-Mophtar (Original)
Red Run by AMJ Hudson (Reprint)
Flash Fiction:
Bucket List Found in the Locker of Maddie Price, Age 14, Written Two Weeks Before the Great Uplifting of All Mankind by Erica L. Satifka (Original)
Melioration by E. Saxey (Original)
Rubbing is Racing by Charles Payseur (Original)
Helping Hand by Claudine Griggs (Original)
The Lamb Chops by Stephen Cox (Original)
Author Spotlights:
Kate M. Galey
John Chu
RJ Edwards
K.M. Szpara
Chaz Benchley
Amal El-Mophtar
AMJ Hudson
Artist Showcase:
Spotlight on the QDSF Artists by Elizabeth Legett
About the Special Issue Staff by LIGHTSPEED staff
The Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Manifesto by Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Editors
Book Reviews, June 2015: Friendship Chosen Families, and Queer Communities by Amal El-Mohtar
Interview: David Gerrold by Mark Oshiro
Exclusive eBook Content:
NOVELLA: O Happy Day! by Geoff Ryman
SHORT STORY: Trickier with Each Translation by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
SHORT STORY: The Tip of the Tongue by Felicia Davin
SHORT STORY: How to Remember to Forget to Remember the Old War by Rose Lemberg
SHORT STORY: Plant Children by Jessica Yang
SHORT STORY: Two By Two by Tim Susman
SHORT STORY: Die, Sophie, Die by Susan Jane Bigelow
SHORT STORY: Cyberfruit Swamp by Raven Kaldera
SHORT STORY: The Sound of His Wings by Rand B. Lee
ARTICLE: We’ve Made It To ... Magrathea? by Jennifer Cross
ARTICLE: Not Android, Not Alien, Not Accident by Cedar Rae Duke
ARTICLE: Diversity in a Ghetto by Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez
ARTICLE: Queers in a Strange Land by Amber Neko Meador
FLASH FICTION: Mama by Eliza Gauger
FLASH FICTION: Deep/Dark Space by Gabrielle Friesen
FLASH FICTION: A Brief History of Whaling with Remarks Upon Ancient Practices by Gabby Reed
FLASH FICTION: Nothing Goes to Waste by Shannon Peavey
FLASH FICTION: In the Dawns Between Hours by Sarah Pinsker
FLASH FICTION: Increasing Police Visibility by Bogi Takács
FLASH FICTION: Letter From an Artist to a Thousand Future Versions of Her Wife by JY Yang
NOVEL EXCERPT: Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson
PLUS: 27 personal essays by Queer Creators on Their Experiences With Science Fiction
(see review)

Nightmare #33- June 2015 by (Nightmare 28 June 2015 / ) - Nightmare #33- June 2015

Table of Contents:
The Cellar Dweller by Maria Dahvana Headley (Original)
The Changeling by Sarah Langan (Reprint)
Snow by Dale Bailey (Original)
The Music of the Dark Times by Chet Williamson (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Maria Dahvana Headley
Sarah Langan
Dale Bailey
Chet Williamson
Artist Showcase:
Okan Büllbül
The H Word: Why Do We Read Horror? by Mike Davis
Interview: Lucy A. Snyder by Lisa Morton
(see review)

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July/Aug 2015 – Volume 129, Nos.1&2, Whole No.720 by (Fantasy & Science Fiction 28 June 2015 / ) - The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction July/Aug 2015 - Volume 129, Nos.1&2, Whole No.720

Table of Contents:
Johnny Rev by Rachel Pollack
The Deepwater Bride by Tamsyn Muir
The Body Pirate by Van Aaron Hughes
The Curse of the Myrmelon by Matthew Hughes
Short Stories:
Dixon's Road by Richard Chwedyk
Oneness: A Triptych by James Patrick Kelly
This Quintessence of Dust by Oliver Buckram
Paradise and Trout by Betsy James
The Silicon Curtain: A Seastead Story by Naomi Kritzer
Into the Fiery Planet by Gregor Hartmann
Books to Look For by Charles de Lint
Books by James Sallis
Films: Out of the Ashes by Kathi Maio
Science: Traveling Through Time by Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty
Plumage From Pegasus: Babel in Reverse is Lebab by Paul Di Filippo
Coming Attractions
Curiosities by Bud Webster
Cartoons: Arthur Masear, Frank Corham, J.P.Rini, Danny Shanahan
(see review)

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