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Abyss & Apex Issue 55: 3rd Quarter 2015 by (Abyss & Apex 26 September 2015 / ) - Abyss & Apex Issue 55: 3rd Quarter 2015
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Table of Contents:
Editorial "On Acceptances" by Wendy S. Delmater
Degrees of Separation by Ruth Nestvold
Mustard World by James Victor
Prayer by Mike Buckley
The Onmyoji's Wife by Kate MacLeod
Flash Fiction:
The Probable Trademan by Gareth D. Jones
The Specialist by Andrew Kaye
Via Memories by Jeremiah Reinmiller
Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, Issue 55 (July 2015)
Ghost Parade by Sharon Rampe
He Promised Me the Moon by Marge Simon
The Argument Box by JD Fox (mature content, language)
Psuedopod by Karen Bovenmyer
Red by Shawna Lenore Kastin
I went to the asteroid to bury you by Richard Larson
Dark With Secrets by Freya Pickard
Small Press Book Reviews:
Jews vs. Aliens edited by Levene and Lavie Tidhar
Sword of Shadows by C.N. Lesley
Pandora's Gun by James Van Pelt
Recoil by Bonnie Brunish
(see review)

Analog Science Fiction and Fact - November 2015 - Vol. CXXXV No. 11 by (Analog 26 September 2015 / ) - Analog Science Fiction and Fact November 2015 Vol. CXXXV No. 11

Table of Contents:
Night Ride and Sunrise, Conclusion by Stanley Schmidt
Season of the Ants in a Timeless Land by Frank Wu
Short Stories:
Exit Interview by Timons Esaias
Baby Steps by Lettie Prell
The Story of Daro and the Arbolita by Shane Halbach
Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth by Ken Brady
Evangelist by Adam-Troy Castro
Science Fact:
Brain Hacking: The Legal, Social, and Scientific Ramifications of the Latest (Very Real) Mind-Reading Technologies by Richard A. Lovett
Ecopoiesis by Joe Haldeman
Reader's Departments:
Guest Editorial: Ad Astra! Interstellar Travel in Science Fiction, Part 2 by Nick Kanas
In Times to Come
Guest Alternate View by Amy Sterling Casil
The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
(see review)

Apex Magazine Issue 76, September 2015 by (Apex Magazine 27 September 2015 / ) - Apex Magazine Issue 76, September 2015

Table of Contents:
Words From the Editor-in-Chief by Jason Sizemore
Original: Child, Funeral, Thief, Death by Tade Thompson
Reprint: Six Things We Found During the Autopsy by Kuzhali Manickavel (Originally published in Pratilipi, 2010)
Original: Find Me by Isabel Yap
Original: Frozen Planet by Marian Womack
Reprint: Mountain by Liu Cixin (Originally published in Mountain, by Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Bo, Ltd, 2012)
The Invention of Speculative Fiction in Spain by Cristina Jurado
Interview with Saad Hossain by Charles Tan
Interview with Zen Cho by Chyarles Tan
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction by Charlotte Ashley
Interview with Ekaterina Zagustina by Russell Dickerson
Dysmorphia by Anne Carly Abel
The Dissection by Christina Sng
Excerpts - ebook exclusive:
Sorcerer to the Crown by Ken Cho
Escape from Baghdad! by Saad Z. Hossain
(see review)

Asimov's Science Fiction October/November 2015 Vol. 39 No. 10 & 11 (Whole Number 477 &478) by (Asimov's Science Fiction 26 September 2015 / ) - Asimov's Science Fiction October/November 2015 Vol. 39 No. 10 & 11 (Whole Number 477 &478)

Table of Contents:
The Citadel of Weeping Pearls by Aliette de Bodard
English Wildlife by Alan Smale
The Hard Woman by Ian McDowell
Walking to Boston by Rick Wilber
Begone by Daryl Gregory
Short Story:
The Adjunct Professor's Guide to Life After Death by Sandra McDonald
With Folded RAM by Brooks Peck
Hollywood After 10 by Timon Esaias
My Time on Earth by Ian Creasey
The Music of Skeletons by Bruce Boston
Classified by Robert Borski
Classified II by Robert Borski
Zhongqiujie: The Mid-Autumn Festival by Shawn Fitzpatrick
October Leaves by Suzanne Palmer
Editorial: Twenty-Ninth Annual Readers' Awards' Results by Sheila Williams
Reflections: Star (Psi Cassiopeia) by Robert Silverberg
On the Net: We Have the Technology by James Patrick Kelly Next Issue
On Books by Norman Spinrad
The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss
(see review)

Black Static #48 Sep/Oct 2015 by (TTA Press 27 September 2015 / ) - Black Static Forty-Eight Sep/Oct 2015

Table of Contents:
Distinguished Mole by Jeffrey Thomas (Novelette) - illustrated by Joachim Luetke
Bandersnatch by Stephen Bacon
The Suffering by Steven J. Dines - illustrated by Tara Bush
Blood for Your Mother by Andrew Hook
When the Moon Man Knocks by Cate Gardner (Novelette) - illustrated by Richard Wagner

Coffinmaker's Blues - column by Stephen Volk
Notes From the Borderland - column by Lynda E. Rucker
Blood Spectrum - DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Tony Lee
Case Notes Book Reviews + Interview with Simon Kurt Unsworth by Peter Tennant
(see review)

Clarkesworld 108 September 2015 by (Clarkesworld 28 September 2015 / ) - Clarkesworld 108 September 2015

Table of Contents:
Cremulator by Robert Reed
Loving Grace by Erica L. Satifka
Preserve Her Memory by Bao Shu, translated by Ken Liu
The Algebra of Events by Elizabeth Bourne
The Occidental Bride by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
Canary Land by Tom Purdom (Reprint)
Sea Change by Una McCormack (Reprint)
The Next Generation of DNA Sequencing by Dan Koboldt
Traitors and Tough Decisions: A Conversation with Seth Dickinson by Chris Urie
Another Word: On Sunshine and Shadows by Jason Neller
Editor's Desk: The Sad Truth About Sort Fiction Reviews by Neil Clarke
Audio Fiction: Cremulator by Robert Reed, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Loving Grace by Erica L. Satifka, read by Kate Baker
Audio Fiction: Preserve Her Memory by Bao Shu , read by Kate Baker
(see review)

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 230 September/October 2015 by (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 29 September 2015 / ) - Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 230 September/October 2015

Fiction::BR> Original Flash Fiction: The Attic of Memories by Sunil Patel
Original Flash Fiction: I Miss Flowers by Alexandra Grunberg
Short Story: Elvis Has Left the Building by Dario Cirellio (Reprint)
Short Story: Cartographer's Ink by Beth Caio (Reprint)
Flash Fiction: Ro-Sham-Bot by Effie Seiberg (Reprint)
The Fan: Virgin Ghosts, Nirgin Priestesses, and Virgin Vampires
The Magic Lantern: Erasing the Origins by Adam-Troy Castro
Area 51 1/2 Sept-Oct 2015, 2015 by Steven Sawicki
New and Noteworthy Short FictionSept-Oct 2015 by Gillian Daniels
(see review)

Flash Fiction Online September 2015 by (Flash Fiction Online 29 September 2015 / ) - Flash Fiction Online September 2015

Table of Contents:
Editorial - The September of No Regrets by Suzanne W. Vincent
Pidgin by Katrina S. Forest (Science Fiction)
Ships and Stars and Childhood Things by Gwendolyn Kiste (Science Fiction)
1968: A True Confession by John Guzlowski (Reprint - Literary)
The Wedding Gig by John League (Fantasy)
(see review)

Interzone #260 Sep/Oct 2015 by (TTA Press 28 September 2015 / ) - Interzone #260 Sep/Oct 2015

Table of Contents:
Where O Where Has My Hugo Gone? by Ian Sales
Future Interrupted by Jonathan McCalmont
Time Pieces by Nona Allan
Ansible Link by David Langford News, Obituaries
Weedkiller by John Shirley (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Blonde by Priya Sharma (illustrated by Martin Hanford)
No Rez by Jeff Noon (illustrated by Dave Senecal)
Murder on the Laplacian Express by C.A. Hawksmoor (illustrated by Warwick Frasewr-Coombe)
The Spin of Stars by Christien Gholson (illustrated by Richard Wagner)
Book Zone Book Reviews
Laser Fodder by Jason Lee DVD/BlueRay Reviews
Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe Film Reviews
(see review)

Lightspeed #64 - September 2015 by (Lightspeed 29 September 2015 / ) - Lightspeed #64 - September 2015

Table of Contents:
Science Fiction Stories:
Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World by Caroline M. Yoachim (Original)
God Mode by Daniel H. Wilson (Reprint)
All in a Hot and Copper Sky by Megan Arkenberg (Original)
Harry and Marlowe Meet the Founder of the Aetherian Revolution by Carrie Vaughan (Reprint)
Fantasy Stories:
The Iron Hut by Maurice Broaddus (Reprint)
The Ninth Seduction by Sean McMullen (Original)
Estella Saves the Vilage by Theodora Goss (Reprint)
Werewolf Loves Mermaid by Heather Lindsley (Original)
Author Spotlights:
Caroline M. Yoachim
Daniel H. Wilson
Megan Arkenberg
Carrie Vaughan
Maurice Broaddus
Sean McMullen
Theodora Goss
Heather Lindsey
Editorial, September 2015 by John Joseph Adams
Movie Review: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD by Carrie Vaughan
Book Reviews: September 2015 by Amal El-Mohtar
Interview: Ken Liu by The Geek's Guide to the Galaxy
Exclusive eBook Content:
Novella: Milo and Sylvie by Eliot Fintushel
Novel Excerpt: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
Novel Excerpt: The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson
(see review)

Nightmare #36 - September 2015 by (Nightmare 29 September 2015 / ) - Nightmare #36- September 2015

Table of Contents:
The Sill and the Dike by Vajra Chandrasekera (Original)
Third Wind by Richard Christian Matheson (Reprint)
Ten Things to Know About the Ten Questions by Gwendolyn Kiste (Original)
The Skins by Reggie Oliver (Reprint)
Author Spotlights:
Vajra Chandrasekera
Richard Christian Matheson
Gwendolyn Kiste
Reggie Oliver
Artist Showcase:
Lauren K. Cannon by Marilyn J. Lostetter
The H Word: H is for Haunted Houses by Nancy Holder
Interview: Dapper Cadaver by Lisa Morton
(see review)

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